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OT: Prayers for my mom...She might've had a stroke or something neurologically wrong

Ladies your used to me writing about TJ, but this time it's my mom. My mother has fybromyalgia and other things so a complicated medical history. But lately she's had issues with stuttering, mixing her words up, and having problems walking/functioning right. She shakes too. I doubt it's a medication side effect because it came on rather suddenly over the last couple weeks. The other night we went to "deaf pizza night" and my mom has always been GREAT with sign language. She didn't understand hardly a word of what anyone there was signing.

Then tonight apparently she started getting worse, shaking more and stuttering so she couldn't get her words out so my brother and his wife who were with her took her to the ER there (riverside so a decent hospital) last I heard they are looking at her. My personal thoughts are she may have had a few small ischemic strokes that led up to something bigger happening tonight. heart problems/bp problems run in her side of the family.

Keep my mom Karen in your prayers that it isn't something serious, and that it's something that can be fixed. I'll update as soon as I find something out.
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Oh, I'm so sorry that you and your family and your mother are going through this. I will keep you all in my prayers and hope that everything turns out ok. Please do keep us updated (((HUGS)))
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I hope everything is ok. Keep strong!
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Niki~ thanks so much for the prayers!

Heather~ if something happens to my mom it would be hell. I would NOT let my brother and sister (who are underage) end up in the system. I'd take custody if need be, but it would be hard on DH especially on the financial aspect.
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oh my goodness.  My thoughts are with your family.
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I hope everything works out! I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers.
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My thought and prayers are with you and your family. I hope they find out its something that can be fixed with time. Hugs:)
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i hope everything is ok
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praying for you and your family i hope everything is ok
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i'm so sorry cindie. my mum had a major stroke at 42 which rendered her pretty much speechless and immobilised down one side, so if you need to talk, i'm here.
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You, your mum and family are in my prayers. Keep strong. All my love Kelly x
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Keeping you and your mom in my prayers hun! *hugs*
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Well as of today they ruled out a heart attack or stroke, and are thinking it was a SEVERE panic attack of some kind. My mom has always had panic attacks but never anything like this. She's staying til they get a dx, and they're doing an MRI. SO hopefully we'll know what's going on by later today.
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Just seeing this thread, but hope they figure out what is happening to your Mom and she starts doing better.  (((HUGS)))
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i'm glad it wasn't a stroke and I'll definitely keep your mom and family in my prayers. Hugs to you girl!
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Cindie- it sounds likes my gram a couple years ago.  Seriously, bring up Parkinson's disease.  We had to push and push it into the doctor's heads and finally she was diagnosed.  She was put on medication and is doing a lot better.  She still shakes and stutters sometimes but it's not nearly as bad.  I will keep you guys in my thoughts.
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Parkinsons? but my mom is about 41 or 42 yrs old... Isn't that too young?
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Look at Michael J Fox.... he was super young when he was diagnosed with it... 35 years old I believe.  Parkinsons Disease Foundation, google it and see if she is showing signs of any of the other symptoms.
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