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Milk supply

Will my supply adjust as Aubryana gets older and needs more? She's been nursing for at least an hour at night the last couple nights, spitting up more and more gassy than normal so I bought her some gas drops today and I'm gonna see how the weekend goes and call the dr to see if it's reflux if she's not doing better with it Monday...BUT I was curious if she's nursing so much because she needs more now than when she would nurse for twenty minutes, or if it's just that my supply is lower than her demand right now...still drinking mother's milk tea, and exclusively BFing. OH and during the day I nurse every two hours and try every three at night (alarm didn't go off a couple times since I set it wrong, TOO TIRED lol and it ended up being four hours later, and almost five one night) durning the day I don't really have to wake her up anymore cause she wakes in between the two hours to eat again, not always but for a couple hours she will...and the same at night, like last night she was awake for almost three hours eating/sleeping/eating...
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Your supply will adjust if she needs more. Some babies are really big on comfort nursing (I know mine is and stays latched if I let her for hours) but if it is reflux then she will also nurse to help the pain.
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Hey there hunny, It's a long hard road breastfeeding isn't it, but THE most rewarding thing I ever persued ever, I started BF my little girl at almost 10 weeks old, she was 10 weeks premature and was in the hospital for nine, so I expressed by hand and pump, one night she was still hungry after her bottle so I though why not lets see what she does and she latched on. I got an immense amount of help from my local breasfeeding helpline and group, they are a relative ocean of information and they are all or were beastfeeding mothers themselves, she got it after a day of trying and went on till she was 10 and a half months (teeth!) Your baby may have bad cholic and if she does it's most likely painful, and therefore the extra feeding could well be a comfort thing, and even without pain they like the comfort of being that close to mommy! I would suggest however that it could also be reflux, because as I am led to believe BF babies aren't usually all that windy, there's no air in your breasts right? that's as best I can figure why. Anyway, Just watch out she doesn't have a lazy latch, it wont hurt you but if the seal is not formed between breast and baby she may get air in that way. This was long winded....sorry hun, I hope it helped a little, and I suggest again, seek out your local breastfeeding group or helpline they are fabulous! good luck and all the best and well done you for being such a great mum and putting up with very little sleep! hugs x :)
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As she requires more, she will continue to nurse for longer periods as your supply adjusts.  It's amazing, but your body will just seem to "know" that she needs more and adjust accordingly.  It usually only takes a day or so for it to adjust.  Even with strictly pumping it seems my body just knows when it needs to produce a little more each time.
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Worry wart or what? LOL...
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