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Normal to be sick alot 3rd trimester??

I have had a pretty good pregnancy so far, i was rarely sick 1st or 2nd trimester...never threw up, except when i caught the stomach bug Halloween weekend and Christmas weekend. However, 3rd trimester by far has been the tougest for me. Ive never been sick so many times! Now i am sick to the point where im getting dizzy and it feels like im going to faint. I get lightheaded and my eyes feel heavy, ive got heartburn even when im not eating, im always stuffy to the point where it feels like my nose is going to bleed and when i wake up at night to use the potty i feel like im going to throw up. I dont have much of an appetite anymore, but when i do want something its oatmeal, cold fruit, hot fudge sundae from McDonalds ((LOL)) along with a big cup of orange juice ((which is a new craving for me)). Is this normal?
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Oh how the end is near lol! Just hang in there sweetie! You are almost done and all the sickness will be gone! It comes with the pregnancy, others dont get sick at all and some get sick their whole pregnancy! Hope you feel better soon!
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For some reason, the sickness can come back again at the end of pregnancy.  

I get super sick in the beginning and stay that way for about 14 weeks or so.  I had to be hospitalized last time around.  I am 5 weeks today and it is coming for me.  But I don't get it so much at the end unless I eat anything greasy.

Try to stay away from greasy foods if you can.  Also try eating small frequent meals.  I am so sorry.  I know how horrible this is....
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I'm right there with you!  I am 33 weeks and can't breath I'm so congested I feel like I'm going to puke constantly I am exhausted man oh man. It's no fun but normal. I'd ask about the dizziness tell your dr about that to make sure it's not a blood pressure or sugar issue. I am also craving vitamin C like it's going out of style
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Thanks Heatherlyn!

Michele: Yeah ive been trying to stay away from greasy foods...i dont think ive eaten anything greasy in the past few weeks...it just suddenly hit me a couple weeks ago! It is a pain lol.

SunWorshiper: I am glad to know its normal lol! Man its tough isnt it!?! I thought...YAY 3rd trimester...far from sickness...hahaha WRONG! lol! Ill definitely ask about the dizziness! I have a history of high blood pressure, but for the past few months its been pretty good...i wonder if its back up again, that would s*ck! i hope you get well soon (:
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im 33 weeks too and i feel pukey all the time... it even wakes me up a couple times during the night :( were almost done tho :)
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