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Lifting my toddler and due date question...

My daughter is 34 pounds...is it OK to lift and carry her while I'm pregnant?  I am hoping it's OK since it is something my body was used to doing before I became pregnant...but I don't want to jeopardize anything either...??

Also, most due date calculators are based on LMP and assume a perfect cycle with ovulation on CD14.  If I know that I ovulated possibly on CD21, does that make my due date an entire week later?  I don't know my ovulation date exactly...but based on symptoms I think I O'd around CD21.  Does this mean I'm not due when it says I'm due?  Some of them allow for 'longer cycles' when they figure out an EDD...so I have calculations anywhere from 11/23 - 11/28/09.  Just curious.  

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with regard to the lifting, i'm in the same boat. we lift because we have to. the safest way to do this whilst pregnant is by bending down with your knees-not your back-and hold your back as straight as you can then lift. It can't do that much harm, i've overcome i threatened miscarriage this time around and now have a healthy pregnancy.
with regard to the due date-i'm CLUELESS-can't even figure my own lol let's hope someone more knowledgeable glimpses our posts.
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i do only lift when totally necessary though
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the pregnancy tracker on here allows you to put in your cycle length and lmp date, which i've done. however, the results have left my conception date out by about 2 weeks which i know isn't possible, there's only a short time frame where i could have conceived. i'm seeing my midwife on 26th so i'm going to ask her when i'm due based on conception date.
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I can answer the due date question.

Yes, your due date will be moved back by about one week.  Your due date is calculated 38 weeks from date of conception (the beginning of the pregnancy is dated 2 weeks before you ovulate).  A standard assumption many doctors make is that a women has a 28 day cycle and ovulates on day 14 - date of conception is day 14, and pregnancy is dated from the LMP which is 2 weeks beforehand.

The standard assumption does not apply to women who have irregular cycles or cycles that are not 28 days so due date needs to be modified accordingly.  In some cases, an early ultrasound and pelvic examination will be used to guestimate gestational age.
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i know when i was p regnant once i hit 12-13 weeks my ob said NO lifting anything heavier then 10 lbs. i have a nephew who was with me 4-6 days a week (his mom works full time) and he ALWAYS wanted to be held. he didn't want his grandma he wanted his aunt heather. i felt so bad because i couldn't hold him unless i was sitting on the couch or the floor with him. then he had to be careful because of my belly (i was pregnant with twins so by 12 wks i was the size of a 5 months pregnant woman).
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As for the due date thing, it has always annoyed me and it never seems to work out to what the doctors say, so I just kinda take a rough date from in between all my given due dates, and average them :) lol Give or take a week, big deal, to me anyways.
As for carrying your daughter, my doctor told me I'm not aloud to lift over 10lbs. It's hard because my son is 3 years old and 42lbs. It's hard, but it can pull muscles and put strain on you. So, I would only lift her when it's really necessary.
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My OB told me nothing over 20 lbs but he knows I have a two year old and he sees me carrying him. I think carrying a toddler is a little different than carrying 30 pounds of dead weight. I try not to lift my son a lot but that is VERY hard. I carry him A LOT!
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my doc. told me also to not lift over 20 lbs. my son is 34 lbs. so if he wants me to pack him or pick him up he has gotten used to climbing in a chair for me to lift him over the last 3 weeks! with my son... my due dates ranged from june 26th- july 3rd, and i had him on june 15th at exactly the 38 week mark...my doc. considered him full term!
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due date for you will not be based on lmp- explain the situation and your OB can do an early ultrasound to estimate gestational age. like spade said, it'll probbaly be a week later. Some internet sites do give the option of basing due date on date of conception.

as for lifting... i have a toddler too, although only 25 pounds. My dr has no clue how much she weighs though. I asked my OB about lifting and he said no restrictions. He said this as i was dragging her around the office on my hip. I am teaching her to be more independent- especially on stairs. But if I have to lift her, I do. I would ask your doctor and see what he says.
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