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My dr office finally called me back!

I talked to the nurse and she said the bleeding that started Sun could have been implantation due to it being light and no cramps. Especially with the fact that everything stopped from Mon night till 11am Tue. Then all a sudden at 11am I was literally gushing. I ran to the bathroom and when I peed there were three clots a little bigger than a quarter siting in the bottom of the toilet. This happen twice and I went through 5 pads from 11-4, then just as sudden as it started it stopped. I now longer had cramps and the bleeding completely stopped. It was after this that the nurse finally got back with me. She told me to call the office this morning and see what they want to do. Possible some blood work to see if I was or am pregnant. My pregnancy symptoms are not going away in fact I nearly threw up supper last night. I was wondering, I had a friend who was carrying twins did't know it and she lost one and had bleeding. Have any of you experienced this before? I was only curious because I know that your chances of conceiving twins increases with the first 3 cycles you have after having a baby and with nursing. I would love to hear what you ladies have to say. Thanks
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i have heard of that before. i hope everything works out for you
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I am posting two pictures of a test I took this morning. I will be going in for a beta this afternoon and then we will see what is going on.
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Sounds like a period to me.  good luck.  
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I period for me is 14 days after ovulation, not 12. I have heavy bleeding and cramps for about 3 days and then it is light bleeding for 2 and then brownish/pink discharge for the last day. So if this is a period then it is by far the weirdest one I have ever had.
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Also bleeding for roughly 2 1/2 days would not be a period for me.
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everyone has an off-cycle...and especially since you've been breastfeeding it's normal to take awhile to get back to "normal"....just saying. Good idea to get checked, it'll put your mind at ease, but it really does sound like a period..especially in the absence of cramping. The only two girls I know that had a vanishing twin had such severe cramping and bleeding that they thought they had miscarried both until they discovered a little while later one was still alive...but, I suppose if it was early enough, you wouldn't cramp.

Just a bit of advice and I really really really don't mean to be rude...you do this to yourself every month :(. I know that you guys are using a natural method of birth control, or rather, "letting it happen or not"....but if you're going to take that approach you need to stop looking for symptoms and expecting pregnancy with every cycle...I honestly think you're stressing yourself out and it's not fair to your mental health to continue to stress like this every single month.

I really do hope that you're pregnant or not depending on whichever one you and your husband want right now, but every time I see one of your posts thinking you might be pregnant, I cringe because you seem so hopeful and concerned and it happens EVERY cycle...take it easy, and just "let it happen!" stop worrying sweetie. keep us posted with what the doctor says and what he wants to do for you...good luck.
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