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My pee smells funny

Okay...weird topic but it's true. I went pee this morning and all of a sudden there was this STRONG sulfur/egg-like smell. At first I thought my husband was burning toast b/c kitchen smells somehow make it to our bathroom upstairs. But then I heard him in the room. As I continued to pee the smell stayed and after flushing it went away.

I've read comments where women said their pee smelled funny and i was the pregnancy hormone they were smelling in their urine. For any of you who know, what smell is that? And if you know other reasons for why pee would smell that way please share.

I have other concerns as well and have no one to share them with. I started AF on schedule but it was way lighter than normal, which means there weren't any blood  clots and instead of 7 days it lasted 2 1/2. BUT my temp went down from 98.1 to 97.44 so I was sure it was AF and not implantation bleeding. Started AF on 2/16. Today is 2/20 and my temp is back up to 98.16. PLUS I am wetter than normal. Normally I'm not wet at all after AF but now I am. It's clear CM nothing colored or stretchy.....
But my bb's aren't sore unless my dog stands on them (that sounds weird but she climbs on me and she weighs 42 lbs!!) or my husband squeezes me while hugging me.
Other than that i have no pregnancy symptoms! OH yeah, and 1 day after AF I tested BFN!

What do you all think?? I'm going crazy here....... Even my husband asked if I was preggo b/c AF was so short!
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I know when I was pregnant my urine smelled "different" but I don't know why! And I don't know what it could be, other than infection, for what you've experienced.

I'm pretty sure that if that was implantation bleeding, you can take a test within 7 days.
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I know that if all my dates are correct ( which I hope they are). I had Implantation bleeding about 10 DPO. It was nothing at all like a period, it was very, very light pink with a little bit of brown. I was in total denial that I was pregnant, even though my boobs were killing me, and I kept tasting metal in my mouth whenever I ate. I remember thinking, this is wierd, I NEVER start my period early, and this would have been like 4 days before I was supposed to start. As far as my pee smelling wierd, I really didn't notice. I'm sure it probably did, but I wasn't really looking for pregnancy symptoms so I dunno.I took a pregnancy test about 4 days later and it was really, really dark.
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I noticed my pee smelled really weird...different...during practically my entire first trimester...I wouldn't say it smelled like what you described tho
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i just found out that i was pregnant a few days ago and had a feeling that i was for multiple reasons, but one of the main reasons being that my pee smelled different too.  not sure that i would describe it like you did, but it also was a different color.  seems like no matter how much h2o i drink, it always has a light yellow/neon green look!  good luck!
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Do you think that maybe our senses are just stronger when when pregnant?  I heard that you start tasting things in food, and basically just have heightened senses.  So maybe what you're smelling is always there, it's just not detected.
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Thanks for all your replies. I went to the doc last night b/c yesterday when I peed it hurt like hell and twice when I went pee I had light red/watery blood on the tissue. That has never happened so I was worried it was kidney stones...especially since 10 days ago I couldn't even pee.
Doc said it was a UTI and also did a pregnancy test....which came back negative.
I thought it was strange b/c they did the PT at the same time as the UTI test and I had to wait an extra 10 minutes. They came in and said "we're just waiting on the pregnancy test results, it will be a few more minutes" and then ten minutes later they came in and said it was negative. Yesterday was three days after my strange "AF" and 17 dpo so it should have shown + if i was in fact preggo, right?

I still have bad gas, bloated, cranky but otherwise nothing..... guess it was just a UTI and maybe my hormone levels are off which is why AF was so different this time. Estrogen makes that happen right? lighter periods, moodiness? I'm not on BC but docs and I are trying to fix hormone imbalance naturally with homeopathic stuff.
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