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Nursing bras???

So I went to the store and bought a 38 DD nursing bra tonight, I'm wearing a 36 D/DD depending on the brand of bra. SO I tried it on tonight and it's too tight, the 38 part isn't bad, it's comfortable, but my boobs are squished in it. SO where can I get a bigger nursing bra? I was at Walmart tonight, and I didn't see anything bigger...
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I'm a 30FF so I have a lot of trouble finding bras to begin with, a good place to try is figleaves.com They're a good website based in the UK and if you have trouble with the fit they allow you to send it back as many times as you need to to get the right size.
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oh wow.. u are scaring me... please tell me you were not a 34b before u got pregnant!! i cant picture myself wearing a 38DD much less a FF... good luck finding a bra that fits just right, i am just now transitioning to sports bras from my regular ones... and im already 27 weeks so i hope they dont grow too much more...
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Lol wanna. I was a 34A and now I'm a 34D. Anyways.

Do you have a motherhood maternity store close to you? That's where I was able to find all my bras and they have tons of sizes. You might be able to find a few there that fit well.
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I bought new bras 3 times while pregnant. Started at a 36A and I'm now a 38D. When my boobs are full and engorged they practictly fall out of my bra but once she nurses they fit fine but if i go up a cup then there to big. I waited till about 3-4 days after my milk came in to go buy nursing bras because I didn't know what size I would need. I was given a few from friends so I had a few different sizes to use till I got some. I went to Motherhood they usually have good sales too.

It's so hard to determine what size you will be. I know the frustration of wanting to be prepared with what you will need but not being able to because some women grow huge and some barely grow.
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Sadly, the 30FF is my natural size and has been since about the 7th grade. Wouldn't be so terrible if I weren't 4'9", my entire up torso is dominated by boob. I'm actually terrified to think where I'll end up at the end of this pregnancy. I know my grandmother went from a 32H to a 36JJ after my father was born. I've heard that the larger you were to begin with the more sizes you'll go up.
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wannabeamommy0124~~That's kinda funny. I was a 34 B when I started with DS, and ended with a 36 DD. I didn't lose a lot of weight, it's easier said than done, lol.

Brittny 27~~I bought the one today cause I didn't want to spend the time trying it on, we were already in the store forever, and DS was getting grumpy...I just wanted to see how the one I found would fit, to try to get an idea of how much bigger I'd need to go.

Thanks for the suggestions ladies, I'll check them out.
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I went up 2 sizes both pregnancies..and even though I lost the weight in most places my boobs have not gone down, despite no longer breastfeeding...I went from a 36D-38DDD with Kahlan and a 38DDD-38EE with Grey.

I order mine from motherhood too..really good..their nursing tanks are also superior in my experience. However recently I just bought a 38EE regular (non-nursing) bra in the "just my size" area (because while I'm not a plus size AROUND I'm apparently in the "large" cup sizes, lol)  at Wal-Mart so maybe browse their website (i didnt get to read everyone's replies so forgive me if i'm repeating suggestions!). Unfortunately I bought it about a month ago and have now gone down a size around so I need a 36EE and I'm pretty sure it's going to require special ordering...38EE was hard enough to find (looked for months before i found it) so yuck...but..yeah try browsing wal-mart's website..sometimes they do free shipping, or you can do free site-to-store shipping and pick it up at the store.

btw Brinny if you can't tell I'm hoooome yay!!! hope to have some free time tomorrow :D
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Won't lie the idea that my boobs will get even bigger scares mr a little! I'm naturally a 36-38D, I'm only 7weeks pregnant and my boobs have already started getting bigger! Ashelen, I hope I don't get 38EE's... That just sounds uncomfortable.. I'm only 5'4 so mine are already big enough for my height and my bras are getting uncomfortable... I may have to get a bigger bra soon!
Good luck to all finding the right size bras!!
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I'm 5'2" it's miserable :(. You'll probably go up a bit but if you're very lucky it won't be unreasonable...genetics can be cruel though, LOL...but I truly hope that you don't get bigger than you want because I've had all sorts of back problems since my son was born 4 months ago..EVERY time I straighten up my back pops several times from the sheer weight pulling it out of alignment..not fun. i don't wish it on ANYone! good luck with your boobage, LOL
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I went from a 32B to a 38D and I'm only 28 weeks. I look at my moms boobs and am afraid I'm headed down the same DD track as her. I bought mine at motherhood maternity as well like apparently everyone else did lol!
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Yes, Sun I would say that by looking at the replies on this post that we, the MedHelp ladies, are single-(multiple-)handedly keeping Motherhood in business...LOL
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Ok so I went to the motherhood website, and I can't find anything that's bigger than a [email protected] D!!! Why do people not realize that there ARE women in the world with big boobs??? I can't find a regular bra anywhere besides Victoria's Secret, expensive as all h-ll, hence why I've sewn the two bras I do have more than twice each to fix wire poking out because I don't want to spend another $45 on a bra...BUT VS isn't gonna have nursing bras...Oh wait. They DO have nursing bras, just none that go over a DD.

Seriously, it was hard enough to find a bra before I got pregnant again...where are you ladies finding these???
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do you have a dillards? i got some there. i AM now a 38d pregnant i was a a before. BUT they did have dds and bigger there. good luck hope i helped. and happy holidays
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Really sabrina??they must have stopped carrying them then :(. I ordered one from Motherhood when I was pregnant with...oh, well I guess it was Kahlan so yeah it's been 2 years....try wal-mart!!! I have a friend who's a 38FF so I'll ask where she ordered hers when she was nursing...she nursed all of her babies for 2 years so she has to have some serious knowledge about BIG nursing bras LOL
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OH Amanda just reminded me of something! try Kohl's if you have one there..I saw some pretty big cup sizes there and I know they have a pretty large nursing section here!
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Definitely not kidding, quite irritated by it actually, I thought of all places Motherhood would be the place to go. Granted I did ONLY look online so far, but would they not have more online? I've tried googling it, but I'm afraid to try random online stores.
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yeah I don't blame you...I msg'd my friend about it and I'd guess she'll get back to me by tonight so I'll let you know..I'll send you a txt if nothing else about it if you aren't on. Now I gotta go change poopy, get my lazy but off of MH, cook lunch..then hopefully catch you on Msgnr on a bit..miss you Brinny <3 hope to ttys.
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I'll be on for a while, doing some name/bra research and going insane over another topic.
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If you have a Motherhood near you, you might still want to try their bras.  When I went online, they went up to a size E, which in their sizing is the same as a DD (the highest Walmart stores carry...not sure about online).  Well, I was able to fit easily into a 40 E at Motherhood, while the DD at Walmart was WAY too small. So it might still fit. I think their cup sizes run large (or correct for a nursing woman!)  I really recommend the lace one (full support padded cup underwire..I cant' find item numbers anywhere).  Its functional, and it looks really nice too, which is hard to get in a nursing bra. Babies R Us also has some bras in their stores (I dont' think they have much online). I'm either a DDD or E and I was able to get both to fit.
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For anyone past an E and having trouble finding bras. Figleaves has nursing bras up to Js, a little more expensive but if you have larger breasts we're used to paying more anyway. :P
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Well I did hear back from my friend and I already told Sabrina (smjmekg) the website she suggested but I figured I'd put it here and hopefully it will help some of you ladies...I haven't checked out the website yet so I can't vouch but I trust my friend (she's watched my daughter before...so clearly I trust her a LOT, lol). the site is HerRoom .com
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I can really relate to big boob issues. I have struggled with mine for years. I lost 26 pounds and only went down half a cup size so I am a normal weight, 5 foot 5 and have GGs   :-(. But I do get amazing bras from bravissimo.com. They are quite expensive but are extremely high quality, deliver to most countries and go up to a KK. Also, you can get really pretty bras -nursing or otherwise. It really does make a difference to back problems if you are wearing the exact right size but with weight fluctuations from being pregnant or even from a normal cycle, it usually doesn't last long! Anyway, hope you find one soon:-)
PS The website I mentioned Bravissimo.com frequently have good sales if you keep an eye out but they do sell out fast in my experience
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i was at a 38dd with my 1st kids befor i had her and after her i went down to a 36 d and now with this baby they have went back up so i dont know what size i will be after this baby if there going to be smaller or bigger
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oh ladies....  A DD???  I am an A cup.  I went to a B with my daughter.  Joy.  
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