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Need some advice ....

Soo im going to try and make this as simple as possible basically i was living with my bf and his parents when i got pregnant after almost 7 months i got in a huge fight with his mom decided it was to much stress to deal with her bs and raising his 7 year old daughter who is nothing but a brat to me so i moved back in with my mom and dad ....my parents look out for me alot amd dont want me going over to his house as long as his mom still lives under the same roof as him(i agree 100%) they told me if he wants to see me and our unborn baby whos due in march he needs to come over to my house ....well tonight i was arguing with him about me not going over to his house when the baby is born and he disagrees i dont want to go without his mom apologizing to me first about treating me like crap throuout my whole pregnancy bringing extra stresses that i didnt need (she lied about me to him and always made me feel like crap i was never comfertable being around her without him being there) he says weather she does or doesnt apologize i will eventually need to go over to his house bcuz his family (sisters included) will want to meet our new baby i really dont feel comfertable bringing my son around them when his sisters also made my life a living hell ...i just need some opinions i dont want to keep my son away from his dads family but they didnt put my son first when i went through alot of emotional distresa during my preganancy
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I wouldn't go idc what he's says
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Thank u i firmley believe so to if he loves us he will put us first right im going to do whats best for my son
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Yes you guys come before anyone and you're not wrong for feeling that way I personally don't take my daughter around ppl who I feel don't respect me
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If he gets parenting rights,  he'll take the baby over there without you.

I think I'd rather be there with the baby than have the baby there without you.
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i had the same situation (kind of), except i lived with my sons dads mom right after giving birth. his dad was arrested the day before he was born. once i brought my son home no one in his dads side of the family wanted to help me with our son. after about 2 months of doing everything myself (remind you, i breastfed, and wasnt working), i got my sons clothes and diapers and everything he needed. once his dads side of the family decided they didnt want to help, i started keeping MY son away from all of them including his brothers. he is still in jail for another 3 years, and his family still treats me like crap (after raising our son by myself).

i guess what im saying is if he wants to be around you and your child let him be around. i agree about keeping away from his family because you dont need the extra stress. if they want to see the baby it needs to be on your terms, not theirs.
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