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Mmm, I Just Duno? Dizzy from just sitting, Advice?

Some Advice please: You're all probs pretty annoyed with me on here haha. Anyways.
I am getting really dizzy and feeling sick from just sitting down. I dont want to take a test in case its neg and i dont wanna be all depressed and things about it.
I am always tired even though I am making sure I get plenty of sleep during the night, about 9 to 10 hours, I cry at stupid things for example (My eye lashes went all funny and wouldnt go right made me really annoyed and upset) ha silly i know :). Even sitting down doing nothing all day i get so exahusted and just want to lumber back into bed, This is at about 11am after getting up at 9am, this lasts all day.
I duno what to do, cause I dont wanna take a test untill my Period date (1st of June)

What does everyone think?

Am I being silly or might I be Pregnant? Keeping In mine I had a miscarrige last month and have unprotected sex since and things.

Thanks :)
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Hi there! I can't tell you for sure if you're preggo, of course I'm not a doctor, however I can tell you that I am 21 weeks now and I am tired ALL day. I went to bed last night at 8:00, and got up at 6:30, it's just before 10:00 and I am already for bed again! It hsa been like this for me since the beginning. So I would say it's pretty normal when pregnant to be that tired! I hope you get your BFP!
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Well basically haha, I cant go by my other pregnancies, cause the first one which ended in a termination i didnt even know i was, if i didnt take a test for the Hosp for something else then I would have been one of them people who didnt know untill they went into labour.
Erm and my second i was just late. I never had morning sickness just feeling sick all day, I eat so much, I could prob eat 3 big roast dinners if I had the chance too haha. Erm, I feel so drained, like I said cry at the smallest things haha. i mean eye lashes haha, i cried at eyelashes, I am so hormonal its unreal. I get slight cramps haha. and feel like bubblyfeelings in my lower abdomen. I took an Online pregnancy quiz and my results came back 80% haha :)
erm I am waiting till my Due date for my period (1st June). But I kinda wanna know before I take a test if you get my drift haha. or have a feeling.


thank you xx
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It is possible that You're pregnant but it is also possible this could be due to the miscarriage that You had only last month. It would be hard to tell. I had the worst period pain and dizziness before my period after my last miscarriage. It seemed so painful and irritating when I finally did get my period.
It is very early to be experiencing all those symptoms in pregnancy if You only miscarried last month, I know that I am still feeling the hormonal changes eg; mood changes from my miscarriage and it would have been around the same times as Yours.
I wish You the best of luck cassandra.
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well I know you are most fertile after a miscarrige and termination and I have had unprotected sex a few times and in the same week as my miscarrige as the bleeding stopped. It has been about 3 weeks since I was due and 8 weeks now since my miscarrige I think. or 7 haha. But erm yeah. and i had sex on my ovulation period also well when it would have been or whatever. Im just ya know :)
And Thank youu :)

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I have heard that before that You are most fertile after a termination and Miscarriage although I never questioned whether or not it were true.
You are welcome. x
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Well Ill just keep my fingers crossed. Haha.

Again, Thank you :)
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