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Miscarriage week 7-10

I found this out the other day at a check up with my Gyn...

Many miscarriages between 7 and 10 weeks are caused by a lack of progesterone. This lack of hormone causes the body to have a "period", and a perfectly healthy baby can aborted. The bleed can be stopped by taking progesterone tablets.

I have very good private health care while my Hubby has this job - and i've learned so much I wouldn't have been told if i were to be pregnant in the UK. There, if you bleed, "it's just one of those things"...and they take NO action against it... From the posts i've read here, i'm guessing the US is the same?

I hope this helps someone who otherwise would have lost a healthy baby. Even though you may have to fight for it.
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I'm from the US an my office had the 'it just happens' attitude too  after losing twins at 9 weeks back in Dec.  This time around I flat out asked for Hcg levels and progesterone levels to be drawn and they told me no!  They said there was no reason for it.....I know that I had only had 1 M/C, but to me, it was as bad as having 20......and they treated it as though it was nothing!  So I know how you feel!  
Mumita - I'm sorry for what you are going thru!  
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I suffered on a miscarriage on May24,my levels were also low!! What really made me miscarry was i had a huge dermoid cyst on my left ovary that was 11cm. In less than a month it went from 9 cm. to 11cm!! I had 2 have a d&c and have the cyst removed all at once!! It was a terrible ordeal but i must admit i do feel better. Luckily i didn't have to have my ovary removed.
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I would demand a progesterone test.  FYI, the levels should be above 20 for a healthy pregnancy!  Some people have had full term pregnancies with it lower, but to be on the safe side it should be above.
The progesterone supplements are only taken until 12wks, however I took mine until 13wks, I was a little paranoid.  I also requested a blood test after taking them (at 14wks), my level was at 21.5....still really close in my opinion, but at that point the placenta takes over.

During pregnancy BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE, do your OWN RESEARCH!  If you think something is wrong demand your Dr. to test you.  That is the least they could do...so you may be wrong...OH WELL, but if it IS the problem you just saved your child!  I am so thankful, I looked into it and that I found a Dr that would prescribe supplements...because some Docs do not believe the supplements work, yet it has been used in MANY pregnancies over the years!  Now I have my beautiful baby boy!
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I think you just have to be forceful and not back down till they give you a blood test. If your with BUPA, surely they wouldn't refuse? I dunno - maybe they would.
But you pay for their service so I'd stand my ground (or get your OH to). Good luck
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I had a miscarriage yesterday (still going on) anyway, I think the only reason I can come up with was that my progesterone levels was too low and not rising.  I think this is the only reason since when they did the u/s they didn't find a corpus lutheum 9which creates the progesterone until the placenta takes over.  My dumb Dr. checked hcg levels but didn't check the progesterone levels!
Anyway that's my clinical conclusion.  I'm switching Dr.'s next time.
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I have had 2 MC and i have been told they wont look at why it is happening until i have 3 MC. That is truely heartbreaking to think that you have to loose 3 babies before the NHS etc think that you have a problem i dont think they understand the heart ache 1 miscarriage causes let alone 3. I am now with BUPA private healthcare through my partners work as the NHS in the UK isnt great!!!! Please may i ask how i would go about getting my Progesterone tested?
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Yes, I lost my first baby due to a lack of progesterone.  I was very upset about it because during my last u/s while I was bleeding alot, I saw the baby moving about and had a good heartbeat.  So it was sad to find I m/c just days afterwards.  I was seeing a really bad OB at the time, whom I asked right when I found out I was preggo to test my hormones...meaning HCG and Prog, she said there is no reason why if it is your first pregnancy, we only do that if you have problems or have m/c 3x.....CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT, 3 MISCARRIAGES!!!!!
So I did a bunch of research and found the problem I could have had was a lack of progesterone.  So I found a new doctor...*Which I will tell you didnt really believe the whole lack of progesterone to be the problem*.  But he said when I get preggo again he will test my hormones, if I have low progesterone he will get me on supplements.  Well low and behold I was preggo again with declining levels.  I got tested at 5 wks and it was 17, then two days later went to 15.  So probably by 7 wks I would have m/c again.
For any woman who just started bleeding PLEASE GET YOUR PROGESTERONE TESTED.  It can save you a lot of heartache!!
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i went to the doc today and she adviced me to take dulphaston for progesterone hormone. she did not want to take a chance because i had this pregnancy after taking clomid. though the month i conceived i didnt have clomid. but it stays in ur body.

before reading ur post i was scared if by taking this tablet it could do any harm to the baby or my pregnancy.

feeling better now.
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