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Music Poll

Music moves the soul... and can get baby grooving while still in the womb, too! I thought it'd be fun to see what everyone listens to and list their favorite bands and songs. I'm always looking for more bands and music in the genres I like to listen to and it's always fun to see who listens to what because sometimes it can be surprising (like most people assume I like pop by looking at me but I actually rock out to alternative Christian music).

Okay so first choose your NUMBER ONE genre (can't choose multiple answers) and then list why, list any other genres you loves and name some of your favorite bands and songs. Very limited space for poll options so choose OTHER if I didn't list your fave genre. Ready, set, go!!!
22 Responses
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By looking at me, you would never know I'm a country fan!! lol  Next would be pop and then when I'm feeling really crazy, I like some dance music to set my mood and have fun! =)
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I voted other cause lately my favorite is piano music!! Im a big country , rock and pop fan otherwise:)
Oh wait am I allowed to vote?? im not preggers:~O
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I love country, Mostly aussie country but the tstuff that cmes outta USA is good to.Then my second fave would be pop.
Just last night i was listening to julia and angus stone. A very easy listening band and my baby loves it.. his fave Big Jet Plane..
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Mine is Rock and Metal. When I was pregnant I was always playing Tool and Disturbed and holding it close to my belly. Kylie still loves to listen to it all today and bounces around like crazy whenever I have it on.
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i voted  Other because Mine is 80's Rock and country, but it really depends on my mood I will listen to mostly anything, but i wont listen pop, rap or anything like that.
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I voted Country!!!!
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Clysta- I totally forgot to put ROCK as an option! Doh!
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Okay so I voted as well! I voted for Christian (big surprise there <---- total sarcasm, ha ha). I love worship (like Jesus Culture, Phil Wickham, my husband and others), Contemporary Christian (like Casting Crowns) and Alternative Christian Rock (like Kutless, Seventh Day Slumber, The Classic Crime, RED, etc.). I also really like the song Driving Nails by Demon Hunter but most of their other songs have "screaming" which I am *not* a fan of.

The sound I really love is deep, slow and melodious whether it is worship or rock.

I also love Daughtry. I love music like Daughtry's that has meaning without language, drugs and half-naked ladies. LOL! But I mostly stick to Alternative Christian Rock.

BUT even though I listened to that stuff while pregnant with my daughters they are all getting into Hannah Montana (NOT Miley's music but her Disney counterpart), Justin Bieber and Jonas Brothers. They liked my music as babies, it soothed them, but they're starting to develop their own tastes and it's interesting to see what direction that takes them!

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I said pop because I guess that's the closest to describe what we like.  My DH made a couple mix CDs of songs for my 15 month old, who dances to EVERYTHING that makes noise, including the dish washer and clothes dryer.  But, the music we have on his CD's are Cowboy Mouth, Guster, a couple christian praise/worship-type songs, some mardi-gras type music (we live in NOLA).  Basically stuff that's fun, upbeat and fun to dance around to.  My daughter-in-the-womb enjoys it too, I am sure. :-)
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I voted "other" because theres a new genre thats come about over the last decade that is AMAZING!!! It's called "Texas Country". Its waaaay different from Nashville country, its got more attitude, and itsn't all about "broken hearts in trailer parks" lol. My favorite bands are Cross Canadian Ragweed, Josh Abbott Band, Casey Donahew Band, Bart Crow Band, Randy Rodgers, Ryan Bingham and the Dead Horse Run, Mickey and the Motorcars, Reckless Kelly, Eli Young Band, etc... :0). I listen to them in the car, and Marley LOVES it.If she's ever fussy I can turn it on and she stops crying immediately.

If you're interested, I say give Josh Abbott Band a listen they are GREAT! :0)
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Mainly I listen to Christian rock and Alternative. My favorite artists are Michael W. Smith, Sanctus Real, Mike's Chair, Casting Crowns, MercyMe, Newsboys, Desciple, Switchfoot, and depending on my mood, I can rock out to Skillet, lol. I've really REALLY taken a liking to Manafest.
I pretty much enjoy most music genres, though. I absolutely LOVE Josh Groban! I could listen to his music all day.
I grew up listening to country, so I guess that's my next genre favorite. Gotta love George and Garth, Alan Jackson, Brooks & Dunn, Wynona, Trisha Yearwood (yeah...I like the old timers, lol).
But I also enjoy the oldies and Motown, classic rock, alternative, rock, some pop (but I can only take so much before it starts sounding annoyingly similar), classical (Celtic and bagpipes in particular), and I get a kick out of listening to the Irish rock band Flogging Molly!
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Oh yes - Josh Groban is highly gifted and amazing! We played two of his songs at my mom's funeral. Also love Celtic music!!! The Celtic Women (or whatever they're called) are on PBS all the time during the evening and we'll sometimes just listen to them.
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I mainly listen to Christian music but I do like something in all genres. My husband records Christian worship music so I listen to his songs a lot LOL.
Some of my favorites are Michael W. Smith, Chris Tomlin, Mercy Me, Third Day. Jars of Clay, Jeremy Riddle, and I'm on a big Bob Kauflin kick. I think he's one of the best worship leaders ever!
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Oh I completely forgot about Josh Groban! I am a huge fan! Jeremiah and I sing his music all the time in the car! :)
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I SING myself~!   =)
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My husband and I haven't heard of Bob Kauflin; I'm going to look him up! My husband is also a worship leader, AmyG! That's so cool yours is, too. I had no idea! My husby just started a band last year, though he's been doing music for several years, with hopes of touring as a full-time ministry.

Julia- that's cool! I sing, too, though I will neither confirm nor deny if it is any good, ha ha ha!
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Do you have any links for him, AmyG? I am finding one Bob Kauflin on YouTube but he preaches about the importance of singing but I'm not finding any music.
1419501 tn?1320206310
I didnt know you liked worship and christian music, My hubby loves it but has lost touch with the 'new' stuff coming out. Could you send me a list of some of the best you can think of when ever you have the time. I would like to listen to some as well...
688845 tn?1325182236
Here is the link to the CD I own of his. He leads the T4G (Together for the Gospel) conference each year. I LOVE all of those preachers!


He is just so emotional when he sings, he really knows how to create the atmosphere for worship. His Church is very blessed to have him.

I buy his music on ITunes but I will try to find more links for you.
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Sure, Kelli! I do listen to that kind of music. I'm married to a youth pastor and it is the majority of what I listen to because we just fill our house with worship. He's also a worship leader and his band is called Waiting Here (on FB and MySpace). Jesus Culture is AMAZING! We live near IHOP (International House of Prayer) and they have a ton of great artists like Misty Edwards, Jason Upton, Matt Gilham. Hillsong United always has new stuff coming out, as you may know as you live in Australia. Kari Jobe, Gateway Worship. Deluge is good (they're out of Louisiana) and I am friends of a friends of that worship leader. David Crowder Band is always anointed and those guys are just crazy fun! Those are all worship bands or singers.
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AmyG- loved #15! I only listened to a handful; it's not exactly my style but sometimes I do love those older worship songs. Reminds me of going to church with my mom when I was a child! My husband actually sang Before the Throne of God Above and It is Well With My Soul recently on Sunday morning. Sometimes those Gospel songs just say it better!
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i had my fetus rocking to Cat Stevens!
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