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More fertile or less fertile after a miscarriage?

Hello, I'm sure this question has been asked numerous times.  I recently miscarried on 9/29/07.  And  I was told that you are more fertile after a miscarriage, due to all the hormones, and so on.  Is this really true?  I have been ttc ever since, and no luck. I guess I am just hoping to get pregnant right away.
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There is nothing true about that statement.  I recommend to my patients to wait until the return of a normal menses before beginning attempts at conceiving after a loss.  This helps avoid the confusion of trying to figure out if a positive hCG is from a resolving loss or an early new pregnancy.

Best regards,

Dr. Downing
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I am wondering the same. I miscarried Dec 24th after being 4 and 1/2 weeks. We are pretty much ready to get the ball rolling again with trying. I am curious to find out if you are more fertile after a miscarriage too.
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yeah, i hear that you are, due to the hormones still left in your body. But who knows. I was hoping a doc would of replied by now. I am hoping this is my lucky month. I am going on my third month ttc. I hope third time is the charm.  Wish you all the luck too. Baby Dust!
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Hi! My name is Denise and I believe your more fertile after a miscarriage, Because i've been through a miscarriage July 2 2007 and I wasnt' to ready to get pregnant right away. In August 2007 , I was hospitalize for a severe infection after the D&C, and stayed in the hospital for 2 weeks. After that my doctor told me to not have intercourse to make sure everything is healed. So in Nov 2007 my husband and i were very carefull and now im pregnant of 9weeks. So far so good, i dont have any bleeding or spotting.....but im very sick....i have a cold and the flu...I have a combo of stuff ahahah...

Keep me posted
Good luck!!
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Congrats memere_morin!!!  I am very happy for you. Glad to hear that everything is ok. I wish you a healthy 9 months. Wish me luck to. It has been 3 mos since my m/c, and i hope third time is the charm. I am unsure of my O day. My cycles are usually 25-27 days. But this past month took me for a surprise, my cycle came in 30 days. Boy, i really got excited. Thought i was preggo. But of course my af came 1 week late. Its so cruel how your body plays tricks on ya. Again, hope this is my month. I figure, now a new year, and hopefully a miracle will happen. Take care!  And congrats again!
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Okay.  This is what happened to me.  I miscarried on 9/14/06, at 4 weeks gestation.  I conceived again on 09/30/06, WHILE ON BIRTH CONTROL.  If you and your partner reproduce easily, do be careful.  You're body does need to rest a little after a miscarriage, especially if you're further along.
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Wow, you got preggo really fast. How are things going? Yeah, it has been now three months. I hope that is enough time. I hope this is my lucky month.
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Well, I am pregnant again.  The pregnancy following the miscarriage would've been fine, but the baby had a chromosome defect.  So he was born at 20 weeks deceased.  Don't let that scare you, they didn't relate it in any way to me getting pregnant so soon.  Just a bad egg or sperm.  I just found out that I'm pregnant again though, and so far everything looks okay.  I can't remember the statistics, but a lot or pregnancies actually miscarry due to chromosome defects, we just never find out.  I would say it's safe to get pregnant again.  Good luck!  I know how hard it is to wait, and how anxious you can get!
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I am very sorry to hear that. I believe my baby had a chromosome defect/abnormality. I lost the baby at 8 weeks (6 gest).  Its a terrible feeling. It was hard for me at 8 weeks, i cant imagine 20 weeks. So sorry, but glad to hear your preggo again, and so soon. Take care of your self. And i will keep ya posted.  Hopefully af doesn't show its ugly face.
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I was wondering the same thing.  I miscarried in July of 2007 and have been ttc again since August when I got the go ahead from my doctor because everything was normal, and I've still had no luck.  So it's not always that you are more fertile after a m/c.  I've never had trouble ttc, with my first son I was pregnant within 1 month of trying and with my m/c it was immidate.  
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Yeah, i just understand what is going on. LIke you, my m/c went normal. My af came exactly 4 weeks after. And still nothing. I just dont get it.  It is very disappointing, and italmost feels hopeless.
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Hello there i miscarried 2mths ago and am preg again now 5 weeks so yes i think you are more fertile..
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I hope you are right. The Doc above says no. If I was more fertile, how come i have not gotten pregnant yet?  Its been 4 months since my m/c. Getting a bit discouraged. Thinking it will never happen.
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My condolences to all of you who have had a loss.  I had a miscarriage Nov 5/07 and am desperately trying to get pregnant again ASAP.  I know it's only been 3 months, but I am feeling discouraged too.  Best of luck to all of you who are trying!
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i also think your very fertile. i had a miscarriage in july 2007 after 6 weeks pregnant. right after my first period , the first day of ovulation i conceived . 6 weeks later i miscarried again. they found nothing wrong with me after hundreds of test. and they didnt think its was genetic because i have two healthy children ages 10 and 6 from the same man.  i am too scared to try again. maybe these two miscarriages are Gods way of saying your family is complete. but i just cant seem to do any permanent fixes(vasectomy).anyone with any advice gladly accepted.
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I have fabriods, I have had two miscarriages but didn't know about the fabroids at the time.  I am 5 weeks pregnant and was wondering if you could advise me what to do as I am scared.

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well i was reading your question and i am wondering the same thing i have wanted a child for a long time everyone around me has them and i am really broody i found out i was pregnanrt in jan was soooooo happy but then i misscarred just last week it was horrible the pain and the thoughts that i keep getting thinking it is some how my fault or god is punnishing me for some reason i dont no who to talk to i still cry at night  just wish i could get some answers why and hope i succeed next time i wish u all the best of luck cause i know it is hard
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i am 20 and in college and was NOT expecting to get pregnant so soon but my fiance and i said thast if it ever happened then we would be happy and wouldnt mind, it just wasnt planned. well i just had a miscarriage at 8 wks and found out about it friday. i am still discouraged by it and everytime i see babies and children with their parents i just want to cry. we are talking about actually trying now becasue we had our heart set out to this and all of the information you guys are giving out is really helping me out.
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Well, its going to be 6 months TTC, and nothing yet. Still have no clue as to why it hasnt happened yet. Is it stress, depressing, discouragement?  It could be all of those things. My husband tells me that because i am so stressed and so depressed it why it hasnt  happend yet.  My body knows that you are stressed, and that can prevent pregnancy. I know he is right, but it is hard not to think or even want it so bad. And every month i get my AF i cry, and cry.  When will i get over this?
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Hello Everyone,

I'm so glad I came across this board. It gives me hope.
I found out I was 6wks pregnant on 1/2/08 after going to the doctor for sinus infection. It was a surprise because my husband and I have been trying for almost two yrs.  On 1/23/08 I lost the baby at 10 wks.  My doctor has said to wait at least one cycle, but its soo frustrating.  I am still taking the prenatals, as well as extra iron (I am anemic), vitamin c, multivitamin and baby aspirin.  I feel like a pharmacy but am willing to do anything to get pregnant again.  I keep waiting for AF to show up, but 4wks after my D&C it still has not knocked on my door.  I'm tempted to just start trying right away.

Thanks for listening!
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I am so sorry to hear what happened. Lord knows i have been there.  Give your body and mind time to heal. After a miscarriage, its best to wait a fw cycles to build the lining of your uterus again. It has to be strong enough for the egg to implant. I have still not luck yet, but hope it will happen soon.  Keep taking your prenatals. They are good for you, and it gives you the vitamins you need to carry a healthy baby. Your time will come. Be strong and stay positive. I know it is hard. But you do need to heal. I am still recovering from my loss. I think about it every day. But in a way it makes me stronger. Everything happens for a reason. Lots and lots of baby dust to you.
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wow, I am so glad I came across this thread.  I just miscarried at 9 weeks pregnant, had a d&c 3 weeks ago.  I have heard from many that they conceived very quickly after their miscarriage and am hoping for the same result.  They also told me to wait at least one cycle, but we have not been doing anything to stop it.  I had a follow up at my Dr.'s yesterday, and both he and the nurse told me that the main reason they like you to wait is for dating purposes.  But other than that, not a big deal, there is no reason to think I would miscarry again just because its so soon.  So fingers crossed!!  The only problem is finding out.  Right now there is still a chance I would get a false positive on a home pregnancy test as may still have hormones in my system, plus I won't know if I missed  a period for quite some time as my cycles could easily be messed up from the D&C.  So, I am treating my body as if it is (no alchohol, eating right, etc.) and just keeping my fingers crossed.

To all of you who have also experienced miscarriages, my thoughts are with you.  It is so true that no one can really understand what it is like unless they have been through it.  And lots of baby dust to you Melli.  I am sending positive thoughts your way....

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Thanks adgal!  So sorry to hear what happened.  Be strong. The great thing about this forum is that it can be very therapeutic, and knowing many woman have gone thru this makes this so much better, and that there is hope. Unfortunately miscarriages have gotten very common. And our next pregnancy shouldn't be effected by it. I pray not. So lets all be positive and be strong. BD every other day, and our time will come, and hopefully sooner than later. Sticky baby dust to you all!!!!
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I'm 24 years old and I miscarried in October of 2007. My husband and I have been trying since December and we haven't had any luck. I just knew I was pregnant last month because my period went to 37 days instead of 25-28. I started though. I was devistated. Hope all can go well this year for us. I have a daughter from a previos marriage,but he's almost 30 and wants one SO bad. I just want to be able to give him that blessing of being a father.
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