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Newborn baby boy

I am 28 weeks pregnant with a baby boy and i know i have been hearing that when you have boys you have to get them circumsised and i was wondering at what age should i get this done or should i get it done right after he's born.
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if u do it do it right after the hospital will usually do it but u don't have to do it. do sum research on it :)
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U don't have to get it done. It's completely up to u. But the sooner the better. But is completely up to u
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You don't have to get them circumcised. It's your choice. But I suggest if you decide to get it done at the hospital when he's first born. That's what im going to do. Rather get it over with sooner then later.
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Im not doing it, but there is nothing wrong with circumcision. Do it soon, as a baby. I figure my little guy can decide how he wants his penis to,look/feel when hes older. :)
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You don't have to. But if you do the sooner the better. AND MAKE SURE THEY DO IT RIGHT! My fiance have to get his re done because when he was a baby and had it woke that meased it up. Its a lot more painful for them when their older. I would do research on it. Some people do it for religion, some because the dad is and some even do it for cleanliness.
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I've even heard it takes away some of their pleasure if they are. I am not sure though. Just something I heard.
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I'm not circumcising my son...his father isn't and he absolutely prefers it that way. its not medically necessary, it was just a cosmetic fad. as long as its kept clean, which isn't hard just shower, there will be no problems. besides its natural, if that's the way men are made, how could that be wrong?
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I'm getting my son's circumcision done right when he is born due to cleanliness and id just rather not have to deal with it so may as well i know my ex hated having his he is still debating on getting it done now he is just scared to deal with the pain...he is super mad that his mom had his baby brother circumsized nd not him lol any way yea another reason i plan on having my son circumsized is because my father is Jewish and wants my son to be due to his beliefs so i told him due to his beliefs nd the fact its not really sanitary i will go through with it
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You don't have to get it done. If I had a boy I wouldn't iI feel it wouldn't be mine to take away. Why would god make it that way just to be taken away after birth?  Also it is sanitary as long as you clean it just as sanitary ad being circumsized.
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You don't have to get your little man circumcised, it's your choice (: personally i would not but i don't have anything against people who do it. Talk to your doctor about it for some more info or have a look online (:
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Uncircumcised penises are not unsanitary. My son is not cut and he is clean. Uncut males could be argued to be more clean bcuz with the skin still attached the glands create a cleaning agent much like a womens vagina that kills off bacteria. For the poster if you decide to cut they will most likely.do it in the hospital or at his first dr appt
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