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No spotting or bleeding is that normal?

I’m 4 weeks and 6 days today, is it normal that I haven’t had any cramping at all or any spotting? I haven’t had any. My HCG was 289 on Thursday. I have zero symptoms besides obviously missed period, and a little tired.

I’m not complaining by any means but is it bad that I don’t have any cramping at all not even a little? Or any spotting? again, I’m not complaining at all I’m just genuinely curious. Don’t have my first u/s until end of February.

So sorry if this offends anyone! I’m really curious and extremely nervous..I’m extremely nervous... I didn’t get offered another HCG blood draw either since they said my 289 for 4 weeks and 3 ways was “normal..” I’m freaking out that my numbers aren’t doubling..
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Hi!  Wanted to check in . . . have you gone for any follow up yet or is that next week?
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Hi, congrats on the pregnancy!  In terms of symptoms, for the average women, they come on around 6 to 7 weeks!  The reason is that it takes a while for the hormones to build up enough to cause symptoms!  Was your doctor at all concerned about your HCG levels? If not, I'd not worry.  I didn't get an ultrasound until 20 weeks!  But I did get to hear the heart beat at my 8 to 9 week appointment.  That's a wonderful moment.  I understand worrying that your numbers are not doubling but unless you have a reason for them to check, they usually don't. I never had my hcg checked and had some spotting even.  This is the hard part, being patient and waiting.  But the odds are in your favor that things will work out just fine.  So, what month would you be due?
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I would be due in September
I don’t have an actual ultrasound entail feb 24th, I haven’t even seen an obgyn yet I just have the appointment. They had me go to a lab and then the lab sent them my HCG result. She said I was normal for 4 weeks 289 and then said see you at your ultrasound.
So, if your numbers weren't normal, they would have flagged that.  You have to trust that.  The way it works where I live with most doctors is that they don't see you until you are at least 8 weeks along. Unless there is some kind of major issue, that is.  But in general, that's when they first see you.  At that time, they normally bring out the Doppler and try to hear the heartbeat.  Then you see the doctor once a month there after until the last 2 months of pregnancy where you go more frequently.  First every other week and then weekly the last month.  You get an ultrasound around 20 weeks.  That's a typical schedule for most women I know who have had kiddos.  BUT, you are on a different schedule.  You are fairly newly pregnant.  At the stage where a lot of women are just figuring out they are pregnant!  Try to relax and really, take a prenatal vitamin, eat well, get rest but go on with your normal life.  Baby is well insulated and nature is taking its course.  Next visit, sounds like now in 3 weeks?  You'll get an ultrasound.  They will show you the baby and the beating heart. This will be great.  Don't worry yourself over something that is likely going fine.  Not all women get symptoms. As someone that was very sick with my pregnancies (starting at 6 weeks for one and 7 weeks for the other), it's better to NOT be sick!  Maybe a little tired is all would be fantastic. Celebrate it if that is you.  I felt like I had the flu!  My friends with no symptoms also went on to have healthy babies.  So, please try not to worry!  
Yay.  September is a great month to have a baby.  It's such a fun time in Fall and pushing your little one around in a stroller will be awesome.  Were you trying or was this a surprise?

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