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Negative results, still no menstual cycle.

Hi Doctor,
My last period was Sept. 16th.  It has been normal this whole year. It's been way over a month now and I assumed I was pregnant. I took 3 pregnancy test all were negative. The fourth pregnancy test had a faint line and the last pregnancy test went negative again.  I went to a free clinic and took another urine test and that was negative also.  I have all the signs for pregnancy. Cramping, breast tenderness and soreness, backaches, nuseau, fatigue, tightness around the uterus.  I just don't know.  The fertility nurse told me that maybe I skipped a month of ovulation, is that possible?? Should I wait another month to see if I do get my period or should I go in to a regular clinic and get blood tested. Fertility nurse also said that since all urine test are negative maybe a blood test isn't needed.  Should I just get a regular check up?? I'm not sure exactly what to do or what step to take next.  
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If you have had that many negative tests, you are most likely not pregnant.  The fertility nures is probably correct that for whatever reason you simply failed to ovulate last month.
This is very common and happens to most women now and then.  There would be no harm in waiting for a month to see if you get your next period--in most cases it will come.
It may not be exactly correlated with your previous cycle, and you may start a new schedule ( eg. period comes in the middle of the month instead of the beginning, or whatever).
If you do go in for a check up, they will very likely repeat the pregnancy test and will possibly give you a prescription for progesterone to bring on your period.  Very often when the period is overdue, the PMS symptoms mimic pregnancy.  They usually subside when the period comes.
If you start having this happen frequently, you do need to be seen by your doctor.
I hope this is helpful!
Dr B
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You should definetely go to the regular doctor and get blood tested also. I took 2 pregnancy tests and they were negative and then finaly a few more and a visit to the doctor said I was pregnant I am 4 months now. There is a possibility that you could not be just becuase but the faint pink line can be triggered because of hormones. some women can take a pregnancy test and it say positive just because they want a baby so bad that there body actually gets ready for a baby and produces the hormones.
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hi im the same as you i had the mirena coil taken out 5 weeks ago and havent had a period since. For the past 2 weeks i have had all the symptoms of pregnancy - nausea, dizzyness awful tiredness, stomach cramps - but my tests have all come back negative im now wondering if maybe im not and its symptoms of having the coil removed or something
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Heya, it took me 6 negative tests two clear blue ones until i got a possitive 3 weeks after my period was due!! hopefully that el give you some encouregment x
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hi thanks for your message i have taken 5 tests now still negative!! Had a blood test done at the doctors the other day so hopefully that will confirm one way or the other!! congratulations x
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I am just looking for abit of advice. I have had irregular periods all my life and do not always know when I am due on it is sometimes hit and miss and just happens. Well this month my cycle is 10 days late which is no big surprise I know I am not pregnant as I have not had sex for several months. However I did have unprotected sex a few days ago (when I was 8 days late). I thought as I was waiting for my period that my most fertile days were over with however, I am now wondering if that is the case and if I could still get pregnant?
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A bit like Clareol, but not. I used to have irregular periods and was on depo provera injection up until about 2 years ago. My last period was 16th October, for a week (normal time and duration), not had one since. I have many of the early pregnancy symptoms; nausea (on and off throughout day), running to the toilet more often (5 times today already and it only 11.15am here), headaches, backache, crying at anything and everything, weight gain in tummy and breast area and (I think) areola are darker, but I've done 2 tests (last one last Tuesday) both negative. Maybe it's still too early, looking at the comments on this site, but I don't know. Going to the doctors for a normal check-up on Friday, so will bring it up then - I really hope it just low hcg, but pregnant. My husband and I would be over the moon.
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Update on earlier. I now find that Camomile tea is a big turn off smell and drinking wise, as I was going to have one with my lunch. It used to be my "calm me downer", with my emotional outbursts and now I feel REALLY nauseous!!
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Really disappointed ("_ ) I actually came on today, which worries me slightly of why I've been having the other symptoms, like wierd food cravings and going off coffee and camomile, more frequent urination, headaches - it's never happened before. Any suggestions?
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