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(OT) Daycare options

My DH and I are due in July, and one of the daycare options we are looking into is a live-out nanny.  Just wondering if anyone else has gone with that option?  If you did, how did you do the taxes for the nanny?
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Sorry I can't help, I've only ever done Daycare Centers and Group home daycare.  But i'm def. gonna watch your post and see what you find out.  Have you found out anything about the costs yet?
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The costs are unfortunately ridiculous, but I would just feel safer with a nanny, at least for the first year or so. And nanny's seem to be quite a bit cheaper than daycare centers, which are not in our price range.  (We will have two infants, as I'm pregnant, and we're adopting a baby at the same time)
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OH wow, two at one time...THAT'S gonna be fun :).  Come september I will have FIVE kids.  Right now I'm a SAHM but I do plan to go back to work in a year or two.  I think for me it would probably be WAY more cost affective to hire a nanny lol.  Where do you go abuot looking for one?  Are you looking through an agency or just like taking out an ad and interviewing?
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right now we have a friend nannying. She is off the books.
We tried a daycare. I actually used to work in daycare and always said it would be fine for my own kids. i put my first into a kindercare at 4 months and pulled her 2 months later. it was terrible there, and I am still hesitant to use a center because of my experiences there. we went to an inhome provider- a lady who watched 3-5 kids in her own home. we loved it. i found her through my county's office for children who have a list of licensed providers. after a year with her, she had to close for personal reasons, and i emailed everone i know for recommendations. through this method i found an even more amazing inhome provider. She also closed a year later because she was moving to another state. So once again, I emailed everyone I know and found my unemployed friend to nanny.

There are websites you can use like craigslist or sittercity. My friend was a nanny and she used to hook up with families through sittercity. Many people around here use students from the local colleges, although they usually can't commit for more than a year.

Try, if possible, to get someone who has references. I have heard some horror stories. Ask around. With the way the economy is, there are many experienced moms and such looking to do childcare in your home or theirs.

I don't know about taxes, as I pay off the books for now. I'm trying to convince DH to let me find a new nanny when this when leaves us. He's very uncomfortable having a stranger in the home. By the way, you can find sample contracts and such online. If you use an agency, i imagine they'll take care of the taxes.
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I have worked in daycare facilities and would never personally put my child in one! I have seen the behind the sceans things that go on when the parents are not there! (Pm me if you want info on what all I am talking about) My cousin has a live-out Nanny and there is a real connection between child and Nanny. I think a Nanny is more personal and def more dedicated to your child (children) It really is a personal choice but I wish you the best of luck in whatever ecision you make! God Bless
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Even if you do not attend church you acn call local churches and interview mom who stay at home with younger or older ones. My mom was a sngle mom of 4 girls and when we became teenagers she babysat to be able to be involved in our sports and school. Sh had one or two at a time only and did not charge alot either. You can also look up home school groups on your area to find references! i was a SAHM and will be this time as well but I woudl never put my child on daycare for health reasons. Colds and illness and hand foot mouth, lice you name it no matter how clean your child is more prone to getting sick in a daycare setting! A one year old puts his hand to his mouth around 81x an hour! Little ones do not as well in day care either and do not get held or attention they need. I know lots of daycares that prop the baby up with a bottle when they are not supposed to! Best of luck finding a nanny! let us know were you found one too:)
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I agree with the ladies....yay for nanny (the right one) or a mommy-watch group...BIG boo on daycares. the only sicknesses my daughter has had in her life have been what she's caught from our nephew who attends daycare.
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All of mine have gone to a family daycare, in-home, 8 kids max.  I have nothing but good things to say about it, although of course they have picked up some minor illnesess there,  Unavoidable unless you keep your child home 24/7! Their provider is loving, laidback yet structured, and completely dependable.  Price is veryreasonable too.  I consider her a member of our family.
With two infants, tho, finding regular daycare would be really tough, esp since family daycares are only permitted 2 chilren under age 2 at a time.  It sounds like a nanny would be your best option.  Start advertising ASAP!  Finding the right person is critical, and of course you have to "click".  Is there possibly a relative who would consider it?  
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I have worked in both daycare centers and in home day cares. I am a qualified preschool teacher and unfortunately when working in an in home daycare you don't have to be qualified. At least in California, you do have to be cpr/1st aid certified. In the day care center you had to be qualified with schooling, cpr/1st aid and licensed. In my experience I would put my child in a daycare center. Many centers offer pay by your income. So I would check out all your options. I would not personally have my child with someone unless it was family, but if you don't have the option day care center would be my 1st option especially one with cameras. I don't know how that whole nanny tax thing works either. I have been a nanny and  I was paid cash. I wish you the best In finding care for your babies, feel free to message me if you need more answers...michelle
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