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No heartbeat at 6 week ultrasound

Hello. Yesterday, I went for my first prenatal visit with my first baby and had a vaginal ultrasound. The OB saw a fetal pole and a sac and measured the age of the pregnancy as 6 weeks, 1 day. While I do not have a reliable date for my LMP, we thought we were closer to 8 weeks along. In addition, the OB did not see a heartbeat. I have a follow up visit in one week, but would really appreciate any insights in the meantime. The OB was very unoptimistic about the chances of this pregnancy surviving.
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Unfortunately, greater than 50% of viable pregnancies will have a heartbeat at 6 weeks. It is NOT 100% though, so there is still a chance.  With the exception of the missing heartbeat, your ultrasound was perfect.  It is common to be off by a week or two.
A couple of things you could do if you want results sooner than next week.
You could have your pregnancy hormone levels (beta HCG) tested to see if it is rising.
And you could have a progesterone level done.  A falling beta HCG or a progesterone level of less than 10 are bad signs.
I hope this helps, and I hope your OB is wrong.  I actually prefer to be wrong in a case like yours--I love to hear "I told you so"  I hope you get to say it!
Good luck!
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why was the OB so unoptomistic? I think it is just their job to give you realistic expectations, so if something does happen you don't blame them. they kinda did that to me too. but as with the heartbeat goes I don't think you will hear it till your at least 12 weeks, and you should be able to see it on a u/s at about 9 weeks. It's too early to tell anything at this point if you ask me. Hang in there and be strong. The first 12 weeks for me were grueling.
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hey i had a ultra sound at 5 weeks and 6 days and they could not hear a heart beat but i went back today and im 8 weeks and there was a very stronge heart beat soo hang in there it probably is two early to hear it but stay stronge and not stress
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Thanks everyone. I am hoping for the best.
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i was in the same situtution 2 months ago i was 10 weeks and the baby was 4 weeks and there was no heartbeat i aint no dr but from what u have said you probably have to have a dnc
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So I went to the doctor Wednesday this week, Sept 9th. They said it was showing at 7.5 weeks and I'm supposed to be 8.5 weeks. They couldn't find a heart beat but everything else was looking okay. They wanted to wait another week to see if there is any growth or heart beat. But I'm really concerned that my baby has died. This is my first and I was so excited. I'm scared to have a d and c myself so I'm hoping there is a heart beat next week. I'm also hoping to get some insight in the mean time since I don't go in till next Thursday 9/17.  Best of luck to you!
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