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HELP ME PLEASE!! im so worried that i might be pregnant so here's the story i was a virgin till 3 months ago and was so scared at the time so i took emergency contraceptio, the combination of 4 nordette [ills 2 doses 12hrs apart, ive always had my period 3 days after taking the regimen, ive done that maybe 5 or more to\imes now with my bf wearing a condom and all and always after 3 days of the regimen my period came.

WHAT IM WORRIED ABOUT is that last monday i took the regimen twice because i was extra paranoid because i realized i was fertile the day we did it, again mt bf was wearing a condom and i immediately took the ECP after, i did the regimen twice

i was expecting my period to come friday or saturaday because it always comes after 3 days but now it still hasnt come!!! my next pewriod is due may 10 but I AM SO SCARED AND HAVE NO ONE TO TALK TO..... could i be pregnant??? help me please i think im gonna go crazy thinkin about this 24/7... what steps can i do???
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You have used the morning after pill 5 times in the last 3 months????? I really think you should take to your doctor about birth control options. And stop having sex if your so worried. Also that pill/pills will screw up your cycle, wait a few weeks from the last time you had sex to test but I doubt your pregnant,
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its not really the morning after pill, only the ECP regimen, where you have to take 4 pills 1st dose then 4 pills again after 12hrs and i took the regimen twice, im really scared and i dont know what to do, i think im not ready for sex because i keep going crazy after

but thank you so much for your answer, hope im not pregnant.... coz i think im havin a mental breakdown
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i suggest you go see your doc about testing and birth control.  if you aren't ready to have sex then you should stop.  if your bf doesn't understand then it's time to move on.  You shouldn't "do it" because he wants to and you want to keep him happy.  Not worth it.  
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I do not know what you mean by the "ECP regimen" - what pills are you taking? Are you  taking 8 regular birth control pills????

Any time you have unprotected sex you run the risk of getting pregnant, even if you take Plan B shortly thereafter.  Based on what you said, there is definitely a chance that you are pregnant.

I recommend you take a home pregnancy test in a week from today - that should give you a reasonably accurate response by then.
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Developed in the 1970s, the Yuzpe regimen of emergency contraception uses pills that contain both estrogen and progestin (100 mcg of ethinyl estradiol and 0.50 mg levonorgestrel). It is taken in two doses: (1) two pills taken within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse, and (2) a second dose of two pills 12 hours later. Until recently, the Yuzpe regimen of combined oral contraceptive pills was the only hormonal method available for emergency contraception. An analysis of eight studies of the effectiveness of the combined regimen concluded that the Yuzpe regimen prevents about 74 percent of expected pregnancies

if you have used this pill then there is a 74% chance that you are not pregnant, and there is always a 25% chance you are pregnant after unprotected sexual intercourse. Emergency contraceptive is meant to only be taken on an occasional basis, not every few days when you decide to have unprotected sex. You did say he was wearing a condom, so you weren't totally unprotected and may have saved you. If you do your research, you should find that taking an ecp excessively not only messes up your cycle, it also can be very damaging and loses its effectiveness. You said you had taken it five times or more total, and that this last episode you took it twice. It is very unhealthy to do this, and I imagine that it is quite painful. I'm not trying to sound preachy or anything like that, but I have taken the plan b ecp, and it messed my cycle up for two or three months, and when I took it, I went through a great deal of pain. I learned my lesson early that it's not good to mess with something that you aren't ready for, and if you are taking ecp's this many times and using it as a regular means of birth control then you are either not ready or you need to be seen by a doctor or by a local health department and be put on birth control. If you haven't started your period within two weeks, take a pregnancy test and see your doctor.

Again, I apologize if I sound like I am, but what you are doing is unhealthy. I'm sure most women have been in a position like this and it is scary, I hope I've helped you out and I hope that if you are ready for sex that you decide to use birth control. Not to scare you, but the prolonged usage of Nordette has been linked with cancer of the breasts and cervix in the animals that the pills were tested on. If you need someone to talk to feel free to hit me up.
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If you have access to this emergency contraception then you also have access to BCP. Why screw up your body with something that is intended for emergencies as if it is normal contraception? If used properly, condoms are 98% effective against pregnancy. The same as BCP! Not to sound like MOM but, if you are incapable of being responsible enough to research BC methods and use them properly without freaking out, then you are not ready for sex. My mother told me (and I think this is very true) if you aren't ready for the possibility of having a child then you aren't ready to have sex. The only 100% prevention is abstinence.

If for some reason you think that you might have a problem getting regular birth control without your parents knowing....let me inform you that anything that has to do with reproductive health and std's is confidential. Doctors have to treat you without parental consent and they are prohibited from discussing it with parents. If money is a problem go to a free clinic.
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I agree with the other postings.If your not ready/able to deal with a possible pregnancy then your not ready for sex. Emergency contraceptives can definitly mess your cycles (read about how they work). Look for  a clinic in ur area, most are free or cheap, they do pregnancy tests, counciling, and offer regular contraceptives. the depo shot is only given every three months. any time you have sex you risk pregnancy or STDs.
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I also agree with the other postings, if you dont think your ready for sex WHY ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING IT????? The emergncy pill is not to be used as regular birth control hence the reason its called an EMERGENCY pill. And if used correctly condoms offer 99% protection against pregnancy, maybe you should bear this in mind.
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i am with you ladies"i am sorry" you are going through this ... i know you might be scared... if you are not ready DONT HAVE SEX .. CONSULT A DR. PLEASE ..

ps. this is not a joke ..
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I was young at some point too and went through times where I was freaked out to be pregnant too, eventhough I used condoms and I thought that I was being careful.  I never got pregnant, however it doesn't mean that I had a significant chance of getting pregnant or STD's.  Condoms are pretty effective in preventing pregnancy but there's always that doubt and there's always those times that you want to try it a little bit without the condom and then use the condom...risk taking.  Anyway my point is, use two methods of birth control condoms and birth control pills taken regularly should help avoid an unplanned/unwanted pregnancy.

With that being said, the regimen that you are talking about is not recommended to be taken several times within a cycle, all you are doing is screwing up your hormones and you will not get your period at an expected time because of this even if you are not pregnant.  I don't think that you are but I think that you can potentially be making the situation worse by taking this regimen so often.

I skipped a couple of pills once and I took a regimen like that 2 pills one day two pills the next day and then I would continue with a regular pill everyday there after, well the day that I was supossed to take one pill I missed that one too and so I started that regimen again....well I didn't get pregnant BUT my hormones got all screwed up and my hair fell off in patches.  It took 10 doctors visits in which the doctor had to inject cortisone into my scalp in every visit.  
Please go to a free-clinic and have them give you birth control options including condoms so you can avoid this stress.  Or just stop having sex. Good luck.
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