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Ok so I'm kinda freaking out here.....my belly has been itching pretty badly (along with my boobs) for the past week or so. On Sunday, I will be 7 weeks...I look like I'm about 4 months! I'm really small, my starting weight was only 118, I've gained about 6 lbs...the stretch marks are starting already. Did anyone else have a belly this early or get starting stretch marks? What did you do for the itching?
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I am 4 months now but I did begin to show early on but never haven't had any stretch marks yet. I use extra virgin coconut oil for the itching I get. It is suppose to help immensely with stretch marks and help heal any skin problems you have. It's all natural too.
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When I got pregnant at around 8 weeks I started getting really itchy on my stomach and my boobs. I was just like you. Itty bitty and by like 2 months people were asking if my baby was due in a few months. I was like "What??" But yeah, it happened to me too. But just wait... once you are nearly full term the itching will get really bad. I would talk to your doctor. I know mine prescribed a cream that I was to use twice a day and after about 3 days of using it the itching began to stop and I was fine until about 8 months when my stomach grew like crazy!
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I am 8 weeks and everyone keeps telling me I am getting a pooch. I was only 106lbs when I found out i was preggo. My brests and tummy itch constantlly. My brests dont seem to hurt so much anymore but i do have the neausa as well as the itching. Dont worry I think its normal.
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Every day during my first pregnancy I put Cocoa butter for strech marks on my belly.............I mean every single night!!!!!!  I still felt some itching but I never got one single strech mark.  I hope you're putting something like this on:)  I am sure it's what helped me!
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i totally have the itching too!   weird.  i never thought it would be related to my pregnancy...but you all got me thinking!!!  

kris777 - what kinda cocoa butter did you use?  i wanna use that same EXACT one, you lucky girl!!!  :)
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you could be having twins
but to me in your picture you dont look that big at all
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Yes you could be having twins i was the same and i find out i was having twins. Good love honey xx
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I went and got some cocoa butter and it is DEFINITELY helping. I also got a tube of this cream called "Mother's Friend" and alternate between the 2 of the itching gets really bad. It's a tad bit expensive, and you have to get it through the pharmacy, but it's well worth it! As for how big I look, my mom said she was about that big at 7 weeks with me and one of my younger brothers. I go in for my first u/s on Dec. 3rd, I'll let everyone know what goes on there.

Thanks for everyone's help!
Much love, hugs and kisses,
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Hey:)  Yeah, I would totally recommend what I used and I will definitely use it when I become pregnant again.  I even have a butterfly tattoo on my belly that I thought for sure would become distorted with my growing belly................but it didn't!  It is called Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks--here is the site you can go to check it out:
You should be able to find it though at your local drugstore--you must use it every day:)  I hope this helps you and good luck!!!  We girls don't want any stretch marks....................
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Hey Im 25 and my nipples started itching recently. I am unsure if I am preggo or not because its too soon to take a HPT. I am a diabetic and in the past have had some issues with getting preggo because of high sugar levels and now thats its under control I beleive that I may have conceived. Is the itching a confirmed sign of pregnancy? I really want to be preggo. I have other symptoms related t pregnancy but Im scared that it may be PMS as I am due on Jan 24 and its now Jan. 15. Someone please help.
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Itching CAN indicate that there is something going on with your liver during pregnancy, also if your BMI was normal to begin with, you are only supposed to gain about 3 lbs. in your 2nd trimester. I would personally contact your dr. office and let them check this out. Gaining 6 lbs. by the time you're 7 weeks pregnant I would say is a cause for concern.
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I meant to say 3lbs. in your 1st trimester, not 2nd
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