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New 2WW - May 6/09

Thought I'd start a new thread since the other one was getting crazy long.  Plus I was posting there but wasn't truly on the 2WW yet.

I think I o'd on May 4/5...here we go again - my second cycle trying!!

Who's with me? How are you feeling? May this 2WW be our last :-)

BABYDUST and more BABYDUST, ladies!
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I think I can officially join you guys...AF is due on the 21st, so am I on the 2ww?
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same here think i ovulated 2nd May so only got 9 days until af is due, been feeling a bit crampy these past few days, i only usually get this round about af or ovulation but i've had these on the 29th and 30th April which i took to be was ovulation.  Just a bit confused this month got my fingers crossed though.  Good luck to everyone in the 2WW!!
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I had the crampy feeling two and three days ago, so if it was my O I was a little later, but as long as I did, and we were sure to BD every other day...
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I am 3dpo and am not looking forward to this 2ww! Glad you guys are in the same boat with me!!!
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I am now 5 days past ovulation and i'm cramping again, are any of you experiencing this after ovulation going for a #2 is sore as i need to push down on my ovaries and it's so sore i know TMI but i need to know if this could be a sign
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#2's arent sore for me, lol. However, I have been #2'ing a lot! haha. My belly is sore, and my boobs are killing me, but since I'm supposed to start af in a day or two, I'm afraid I'm simply menstrual. :( Today makes me 12dpo...and I'm really hoping for a bfp.
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Not quite on the 2WW, but I will be there soon I hope. Plus I like to see who has the same symptoms as me or different ones. I hope we all get BFP results soon! BABY DUST to all!
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i am on the 2WW, AF is due 5/15, & i really hope i don't see her ugly face! lol. i think i ovulated on the 1st or  2nd. this is only our 2nd cycle trying, but i vowed not to spend as much $ as last month on unreliable HPTs. faint lines stressed me out so much last month. my dr said there's a hormone ( i think it's the LH hormone) that an HPT can detect right before your period starts. i don't want to risk that happening again!  i only have about 8 days left before i can test... let's see if i can hold out! lol. good luck to everyone.....
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I'm on the same boat as you my af is between 28 and 30days and i could swear i ovulated on the 2nd May which i think i caught as my partner and i bedded 02 and 03rd May so fingers crossed.  i hope you get your bfp good luck to u all
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I'm the same as you:  I only took 2 tests last cycle (both BFN's, obviously) but said I won't test this time until AF is late, if it comes to that - which I hope it will!!  Still no symptoms yet - it would be WAY too early for that, I'm sure, if I did in fact ovulate on the 4th.  I'm trying not to think about it this time....It's pretty hard, though!!!! ;-)
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I have no clue when I ovulated, just know AF is due the 21st...I think. I just came off birth control in March, so I'm hoping I'm one of the lucky ones that get it on the second try...(I thought I was pregnant right after getting off it cause it took so long for AF and I stopped mid cycle)
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With my DS, I got of on my third cycle after stopping BC (which I'd been on for several years).  I hope this is your month!! :-)

Truthfully, I dont't really know when I ovulated, either! It seems to be a bit of a crapshoot unless you're charting and/or using opks - and even then...well, nothing is 100%, I guess!  My cervix has been tilted and a bit more open these past 2 days...do you know if that means something, by any chance?
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