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Lower back pain

I was wondering if anyone knew the difference between lower back pain or a kidney problem?? For the last 2 days, I have had this annoying ache in my back. It's the lower right side and radiates straight up a few inches as well. I usually get sciatic nerve pain pretty bad during pregnancy and have had some this time around and I know what that feels like. But this is different. I took some tylenol this morning, I was going to take something stronger, but I didn't think it was a good idea being that I am 11 weeks. I also put ice on the sore spot and laid down for 30 min. It's still there, and hasn't gotten any better or worse. I haven't done much to really aggravate my back because I am so sick with nausea and vomiting and end up resting most of the day. Any ideas? My husband seems to think I am overreacting, but I am just concerned and it is painful when I move. Just not sure if its a pulled muscle or something else. I thought if it was muscle related, ice and some tylenol would have at least taken some of the soreness away. I'm lost! =/
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Thanks. I remember when my mom had kidney stones, she was in excruciating pain! I definitely don't think it's that, but it is sore all the time. And I am surprised tylenol or ice hasn't helped. My husband tried massaging it this morning like a sore muscle and it was so painful I started crying. Usually when I have muscle aches and my husband massages it, it may be painful but it always feels a little bit better afterward. Just never had a pain like this in my back. I will probably just bring it up to my midwife if it continues. Just kinda stumped at the moment. Thank you! Are there any other medications that would be okay to take other than tylenol?
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Kidney infections and kidney stones are as painful as labor. With a kidney infection you would have a fever and other signs of infection. You also would be tender to the touch about half way up your back on either side of your spine. I had a kidney infection and it makes you puke and feel like you are being stabbed to death, you have a fever and feel horribly horribly sick. Kidney stones you have horrible pain that you are pretty sure you will die from. Kidney infections it doesn't hurt when you move it hurts 24/7 despite the fact that you can't move bc you think you are going to die from being SO sick.

I hope this helps. If Tylenol helps or ice it isn't kidney stones or infection
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I can tell you that kidney pain, like say, kidney stones is so painful that you would be in the emergency room thinking you were in labor.  It is pretty bad.  I'm not a kidney expert or anything so I don't know what else would cause kidney pain, but I've had kidney stones while pregnant and I was in the hospital having contractions because the pain was so bad.  Don't know if that was really helpful information.  lol. Hope you feel better soon!!
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