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New Years 2008 for all the new 2008 mommys

I have a question... how many of you are going out to parties or social events on new years? Me and dh want to go to a couple parties but feel guilty leaving aubree at home with a sitter... this while be her first new years and I just feel aweful for wanting to go out... maybe im just being silly... dh says he wants us to go out for some adult time which we seriously do need... but i dunno i just feel soo guilty .. like im a bad parent because i want to go out ..  
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We arent for that reason. I would worry too much and not have fun. Maybe next year tho
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if u have a reliable sitter better take advantage while u can, u can always call home frequently next year will be much harder until they get big enough to not care so much about being left..my 6 year old still whines...
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Aubree won't know the difference.  To her, it's like any other night.  I say go for it.  Enjoy your night out.  Sometimes when we become parents we forget about our relationship.  That is just as important and those date nights are rare so take advantage.  You may wind up having fun and enjoying yourself.  You are allowed to have that in your life.  You will think about her but you will be happy you went out and enjoyed yourself.
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We're doing a family thing. We're not really partiers and we don't drink so it's not a big deal to us. We're going to hubby's sister's house to play games and eat tons of junk. Our kids will be with us and we'll all be pajama clad.

My sister does the same thing with her 3 daughters. They go to their inlaws' house with all their kids, in pajamas, and play games, watch movies, eat, etc.

But if you guys really want to be childless that night, leave her with someone you TRUST and someone who won't mind staying in for the New Year. If you guys haven't been out just yet it might be fun to get out! Just be careful because there's a lot of drunk drivers out that night.
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I like Joy's idea/plan...DH and I matured quickly and just aren't into going out anymore...we had too much fun 16-21 then it got old and we turned into an old married couple...preferring each others company exclusively to others/groups...maybe we are weird lol  BUT if you like going out, then you should as long as you have a trusted sitter OR you can take her with you for a kid friendly celebration.
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AND, I just forgot that Aubree is still sick...if she is still sick, no matter how much you trust/love your sitter, I would stay home and get that adult time with your husband another night...
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We're going to get firecrackers and head to my mom and dad's to shoot them off...we've been doing that since Izzy was born.  Her first New Year's she was 9 months old and she loved it.  My mom and dad loved it too and that gave me and the hubs some time to ourselves but with her as well.  Whatever you do, don't feel guilty...everyone is different and celebrates in different ways...you just have to find which way is right for you! :D
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we're going down my sister's all 3 of us. gunna play on the rock band and jovi will sleep in the bedroom. its a good job i dont drink. lol
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I re-read your post because I was skimming earlier. Don't feel guilty for needing time out. Whether it is New Years or another night--- you NEED to get time in with your husband. You need to nurture your relationship with him just as much as you care for your child or what will happen to that relationship? Your daughter needs her parents to be happy and have a good relationship. Sometimes it is fun to do a family thing, other times you need to be alone and kindle those romantic fires. Gosh, I sound cheesy. Anyway, I just have to keep saying it--- don't feel guilty!

I get so excited for our date nights. They are few and far between. I like to get dolled up, even if we're just going to McDonalds and a movie. Our kids are safe and they get to get out of the house and have fun with their grandparents and/or cousins. It's a nice break for us all and we come back refreshed.

I have to admit that I was nervous on our first date after our first DD was born. It was an awkward date and we did end up going home earlier than expected. BUT it got better each and every time we made an effort to get out and be alone. Sometimes we just drop our kids off at the grandparents' house and get takeout and go back home by ourselves *wiggly eyebrows*

Treat yourself, whether that night or another!
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I don't think we will be going out afterall.. aubree is still really sick and I don't want to leave my baby girl with ANYONE ( not even dh) when she is sick... god forbid something happen to her and I would NEVER forgive myself.

Joy- I do feel guilty when dh and I go out without her... i know its silly. And I find that we don't have that much to talk about anymore outside of Aubree... I really think our relationship is kind of stalled since having Aubree.. we haven't really had any "adult" time.. we also had a miscarriage right after having aubree and I think that has something to do with it... we have been argueing alot ( maybe the stress of aubree being sick & dh acting like a 16 year old)
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So I used to feel a little guilty when I would go out to a movie or with the girls. But now that Aspen is a year I really don't feel that guilty anymore. In fact, I really look forward to my time alone without her. Not to mention the fact that I am newly 21 (which I spent all of it so far in Utah where you can't really celebrate) and single. Something that I've found that is super soothing to me is to put Aspen to bed before I leave that way the sitter only has to listen for her or pour her a sippy cup as milk. Also helps that with cell phones you can call every 10 minutes to see what is going on. :P

But I do agree that if Aspen was sick I would probably stay in. Hey, its still possible that by tomorrow morning she'll be a lot better and then you can go out. But if not wait until she is better and then go out with your DH because you two need time alone as well.
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