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Nursery Themes

We are not finding out the sex of our baby thus we need a neutral nursery theme....  A friend of mine just did an animals theme (and I really like it a lot)............

Anybody have any other ideas for a nursery?  I don't want to paint (thus the walls will remain a beige colour)...

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I did Aspen's nursery circus themed. Jungle theme can be both female and male as well.
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Here are a few neutral themes I found at babies r us:

Sleepy Head theme- adorable:


The Hot Cocoa theme would go great with beige walls:


The crayon theme is said to be a perfect neutral choice:

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I did a celestial theme with my youngest (stars and moon). The room was pale yellow and blue. The crib sheets were in different shades of blue, too. And I just found tons of awesome decor at the thrift store. It cost me hardly anything to do her room (I used OOPS paint from Home Depot which is $5 a gallon).

You could also do teddy bear theme.

Or you could just do a color theme and then buy the wall decor later. Like paint the room in beiges and browns. If your baby is a boy, add blue and green decor to the brown. If your baby is a girl you could add pink decor to the brown! That would make the room very chic.

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OR you could do chocolate and lime green! That would be totally cool and perfect for either gender.

My favorite color of brown paint is Buffalo Brown in Behr paint at Home Depot. It's very deep and rich (probably not an all-over color--- paint the lower half of the wall this brown and the upper half of the wall the lime green!).
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I did a sea creature theme(fish,turtles,star fish,sea horses), got the bedding at babies r us. It has all different colors and I thought it looked very gender neutral.
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Wow thanks ladies!  I'll definitely look into those themes.
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Some neutral themes I've seen...
ducks and/or teddy bears
(FYI- Several of these are from the JCPenney catalog.)
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I did Noah's Ark for my 1st daughter.  That's just what I wanted and of course, that was animals.  All 3 of her sisters have used it.  Boy, did I get my money's worth with that!!!
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We did not find out the sex for our first born. (we won't find out with our second either) We did neutral walls like you.  

I am very picky about styles and such and I could never find any neutral curtains.  As far as blankets, I registered for pale yellow blankets and such.  For whatever reason no one got us any of the blankets at our shower which I was happy about after the fact because then I changed my mind to wanting sage green.  Which I also never found anything I liked.  

Before I got a chance to even put up curtains or find any blankets and sheets I ended up on bed rest.  When we had our baby (a girl) I was so happy that I hadn't purchased any blankets or curtains!!!  Because I ended up with a girl and so of course I wanted girl colors.

As far as what we did in the meantime, she stayed in our room for the first few months.  When she went in her room we used dark dark sheets to cover the windows and we had plain white sheets for the crib which we still use because I like plain white sheets.

So I would wait because you never know how you are going to feel after the baby is born.  All you need are a couple of sheets for the crib and you could put up dark sheets on the windows.  If the baby is going to bunk with you than it doesn't really matter at all because you can just purchase the items while he or she is still staying with you.  We could have done that but I don't remember why I didn't.  We waited until she was actually in her room.

Now I love the neutral walls and everything else accents it.  But if you really can't wait...I don't know about themes.  We were just doing colors.  I like sage green as far as a neutral color.
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We are doing our nursery in the Fisher Price Rainforest collection.  Its awesome.  Check out the links that I'm adding.  There are more things to this collection.  There is a bassinet, play pen, ect.  You can get this collection from wal-mart, target, or any where like that.  You can find things on craigslist.com too.  I hope this helps.  Anita

Mobile & crib toy

( This is a youtube video of the Mobile.)

CRIB TOY ( youtube video of the rainforest crib toy.)






Travel Swing
( not in English... but it shows it on.  I have this swing already.  Its awesome.)


High Chair


Rainforest Jumperoo




These links will show other things that gose to this set that are at wal-mart.com.


Rainforest wall border


Baby bath


Booster seat


Fisher Price Rainforest Auto Mobile Mirror


Fisher Price - Rainforest Ring Stacker


Fisher Price - Rainforest Car Seat Protector


Fisher Price - Rainforest Music and Lights Mirror


Fisher Price - Rainforest Shake N Chime Ball


Fisher Price - Rainforest Nest N' Play


Fisher Price - Rainforest 2-Pack Crib and Toddler Sheet Set


Fisher Price - Rainforest Roller Piano

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The rainforest set from fisher price has had some recalls on some of the products so make sure you check them out first.

We have an orange nurery with green polka dots and monkeys!
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we did baby jungle animals for the theme. both cribs beddings, night light, mobiles, valance and border are baby jungle animals and the walls are a creamy color (i read somewhere that neutral colors like browns, greens, yellows, beiges and what not help to calm baby) and we wrote a little saying around the room in a greenish yellow.
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oh and everything we have we got from target *******. it's super cute and wonderful. the only things non baby jungle animals is their aquariums in their cribs (we've found that they like those a bit more then their mobiles)
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baby looney tunes or mickey and minnie
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gee you all go to alot of effort!!!!!
all im doing is putting up some green curtains they are in various shades of green nad have tied them back with a lovely green and white ribbon, the sheets etc will just be a plain colour the baby really doesnt care what colour the walls are or what animal is on their bed sheets!
some lovely ideas here tho but i will be putting that money aside for something the child will really need.
good luck to you all and remeber to be careful when using pain as alot of them are toxic!
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I agree with blinka, really. That's why I suggested painting the walls a color you like that is neutral and adding stuff later (maybe save the money you'd spend) like curtains and decor.
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I like the theme of the sky with puffy clouds and stuff like that. You can always add accents later. The others have great ideas too :)
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The only thing that was recalled in the rainforest collection was the travel swing.  An only the travel swings that were made between 2006-2007.  Nothing else was recalled.  I googled it an every website said the same thing.  Thanks, Anita
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The playpen was recalled too.  But thats all.
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you can spend the money to do the nursery very nice and still have money for the baby. sure we spent a lot on the nursery but we also have trust/savings funds for both boys and the gerber grow up plan (it's a college fund). we put between 100/200 dollars a month in each fund and pay the gerber fee each month which for 100,000 it's only $54/child/month. it's not that bad. and our boys have more then enough of everything that they need. of course it does help that they have grandparents who spoil them rotten.
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