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Did anyone else hear that scientists think there may be a link between acetaminophen (Tylenol) and ADHD in children whose mothers took Tylenol while pregnant?? I looked it up and the story was released recently, apparently
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Seriously? I take Tylenol all the time. I have really really bad headaches. I feel like everything is dangerous now. Ugh.
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Thats how I feel I am in constant pain and now I'm afraid to take it, I seriously think I'm just gonna grin and bare the pain because I don't want to do anything harmful or well keep doing it..
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Yes! I just saw that today on the news! I guess they say if you take it over a long period of time while in your 2nd and 3rd trimester, then it can cause ADHD in children once they are older. Is anything safe for us to take and do?!
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Sounds like the safest thing we have at the moment is water, I guess I'm really going to start limiting how much medicine I take
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Just saw that on news. Its funny that's the only thing you are suppose to take while pregnant . I'm not sure what to believe. They say everything is bad for ya. Hmm..
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Thats why i dont take anything other than thevitamins. I hate pills. Ive always been like that though lol
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Someone on facebook was just talking about this. I guess if you use it more than "usual" so whatever that means. O__o I've taken it but I tend to really stick it out unless it gets unbearable. :(
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Ugh ! I hate this. I was just worried about the zofran I was taking now I have to worry about the Tylenol.  :/
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Its not true. Just the same as the "vaccines cause autism" myth. If any school does enough tests enough times and has ONE result supporting their theory it gets news coverage and puts people in a frenzy. ADHD only came into existence around the 1980s, before then it wasnt around. Tylenol has been around so much longer.
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^^ she has a point they just want to scare us all.
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Well either way one supporting result is still something. I get that almost everything is harmful but it helps to know what is and if I can prevent any harm coming to baby I will even if its just because of one result. I would take a tylenol a day because of pain and if there is any chance it causes something I wanna know so I can limit myself.
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