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My sister is 3-4 months pregnant and is using crack...help

I really don't know what to do. She wont tell me or any other family members anything....I just found out from the person that her and her boyfriend are living with that she is using crack 2-3 times a week... I found out that she was doing it a while ago, but she promised that she wouldn't do it anymore and said she didn't want to hurt the baby, and i beleived her....I am just sooo disgusted, and sad. I just don't know why she would do this to an inocent baby, I myself have 3 small children,  i can't believe i was so naive. ...I believed her..... NOW i am just so sad for the baby, i am wondering how this baby's life is going to be, will the state take it away, if anyone has any idea what i should do. She hasn't even been to the doctors yet ...she has an appt. in 2 days, Should i call the doctors office and tell them the situation? I don't know if she will tell them about her drug use. I just don't know how she ended up like this....Does anyone know of any programs that can help her? Thanks for listening :(
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IF the baby survives the pregnancy (drug use can lead to miscarriage) you can always make an "anonymous" phone call. if you think that the child is in danger  (even in the womb) don't hesitate to call. do what's best for that baby!!! i have a cousin who (well actually we don't know what happened to the  baby since she won't talk to anybody in the family now) is/was pregnant and throughout her pregnancy did meth, heroin, coke and smoke marijuana and drank alcohol. that child...if s/he survives (she also never received prenatal care or took prenatal vitamins) will have some SERIOUS problems.

you can call and tell her doctor about it i'm not sure what s/he would do but cys, cps, dcs, dcw or whatever the child services are where you live should at least look into it.
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If doctors have a reason to suspect drug use, they typically can test the mother for this (many times the mother has to sign a contract to say she can be tested if drug use is suspected when she first receives care from a doctor). The question is, will they suspect anything?

In my opinion, child abuse is not tolerable INSIDE the womb as well as outside and drug abuse can be considered abuse - not to mention it is illegal.   Unfortunately, you have some very hard decisions to make.  If your sister was beating her baby what would you do?  The answer to that question should help you with the answer to this one.
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Honestly you should call, that baby shouldnt have to go through that at all. like heatherlynn22 said, you can always make an annonymous call, ive had to do it for a freind, but it was worth it in the end.
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The sad thing is, even if she stopped cold turkey, THAT might be too much for the baby to handle in the womb......

I can't recall, but don't the doctors do some basic blood tests at the first visit anyway?  Maybe a drug screen is normal (or maybe it isn't).  If it were me, I would give the office a heads up and see if they can include the appropriate drug screens when drawing blood.  Or even when she pees in the cup at each visit......They can detect drugs in that too, and every women has to do that at each visit.

I'm so sorry you have to sit back and watch this happen....I hope she gets some help and the baby turns out healthy, somehow.
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i don't think the blood work includes a drug screening. i asked the woman who was doing my blood work what they were testing for and everything. (i hate needles and was curious why they were draining me of all of my blood....) she went through a list of different diseases and what not but said nothing about drugs. they have to tell if you they do don't they?

i could be wrong...

i still think an anonymous phone call would be a good idea.
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National Drug Help Hotline 1-800-662-4357

Information on using drugs during pregnancy and links to helpful sites:

Good luck--
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