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Membrane Sweep.

hello mommy's im just curious to know if anyone has gotten a membrane sweep yet and if so how long did it last untill actually had strong contractions?
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I got a membrane sweep at 39w 6d last Thursday and it only took a minute or two. Its just like a cervical exam to check dilation and then the Dr kind of just wiggles their finger around. It'll probably be a little uncomfortable for a bit and you might have some cramping or light bleeding after.
Mine didn't trigger labor though, they don't always. The whole point of a sweep is to move the amniotic sac away from the walls of your cervix which should trigger a hormone that kick starts labor. But this hormone isn't always enough and can make you feel sick for a day or two so be prepared for that.
Contractions can start within 48 hours after the sweep, after a good 48-72 hours if nothing happens you can and let your Dr know and they can do another if you like.
Good luck! I hope yours works better than mine did lol
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Just had mine done today. And I feel awful. I'm super tired, sore to walk, no blood and no contractions yet. But he's not very happy. He's been very active since I had it done.
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Thanks ladies for sharing till know im just sored to walk and no contractions have came hopefully it does work within hours of the day my due date is this Friday and im just really emotional and ready for him to be here.
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I had mine yesterday and nothing yet. I was already 4cm dilated I been with contractions on and off but nothing. Hope today is the day. Let me know if you guys are lucky. By the way, I've been bleeding because of it vut not too much.
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I went into labor a few hours after i had my membranes swept and my son is a week old now
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I had mine about 11:30 today and it was uncomfortable and slightly painful. I am only dilated about 1 1/2 cm though so it was a little tougher she said but there was a very tiny amount of blood on her glove which she said meant that it worked. After that I only had a little bit of discharge with a pink tint, about the size of a quarter. I started having contractions right after I left the office and about every 15-20 minutes since. Hopefully this works, but if not I go in tomorrow evening to be induced :)
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OK so this may sound like I'm really stupid but I'm a ftm and never really heard of it until now so what is exactlyva membrane sweep and why do u get one
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It's where doc sticks a finger in your cervix and swirls it around the uterine walls separating the amniotic sac from the walls triggering the hormone that causes labour to begin. I got mine today, and honestly learned about it on this app from other people's posting :)
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Oh OK so I'm only 18 weeks but its my first time and people tell me that more than likely I won't go in labor on my own is that true because I'm one to do things natural and I want an epidural but I want to go in labor and pish baby out not have a c section and induced labor and that kind of stuff
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Allot of people go into natural labour. If your getting a c section or induced there's probably a medical reason why (not always, some people elect to have these).
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