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Not Sure if Pregnant

So I got back with my ex recently and the last two weeks we had sex pretty regularly. I have been keeping track of my period on an app I downloaded to my IPod because I used to always forget. I had been writing it down every month and then transferred it to the app. This month it said my fertile period was from 15-21 July and ovulate on 20 July (2011). We had sex from 15-18, then on 20th and then 22, 23 and three times this week. I'm due to get my period on 3 August and I took two EPTs and they were negative. From what I read it's probably still too early. But if I had sex before and during ovulation, is it likely I could be pregnant? I'm 29 years old and am really wanting to get pregnant before I'm into my 30s. My period averages 25 days. It has been shorter and once it was 39 days but it averages between 24-26 days.

I have read a lot and that even healthy partners have 20% likelihood of getting pregnant each month but this guy when we started dating years ago and the one time he ejaculated in me I had gotten pregnant but I had a miscarriage (I didn't know I was pregnant until the miscarriage happened). Plus he has three kids with two other girls so he doesn't seem to have an issue (it's a long story). He did say he hasn't had sex in a while and I hadn't had sex since December when it was with him.

I know the answer is I have to wait until I miss my period but I wondered if anyone else had an experience similar. I guess I'm just not wanting to wait and I figured that having sex during the time I was ovulating would do the trick.
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Well I guess since the period app I use to track it said projected date was 3 August but it started yesterday (1 August). So my cycle was a bit shorter this month ended up being 23 days. It also give a guess on ovulation and fertility on that app and when I put in my period started yesterday, it changed my July ovulation from 20 to 18 July but some of same fertile days. I guess it just wasn't the right time which *****. I'm almost 30 and all my friends have kids who are younger than me and it just gets irritating. Makes me wonder if I can even have kids anymore. I read what you are supposed to look for when ovulating and I swear I had that discharge that looked like egg whites around the 20th. It just ***** because there are people who shouldn't have kids who do and like a friend of mine got pregnant and didn't want it and she had an abortion. It just ***** I guess. Oh well such is life I suppose I'll get over it. Maybe someday.
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Well today I have some really, really light spotting but only when I wipe and kind of if I put the toilet paper in there. I do have gas like I usually do before I get my period but that's usually the day before, not three days. But I could get it early I suppose which would suck. But yes the waiting game does suck.
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Unfortunately, you just have to do the waiting game, I hate the waiting game, lol.  You can try testing 2 days before your period is due or do a blood test.  Good luck!
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