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My family has a big trip to Disneyland planned for the first week of April and my son will only be about 8 weeks old.
I want to go but wondering how hard so you think that would be with a newborn, and also don't want to go because he's so little and ALL the people that will be there. But since they mostly sleep at that age he would just stay in his carseat/stroller all covered up. I don't want this to sound selfish, it is just a trip so obviously if its best I don't go I won't. But what do you ladies think?
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My grandpa put it all together and it's like the last family trip where my whole family will be there. So I just don't want to miss it, but again if I have to I will.
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You more than likely will be just confined to the hotel room lots of germs there fir baby
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Dont go its going to be hot and if your going to cover him (like as for people to see him) its going to be hotter in there and it fl so its going to be really hot around april i think as for me i wouldnt unless you buy like does clip on fans then it would make it better
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I would ask your babys dr once he or she is born :) but I would go. It will be great to look back at pics and have you and baby there!
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I always see little babies there. Should be no problem, just keep the baby bundled up and just make sure everything is sanitized
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If you just buy hand sanitizer because your fam its going to want to carry him after getting in the rides and stuff make it your best friend lol
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Disney land is sooo much walking an waiting i wouldnt do it because id be annoyed an want to leave before everyone else was ready too then id feel like a wet noodle lol is it a out of town trip or local? If its local id go but prob wouldnt plan on staying as long as everyone else
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Yeah I mean I guess you could probably go and stay at the hotel, but having him in the heat at the amusement park I don't think is a good idea. That's just me personally.
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For me it's like 7 hours away and it's in California, not Disney world in Fl. But me and my boyfriend are driving up on our own so if we wanted to leave early we could. But I'll ask his pedi before we go to see what he thinks :)
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Id go.some q t time with your boo an bub in the car an some q t time with the fam :-)
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Oh my bad lol
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But the fan its use by battery in the stroller toysrus is $20
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Its april it could be hot or cold, so don't base it on weather. I'm pregnant with my second, and our first turns 2 in april and we are going to Disneyland for his bday. The baby will only be like 5 weeks when we go in april. I say you should go and enjoy your trip with your family. If your scared of germs don't be because you can get the same germs at the market, mall, or doctors office. You'll have fun and your family will love that you guys are there!!
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Well i live in california personally april idnt yhat hot but those days go rithet wsy dum days can b hot sum can b cold but. Not super hot nd i livr 20min from disney
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Honestly, my daughter is 2 weeks old and she doesn't sleep much at all, around 8 weeks is when they start staying awake for quite a while, I'd definitely talk to your sons ped. about it, I probably wouldn't go, you'll see how you feel then, but even now I get stressed having to leave the house for a day with a baby, so much to bring, pack, think of, etc. it's stressful!
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Yeah I'll see how it feels then and what the doctor says, thank you guys :)
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then again i have 2 kids haha!! everything for me is stressful, I'm SUCH a freak about making sure I have everything to, I overstress myself, just pack lots of everything if you go!
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My Best advice is to talk yo his pediatrician... They will let u know what's Best For your baby...
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I'm sure it will be fine for the baby. Go, and have fun!
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I would listen to your doctor & just ask what he thinks (: he'll be 2 months I really don't see a problem with it im sure u wont xover the baby with blankets just the car seat lol but deff ask doctor for reassurence
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