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OT- But I dont know who else to ask...

Orion turned 4 weeks tomorrow and he is sick. I was up with him all night last night. He has a cough, sneezing, and he is really congested. His mucus is a dark yellow color. He doesnt have a fever.. his temp was 99.4 rectally. The docs office is closed today because they are moving to the office next door but I have a call into them for the doc to call me back. That could take forever. What can I do in the meantime? I have been using the little noses drops and suctioning everything out. Oh he also has a little rash on his face which I know is common in babies that have a cold or other type of infection... the thing im worried about is RSV??? I think thats what its called. I read online it usually shows up between 4-6 week olds and he is 4 weeks... also im worried about the dark yellow mucus being an infection like pneunomia or something.. Gosh I hate the internet!! Whenever you look up what you can do for symptoms it always has what it could be and RSV and pnunomia showed up now it got me all worried!
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Usually if the office is closed for relocating they will have another physician seeing their sick patients.  Maybe the answering service can tell you who is covering your office today.
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Can you take him to the ER or a walk-in clinic?  
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I can but I dont want to risk him getting even sicker from something there if its not necessary to take him. I also havemy 1 year old that will not behave there at all
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it sounds like he may need some anti biotics to clear the infection...personally i wouldn't hesitate to get medical attention if i was worried at all about one of my children's health. if you feel it could wait till tomorrow, wait till tomorrow...if you're in doubt, go to er.
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I agree with them.But I would continue with the nose drops and suctioning till you can take him to the doctor.If the mucus looks green at all you should take him in asap.That means that he definately has an infection and will need antibiotics.Make sure that he gets some fresh air also because indoor air has more dust that can irritate his sinuses. Best wishes! Let us know how he is doing.
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I forgot to add: try to keep his body and head upright instead of laying him down.This will help alot with the congestion and with his breathing. I would just put him in his carrier to keep him slightly elevated.
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Babies that young need medical attention. I wouldn't hesitate to take him somewhere. See if someone can watch your 1-year-old for you while you take Orion.
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Thanks for all your responses ladies. The doc had me meet him at the ER that he is affiliated with (he was working there today since the office was closed thats why it took so long for him to call me back). Orion had a mild fever 100.5. He said that Orion has an upper respitory infection and he was a little dehydrated from not eating because hes so congested. So they are keeping him overnight with IV fluids because his body is still too little to get dehydrated.. he get get really bad if he gets dehydrated this young. I just came home to get a few things and drop my 1 year old off with his grandma and I will be staying the night with Orion. They said that even though technically he has a fever they dont want to give him tylenol until it get too 101.4 because since its so mild he could break it on his own... so he is there now being watched... I will keep everyone updated as I hear things.. the doc said hes 95% sure he will be home tomorrow but you never know.... Thanks again ladies!
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When my daughter was a baby i used the er a couple of times.  the bill can be huge, but totally worth it, even if it turns out to be nothing.  I wouldn't risk it.  RSV can be really serious. (however, i don't think it is rsv season???)  
good luck.  keep us posted.
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