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Monistat 7, how to use it, can i shower?

I just bought monistat 7 i was reading that you don't suppose to shower well that's what i understood, so im confused cause i also read something about not peeing like how can that be possible, i need to pee almost every hour lol, please somebody tell me how to use it, i don't wanna go days without showering lol. Thanks in advance.
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Uhmmmmm okay firstly,  yes shower!! I'm on it right now and I shower, then takes meds and put on a pantie liner. Its okay to pee as you need. Insert application as far in as you can. Stop if you feel pain. Inject then hold. Do not pull right out. Wait a few seconds and pull out fast .  This way meds are as far in as possible to prevent leaking.  Once you lay down your body will start to absorb meds. So if some leaks out it's okay.

Hope this helps
So do i shower before and after i do it? How's it going so far for you?
I got the simple cure i just noticed there's more lol do you think that could help? Im sorry im asking too many ?'s lol i  never used it before till now all i want is to get better cause i been like this since july but my doctor said im good so idk what's the problem, i can't even have sex with my husband nomore without gettin hurt down there and after we finish i pee i shower and it burns so bad idk why if i have no infections at all it's just so weird and it makes me feel bad about myself...
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Its doing it's job Lol. And yes, I shower at night,  then use the meds. Then in the am shower again. Your body absorbs the meds while you sleep so showering the next day will not effect treatment
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I also been having this itching all over it and it bugs me so much, is it ok if  i put it all over the place since it itches alot?
What do you mean by put it all over the place? Like your whole "area"? There's no need for that. Just use as directed and it will take care of the rest. If you been like this since July then that is why the itching is so bad. And no need to feel bad about your self. More than likely you got this way from keeping  "too clean" knocking off your PH balance.  We are woman it happened!! Lol.

After treatment,  remember to use mild soap, if any at all. I know it sounds nasty but warm water is all you need down there.  Your body is actually made to clean it's self naturally.  No scented tampons or pads. And please no duching.  It not needed. Also if hubby is not circumcised tell him before sexual activities to clean under fold, as bacteria grows under there from sweat and pee. And therefore can lead a knock off in your PH  balance.  

Hope all of this helps!!!
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Yes my whole area lol cause the itching starts from the very top of my v idk if i make sense by that lol but yea it's been bugging me so much since then and i noticed it started happening ever since i shaved down there, my doctor tested me for any std and im good i have nothing, but it's so annoying having that feeling down there. Right now im using dove with no fragrance at all which its been ok so far, so for this treatment i don't have to use soap at all? Yes it's sounds nasty lol but i guess i will have to stop.
Yes, mild, to no soap. And what I ment by your partner keeping clean, I should have mentioned that bv or yeast infections arnt . sexually transmitted.  Your symptoms sound like bv. Which again is just your PH. balance knocked out of wack.

And our "area" isn't supposed to smell like flowers Lol. Its normal to have a woman's musk. Not stink!!  Musk. Lol. Also if your adding bubbles to your bath, use fragrance free stuff.

Thank you so much girl. I will definitely try everything.
Your welcome!!  Ohh and adding one more thing. If you want me smell good for hubby during the business,  put a small dab of perfume in between your thighs. Where your thigh gap is. Not on pantie line. Below that. That way you keep your natural "musk" (which men are attracted to BTW) and still have a hit of your favorite perfume.  
Sorry if you want to smell good *** not me.
Is it normal to get a burn sensation after applying it?
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Get some cannestan it's a cream and it's clotrimizol you smear all over and it stops itching swelling burning and all that jazz I use dove and it seems to be fine I would get it after I used the Nivea cashmere i spoke to doctor and she said that's what caused it I've just finished a weeks worth of pessaries and cream and I finally feel itch and discharge free:)
Thank you. Where can i get that cream?
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Yea I did go to your pharmacist and ask for it and they should have some x
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