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OHHH I want a SODA!!!!!

Has anyone had a problem quitting caffeine when they found out they were pregnant???? I used to drink one to two sodas a day.  I never finish a can, so probably through the whole day I drink 12 ozs, if I eat out that increases significantly. But I am craving a soda now!! I just read how 1 soda a day is likely to cause low birthweight which can cause a lifetime of illnesses, and 2 sodas a day can cause miscarriage!  I am only 6 weeks along so I'm afraid of the misscarriage part the most right now, but when I get further along I'll be more afraid of the weight and illnesses.  If you've gotten over your addicton how did you do it??  How do you get over the headaches and sleepiness and grumpiness?  Plus I'm so weak, I never care about whether I indulge in things in moderation, but since I have a baby to take care of now I feel aught to.  Please help.
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I know how you feel I love my morning coffee.  I have heard that a very low amount of caffeine is not harmful.  A cup of coffee or a can of soda daily.  But, it's one of those things that everyone has a different opinion about.  I am 9 weeks along I now drink decaf or if I have to have coffee (maybe once a week), I will have a half a cup with fill the rest with milk.  As far as soda goes, ginger ale, root beer, 7-up, sprite, orange soda, all have no caffeine in them.  But, I still try to limit because they have tons of sugar.  :)
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you could try the decaf version of your favorite soda, although you are supposed to stay away from diet! you still may want to limit your amount though. My doctors in the past (I'm am currently in my 4th pregnancy) have told me tht is safe to have the equivilant of 2 cups of caffeine , but you have to think about were all you can get caffiene from such as, soda, chocolate, coffee, some teas, ect. I myself have coffee on occasion maybe once a week), have chocolate sometimes, I mostly like soda with out caffeine anyway, so that has not been a problem for me. Good luck
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I too love my soda. Reg Coke to be exact and I cant usually get enough of it. In my first trimester, I did not consume any - as I had previously had 2 MC's. Now that I am in my 3rd Tri, I treat myself to a delicious glass of ice coke 1-2 times per week. I dont drink reg coffee or anything else so I have made the decision that this is ok for baby and I. I do know that different ppl will have diff opinions on this though. Good luck.
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I am a Mt. Dew drinker!! I usually drink 3-4 cans a day. With my first pregnancy I couldn't stand the taste of it and it was easy to quit. Now that I'm pregnant again. I can still drink it the taste hasn't changed. I only drink one a day fridays and saturdays I work 9 hour shifts bartending so I sometimes will have two cans on those long nights. My Dr said that it's ok to have 2 cups of coffee or equivalent to 5 cans of coke. I know that Mt. Dew has a lot more caffeine than coke so I limit to one. I then drink either grape or orange sunkist or gingerale something with out caffeine.  I also drink a ton of water. I refill my brita about 3-4 times a day
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I wouldn't be too concerned about a can of pop, I too gave up the caffeine, but I still drink pop once in awhile. I know a girl that drinks a 2L of Pepsi every day and is 15 weeks pregnant now. (Not saying its right, but she did it and her baby is fine)
Also, herbal teas (Apple Cinnamon is my favorite) are very low in caffeine and that might do the trick for you too.
Hope this helps :)
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I drank less than 150mg of caffeine a day with my daughter and I do the same with this pregnancy....they say drink less than 300mg a day while pregnant(that's about 2 1/2 cups of coffee, or 9 cokes(!!!!) ) so if you only drink about two you should be fine (for a coca-cola that's 74mg of caffeine if you drank every drop). Moderation is the key, and obviously if you develop complications that put you at risk for pre-term labor, you should stop drinking ANY caffeine, but in a normal healthy pregnancy you can drink a small to moderate amount without a problem.
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Where did you get your information? Caffeine does not cause miscarriage. The majority of miscarriages are caused by a genetic defect which is completely out of anyone's control.

Enjoy half a can and throw the rest away. It's okay to have a little here and there! Chocolate has caffeine in it and pregnant women devour it like crazy throughout pregnancy and have perfectly healthy children.

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i agree with joyrenee- i was wondering where you read that because it seems to contradict most medical recommendations. The best source of info is your own personal OB, but all my years on this forum, i don't think one person has been told by their OB to avoid caffeine all together. If you are not at risk for complications, there is no reason not to indulge in a soda daily. I know my OB (a high risk OB) certainly let me have some caffeine everyday, and soda does have much less than coffee. (Note- i did avoid "diet" anything- i don't trust the aspartame)...
ask your OB and see what he says.

by the way, the March of dimes recommends under 200 mg/day. the average soda is 37 mg.
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i think joyrenee has made the point lol, thnx!!!!  i couldnt let go of coffee, i didnt drink in in first tri, but did in 2nd and 3rd...... no not black coffee, my DH would make fun of me cuz i drink it really lite, and with tons of milk....... my child is the smartest little 18mon old i kno, shes talking up a storm, while other chldren 1-2yr, in my church dont really say much.
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I can't remember where I found it, it was one of those random searching the web things and ran across and old post from people on some question forum.  
Thanks for all the help!! I am not worried about my half a can of soda anymore.  I will cut my half out at dinner and drink juice and keep my lunch one (it helps me get through work. LOL)   But I only ever drink Coke so I'll have to try out the other sodas ya'll mentioned.  It would be worth it for peace of mind to just switch sodas for the next 9 months :)
This was a great help!! Thanks!!!!!
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Agree, I'm eating chocolate right now and I'd die if I have to stop eating it lol
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LOL! I ate chocolate like it crazy with my firstborn. She's one of the smartest in her class. I wouldn't entirely recommend eating as much as you can but indulging in a little craving here and there won't hurt anyone. ;-)

Most sonographers also tell you to down a soda before you come in so your little one is awake for the sonogram. I don't really drink pop but every now and then I REALLY just want one, ya know?!
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