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NEED TO VENT!!!!!!!!!!! :(

So I went to the Dr. yesterday and it was the Nurse Practitioner that saw me... She basically sit's there and tell's me that I am too fat for this pregnancy. Yes, I am "obese" as they call it.. But don't sit there and tell me that I'm too fat to carry my baby .. Especially when my hormones are already going crazy already and I'm about to cry because I already look like a cow! OMG I wanted to slap that woman! But, she told me that in 3 weeks ( right around 11 or 12 weeks) she is having me get another ultrasound to make sure the baby is growing properly and everything is ok which I can't wait for!!!! I am just so aggrivated that she said to me . I mean I know some of you are probably thinking that she only said that to make me aware, and because she cares about me as a patient, but still... Don't say that to a hormonal pregnant woman! LMAO.....
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That would **** me off to! I'm not even pregnant! And it pisses me off! I have thought bout my weight and getting pregnant! But don't tell me I'm to fat to do anything! Bc trust me ill prove ya wrong! :)

Ik she's concerned for u and they baby tho so do what u can.:)
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I understand she was probably trying to warn you or whatever but that was still rude and there is no excuse for it. GL on your ultrasound. H&H pregnancy!
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ok first of all I am heavy to but I DARE my doctor to tell me I am to fat if you think that for the safety of my baby I need to lose a few pounds you better find a polite way to tell me buddy cause as you say I am hormonal and a moody person normally anyway. So for YOUR safety I suggest you say it nicely LOL
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Thanks everyone.. I know she meant well, but still... And after going through my history, she puts me on bed rest!~!!!!! Tell's me that I can't do too much!
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wow bed rest ***** although I know that sometimes it is necessary for the babies safety it still *****  
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i understand where your coming im overweight and when i was pregnant with my son every appointment i had with my midwife she would pick on me about my weight i have to get all these tests done cause im fat she has to send me for scan cause she said she wouldnt be able to feel baby through all my belly fat even though she didnt even try. I had a perfect pregnany except for the pelvic pain and my son was born healthy no problems. i dont think midwifes understand with a hormonal woman and feeling fat and bloated we dont need then saying your to fat. thats why i wont get pregnant again because ALL my family say im to fat and getting a lecture off a midwife and i cant be bothered listening to it.

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