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Lovenox & Pregnancy

I was recently diagnosed with a Pulmonary Embolism after being rushed into L&D unable to breathe.  I was prescribed Lovenox by injection twice daily.  The prescribing DR knows I'm now 34 weeks pregnant, but when I read the drug disclosure inside the box it states clearly NOT TO BE USED DURING PREGNANCY, CAN CAUSE GASPING SYNDROME & FETAL DEATH. I'm TERRIFIED to continue these shots as my son will already have issues at birth & now this, but if I don't do the injections I can die.

Has anyone had to take blood thinners during pregnancy & if so what effect if any did it have on the baby?

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I'm 22 weeks 3 days pregnant. I've been on Lovenox since I was 6 weeks pregnant. I have a few tips on how not to bruise (if not at all, then just a little). The best time for me to give my shot is at 12am every night before I go to sleep. I have an ice pack I put on the injection site before and after my shot. I put it on long enough to numb the area a bit. When I inject the needle, I slowly do my shot. I inject a little Lovenox at a time. I usually count to 5, squeeze a little in, count to 5, squeeze a little more...and repeat until all is injected. I place the ice pack on for about as long as I had it on to begin with. It gets a little harder to inject this in with a baby in your evergrowing belly. I tilt to one side so I can get a better angle and pinch the skin. Usually while I wait with the icepack, I'm eating my small before bedtime snack. Lovenox can burn during injection, so I usually try to bite my lip & have a movie on to listen to. Hope this helps. :) By the way, Lovenox is a class B medication (which means it was tested safe when test run on pregnant animals). It is safe for pregnancy; however, your doctor may taper your dose down or have you stop a couple days before you deliver so you don't bleed out (as that can be a risk). My doctor is switching me to Heparin twice a day in a couple of weeks so it is easier to taper my dose 2 days before I deliver. I'm assuming you'll be induced?
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To check your levels they do a PT/PTT (protime) test which is similar to a glucose check diabetics do (just a little finger stick, but I HATE them! lol). It should be between 2.0-3.0, well that's what my doctor wants. I'm not sure how they will monitor you clot, I've never had one. I have APA syndrome that can put me at risk for clots, with all the extra hormones in my body right now it puts me at a even higher risk. (I also take an aspirin a day) My routine is pretty simple, just try to do the shots everyday at the same time. I'm usually up about 8a, eat something, then do the shot between 930-10. If I wait a little after I eat I feel like there is something in my stomach and I'm not so queasy. I also have to sit down and do the shots, helps me with being lightheaded. I never had a nurse to help me, the pharmacy gave me the instructions and my husband gave them to me for awhile. After I felt a little more comfortable (and he hurts me!) I started on my own.

Hope that helps! :)

Also, my dr did not want to do the PT/PTT because he said it wasn't necessary. I DEMANDED they do one at least every 2 weeks. I feel like if I'm going to be on a blood thinner and could die if I don't take it if my blood gets to "thick", then I can die if it gets too "thin" and how would I know? So they said okay.
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TY SO much for replying :-)

neither the specialist nor my OB said anything about the medication to me other then if I don't take it I can die.  How do they know you are at a therapuetic level?  It's only been 4 days but haven't heard anything about them doing blood tests to check levels.  I had a home nurse coming out until this morning to help, but now am doing them on my own & have only 1 little bruise so far *knock on wood* . I HATE needles with a passion & every time I do the shot I get light headed & start heaving.  I have really bad hyperemesis with this pregnancy so ANYTHING can set off a vomiting spell.

How do they monitor your clot while pregnant? I had the radio-active CT scan & WILL NOT allow it again unless they have an IV in my hand to give the meds as the needle they used was far too large & has caused issues with me not being able to use my right arm/hand. They haven't booked any extra appointments for me either so a little worried.  That combined with the info in the leaflet saying what can happen to the baby has had me up at night with horrifying nightmares.  

I've found they sting a lil unless I have a dull needle which apparently happens frequently in large lot purchases, in which case it hurts like H E L L cuz u don't know until it's too late.  If you don't mind me asking what is your routine when taking them? I ask cuz I had a great nurse in the mornings who helped me with them & I haven't had many issues.  U've been on them a lot longer so I'm sure there's nothing I can suggest, but you never know :-)

Good luck with the remainder of your pregnancy :-)
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I've been on Lovenox for the last 12 weeks of my pregnancy (I'm 22 1/2 weeks now)...my baby has been fine. They just watch both of us a little closer. I'm not sure if the doctor told you but, Lovenox is pretty much the only blood thinner you can take that does not pass through your placenta. I guess for me, I had to weigh the risks of not taking the shot vs what "might" happen. My doctor has assured me (several times) that this is one of the safest blood thinners to use while you are pregnant, but you HAVE TO be consistant on when you take it to keep yourself at a therapuetic level. Basically, take at the same time everyday so your levels aren't bouncing around. I hate the shots, they leave me all bruised up and they just plain hurt! But, I know I have to do them to keep me & my baby safe! Good Luck! :)
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