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Moody Monday

How are we all doing?  
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Mondays....Mondays are not fun, I couldn't even get up today!
So how are you? You only got 3 weeks to go, OHH!! That is sooo excited!! Are you working or staying home?! Are you all prepared and everything is packed?
I have another 14 weeks to go, seems forever!
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Mondays are always blah as far as work goes.  

But I am really depressed today.  I have a friend (my best friend from HS actually) and her 15 year old daughter ran away.  She has been gone almost a week and the longer she is gone, the more scared I become.  I can't stop thinking about her and tossed and turned all night long.  When I did finally fall asleep (about an hour before my alarm was to go off), I dreamed about her.

I may write a journal about this and give more details, but for right now, please please keep this girl in your prayers.  The person she is with is bad news.  Please pray for my friend in your prayers also.  She is just beside herself and as a mother, I cannot imagine not knowing where my child is.
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I've already yelled at my husband this morning cause Allie broke the printer and I have so much army **** to get done... ugh!!! I feel like I want to puke a lot!!! I'm so tired. I've been up since 5 AM!!! So stressed!
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This weekend was nuts.  This kid must be really low, because I spent most of Saturday and Sunday in the bathroom!  I literally peed three times in one hour!  I don't think I can take another 22 weeks of this!
We went to a hockey game on Saturday night with my sister and her friend.  Fun times!  Then we spent yesterday at a friend's house, setting up their new grill.  The weather was nuts down here yesterday.  Sunny then thunderstorms, then sunny then thunderstoms!
Today is DH's birthday and this week is just normal: work and doing stuff around the house.  My sister is coming to visit this weekend and we are going to Basket Bingo!
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I CAN'T TELL WHETHER I AM HAVING CONTRACTIONS OR NOT!!! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Other than that I am doing okay just getting really anxious!
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I'm a little moody this morning because one of my dogs ate a bone last night and must of got a little bit stuck in his throat because he was coughing all night long. He's a big 80 pound dog so it's not like a little yak it's this shake the floor wake you up cough. I only got about 4 hours of sleep and it's got me on edge already. I'm going to try really hard not to have some crazy pregnant lady outburst today.

Other than that things are good.
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starting the 3 week growth spurt...gonna be a long few days
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Today is my first day back to work after losing my nephew. My day started out rough, but hopefully it will calm down, and I can get some things done.

I will be 37 weeks tomorrow, and I'm so swollen. I finally took my wedding ring off last night, and I'm having to wear it around my neck. My shoes hurt, and they aren't even tied. I can't wear sandles because my feet swell up around the part holing my foot in and I have been getting all these little bruises.

I went to the doc and my blood pressure was high, but with everything going on she just wants me to monitor it. My cervix is closed, but it was soft and bouncy, as she put it. I still haven't lost my mucas plug and the baby is still pretty high.

I had my baby shower this weekend, and it was awesome. I got so much stuff. It was amazing. I'll post the pics pf her room when I get home. My new camera should be in today. DH is working from home so the UPS guy won't leave it on the porch. With everything that's happening I have learned how imprtant having a good camera is. I want good pictures to remember my little Belle by, and my family. You never know what will happen.
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Eh- I'm okay! Wish I could've slept in, too, like everyone else has mentioned. But oh well!

Cleaning a lot today- laundry, dishes, vacuuming. All the fun stuff you do on an overcast day when you have no money to go out to do anything.
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Doing pretty well here! I got to sleep in a little today...I felt so wiped out for some reason! But now, I am sitting on the couch, here on medhelp, waiting until I get a burst of energy to go do all the laundry, cleaning, and try to make soup today. I have ham leftover from dinner the other day and I want to try to make split-pea & ham soup...should be interesting since I've never made it before. haha. I also I have to keep chasing Jeremiah around who is now into climbing anything he can and falling as a result! Poor baby, but he is tough! =) I also can't wait for my nausea to let up...seems like it will never go away. But other than that, I am feeling great!! Almost 14 weeks! =)
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Hello all!

I am moody because I decided to hang out with family to 1am ...I was the only one who had to come in to work at 7:30am...BLAH...Now I want to curl up in the fetal position underneath my desk and take a nap!! LOL

Have a great day ladies!!
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i'm ok, just feel incredibly tired no matter how much sleep i get lately.
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ready to pop this baby out! Im 37 weeks and feeling every bit of it! was great until a week ago when i think he/she had a heck of a growth spurt! my 20 year old boss (who couldnt tell the difference between a dorknob and a lightbulb) decided to switch my hours from 10pm-2am to 6pm-10pm. I had it all worked out to be a stay at home mom and work at night 6 days a week. Keep in mind, i work alone (janitorial stuff at an office) so it really doesnt matter when i go in. anyways, i go on maternal leave next wed!! yay :) Its been a real drag, no energy, swelling, lots of pressure and horrible ache/soreness in my vaginal and pelvic/groin area. i had the whole nesting for a few weeks and did ALOT but now its gone...maybe because i feel more accomplished, i dunno.
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Oh, the constipation.......does it ever end??!!!!! I am about half way done with baking Cruz and I just wish I could spend the next 20 weeks not fighting with my booty in the bathroom!!!!

That is all the complaining I will do for now, I got to save some for my hubby!!!
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