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No baby found?

I went to a regular and vaginal ultrasound last week but they didn't a baby:( just a sac! I haven't bled or anything can this mean my baby will be there the next ultrasound?:( I'm trying to have some type of hope!:((
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If you're earlier than 11-12 weeks I would not be worried. It would still be very early and you might see baby on next ultrasound. Don't be afraid to get a second opinion either and see another Dr meantime :) by 12 weeks you should be able to hear baby on the Doppler. There are many possible reasons baby didn't show yet, don't lose your hope yet
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Thank you! Im just so worried! Do u think it means that the baby is not coming healthy?
No I don't think that at all. My sister didn't see her baby until around 11 weeks -her first scan was at 7 weeks, her baby is healthy and she is now 36 weeks. It could literally be anything. Something as simple as being dehydrated, not getting a good scan, you are earlier than they initially thought -especially if you have irregular periods, to more serous conditions. When is your next scan?
Omg I hope your right! I'm just thinking the worst because this didn't happen to me on my first pregnancy!:( I don't have real insurance until the 1st so I hope by then they'll run some test on everything!:( and I'll be 11weeks by then
Do you have a free clinic near you? Their services will be limited but maybe they can help? We have a couple places where I am called birth right and the other is called open arms they both do free ultrasound and pregnancy blood test. But that's about it. Maybe you can see if something similar Is near you :)
I have a free clinic near me but they only do vaginal and regular ultrasounds!:( no blood work! I will have to check and see if there are any other clinic that will do blood work
Are you 10 weeks now? If you are definitely see if they can do a scan for you at least
No I'll be 8 weeks tomorrow
You are still so early definitely give it some time :)
Ok I'll do that! I'll just play the waiting game for now! Thank u so much for all your advice
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M 2 am 5 weeks today I go to scan but the was no baby the doctor said only the egg
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I had my very first ultrasound at 5 weeks 3 days & there were only two sacs (yes I'm having twins lol). I went back 2 weeks later & there were 2 sacs & embryos. Went Back At 9 Weeks & heard the heartbeats. It's different for everyone :)
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the waiting game is for a while and its going to go by fast when you least expected
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i was on the same boat and everytime they did a vaginal ultrasound it was just a sac and when i was between 10-12 they saw something inside the sac and when i was 15 weeks they started to see the baby i am now due in 7 weeks witn a healthy baby girl everybody is different and has diferent preagnancy mommy i wish you the best and good luck i wish you for a healthy and good pregnancy
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Thank u!! I just hate this waiting game! I feel so hopeless!!:(
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Hi hun I was 8 and a half weeks when I first went and they made me feel stupid asked me if I was even pregnant so I did a wee and a blood test for them now I'm 20 weeks and seen my baby for the first time if your so concerned speak to your midwife sure she can help you out in some way
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I hate when drs don't take us seriously. I was having a serious skin issue during my last pregnancy and when I asked my Dr about it he made me feel stupid and was like "your body just does that" that was his answer for everything. Needless to say I immediately switched drs to one that would listen
They didn't see the baby until u we're 20weeks?
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