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Missed first 3 days of new pack of birth control pills

I missed the first three days of a new pack of Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo. On the fourth day I took 2 pills, then 2 pills on the fifth day, like the directions said. Since then I have taken one pill a day, exactly on schedule, for the next three days.  I had unprotected sex before that fourth day, and have had unprotected sex since starting the pills again (on days 6 and 7).  I understand there is a risk of becoming pregnant if no backup method is used within those first seven days.  How high is my risk? How soon can I take what would be an accurate pregnancy test to be sure?
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The most important pills in the pack are the first seven! So, I would say you have a fairly reasonably high risk of pregnancy, although there is only about a 20-25% chance of conception on any given cycle for those who don't use contraception.  You also took two pill per day on days 4 and 5 which is very similar in effect to the morning after contraception. So you may be OK!

If you get your period on schedule, I don't suppose you need to do a test.  Clear Blue and First Response have tests that are accurate up to 4 days BEFORE you expect your period--so you could test that soon, if negative and still no period, I would test again in a week.  

Make sure and start your new pack on schedule even if you don't have a period UNLESS you have a positive test!

Good luck!

Dr B
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