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OT~ Rude/Offbeat questions during pregnancy?

Ok, so at work today I was discussing with my friends about the ligament pain I've been getting. (I'm very open about discussing my pregnancy) and all of a sudden a guy I know (not well mind you) asks me infront of about 4 women.:

Are you dialated yet?

OMG~ I turned, smiled and said.. no but do you really think I aughto answer that?  His response was that he has like 4 sisters and a mom and has seen it all and was just curious. I kind of made fun of him saying I was suprised he knew the word DIALATED.  it made the ladies crack up. he's lucky I'm a happy (mostly) open person. Any other woman and he may have found his cell phone smashed!

What are some rude or off questions that ppl have asked you during this or previous pregnancies?!
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A lady asked me at the grocery store "So you're due any day now huh?" and I was.. but for some reason it bothered me. It made me feel huge and obviously at my due date.

And just hearing "when are you due?" bothers me. My fiance and I moved across the country and at EVERY SINGLE gas station along the way someone would ask. I felt like just finding a t-shirt that said "DUE JUNE 23. ITS A BOY. NOW LEAVE ME ALONE!" lol
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Ha ha! wild.blue you should've made a shirt that said that!!!

Anyway, I got told/asked a lot of really rude things. Someone said, behind my back to another friend, "Joy sure has gotten fat!" Um, hello?! I'm PREGNANT. Turns out the girl was just jealous because she really wanted to be pregnant and it wasn't happening.

I was also asked, "When are you going to pop?" or "You look like you're about to pop!" ARG!!! I HATE THAT!!! As if I'm so huge I would burst!
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Yes, thats so right...People keep telling me, boy , yor belly is real big, or, you're gaining weight, arent you?  GRRRR, I go, yes, of course, Im pregnant, and that is the last thing Im worrying about. Hmmmm, just want to turn around and leave, but instead, I smile :) and remember myself: IM HAVING MY BABY!
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i never minded the questions or the comments, what really got to me and still will i am sure was when random people i didnt know would reach out and touch my stomach.  I was like....GROSS!  I told my husband that with this pregnancy anyone i didnt know who touched my tummy i was going to reach out and touch theirs and just look at them like "who do you think you are..."
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I can't stand it when people comment on the size of my belly - "Oh my, you're so huge already!" or "Wow, you're still pretty small." I've heard both. How weird?! I was telling this to a co-worker of mine and she said, "I think you look just great." That was a nice thing to say. :)

The rudest thing to me is when people share their horror stories about labor/childbirth, totally unsolicited. They'll ask when I'm due/gender/normal stuff, then go into a 10-minute VERY detailed shpeel about how they or their sister or friend or neighbor had the worst childbirth experience EVER, never failing to leave out a single disturbing detail. Ugh! That is so rude, I can't believe people's audacity sometimes...
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hmm its just me but i dont think that would have offended me too much. im just a really really overly open person and i talk about everything with everyone. my hubby tells me to stop all the time. but yeah people before have asked me like with my second pregnancy if i was pregnant by the same father as my first daughter.... yeah! im married to the guy if its any of your business stranger. did they really want to ask me if i sleep around? probably.
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Oh and I forgot. A well meaning friend said my hips and butt were spreading out!~ she's a sweetie and got me my first baby gift so I let it slide. lol

My mom said it too, and I was like "thanks mom, way to help my already flagging self esteem"
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ohhh no she didnt!! haha yeah that wouldve probably stung a bit....
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the worst comment i have gotten throughout my pregnancy (mind you i'm a little over 27 weeks....with TWINS!) was the other day at wal mart. mom and i are shopping just getting this and that for the house....we're walking down the main aisle...big enough for like 5 people to pass through when this nasty old woman turns around and goes...omg you're enormous!!! you look like that baby is going to drop right now! then..(as if that wasn't bad enough) she backs down one of the side aisles as far as she can go and starts to say....out of her way!!! huge pregnant teen coming through!!! normally i'm also a happy glad to answer your questions pregnant woman...but this woman got it from me. especially her last statement assuming i'm a teen who got knocked up. (i look younger then what i am) i yelled at her but basically told her that 1. i'm pregnant with twins so yeah i'm bigger then your average pregnant WOMAN....and 2. I'M NOT A KNOCKED UP TEEN!!! (which i had no issues screaming across wal mart) then proceded to point out my wedding band (i can't wear the engament ring it's too tight) and my husbands dog tags....i think i made her wet her pants....
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heatherlynn, oh my!!! I've gotten looks before from people who were obviously judging me. I still get those looks when I'm in public without hubby because I look about 17 years old (I'm 23). That woman was really rude!

rachie, I have yet to have a stranger touch my stomach. I have no idea what I'd do. I'd probably be so shocked that I'd just stand there dumbly. Or I'd give them a look and turn away. I think if I said something I'd have to repent! LOL!
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lol I have a great sense of humor so very rarely do I get offended. The stranger touching my belly thing though is a bit bothersome to me as well. My belly, my bubble, my personal space so back off! lol.

What bothered me was AFTER I had my boys, people would ask how far along I was, and its like DUDE I ALREADY GAVE BIRTH! I wanted to smack them lol.

I had my sister ask me once, while I was sitting on the arm of her couch. She asked if I had a pillow in my pants lmao. She figured with it being winter, I had stuck a pillow down my pants to cushion my butt incase I slipped on ice, but the truth is....my butt was HUGE! lol. Its good to laugh at, and we still do now especially since im preggo again.
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Heatherlynn OMG that was HILARIOUS! I'd probably have done the same thing in that situation.

joy, I have had 1 or two strangers touch my belly... but they weren't giving off wierd vibes or anything, so I let them for just a second. if it's someone I don't want feeling my belly I'll just say "he's not kicking right now"

and BTS WOW about your sisters comment! I'd have been a bit offended.

You know what else gets me? If I'm obviously pregnant and very tired and all, and ppl still cut in line in front of me or give me rude looks for stopping (accidentally) in they're way down an aisle at the store.

personally it's not that I see myself as being exempt or needing princess treatment, but cmon.. you'd think people would be a bit more considerate with a woman who is pregnant, hot(sweaty not cute), and tired. but NOOOOO not here in california.. it's too much to ask!

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Oh and yesterday at the pool I was discussing bfing with a woman friend of mine (she has 4 kids all young) and she suddenly says "your boob's have gotten HUGE"

I just responded "thanks! i know and don't look forward to them getting bigger!"

that comment didn't bother me but it was a bit offbeat
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I dont have the rude or inconsiderate people here in Michigan. I have had men stop and help me put groceries in my car several times. I have had people help put the heavy 24 pk's of coka cola in my carts aswell. I guess im lucky on that part.

LOL on the boob comment, Hubby did that the other day. I put on my regular size D bra  (I normally wear sports bras while preggers) and out of his mouth he literally yells OMG THEY ARE HUGE! and cops himself a feel right infront of neighbors lol, thankfully my neighbors are my age and have a good sense of humor aswell. They have gotten larger as they tend to *poke* out and say Hi if I wear that bra, so I dont wear it anymore lol.

Don't plan on those babies to stick around though, my boobs always shrunk after the engorgement, I went from a DD to a B in a month and was super depressed about it lol. Hopefully this time instead of my baby taking from me, he will have blessed me with these biggens for the long run lol.
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I think the most annoying thing is when people ASSUME things...

Right now i'm technically divorced, but my ex husband and i are back together and SAY we're still married. But even when i was pregnant WHILE we were married it always irked me when people would just outright assume things by saying smething like "is your husband excited?"

I always want to snap back something sarcastic to make them feel like an idiot...something like "no it was a one night stand" or "he was until he passed away last month" or "This is a test tube baby" LMAO  

I HATE peopel who touch my belly that don't know me well if at all.  The next person that does it I'm going to pretend to freak out or something and start screaming that i'm being attacked or something.  People are just way too bold.

I think it's funny how if you really pay attention when you are out in public all the different looks you get.  Just walking through walmart I get everything from disgusted looks to huge smiles.  Especially when I have my other 3 kids tagging along.  

I also can't STAND people who ASSUME it is your first child.  If you aren't sure ASK.  I get a lot of peopel who say "is this your first" and their jaw drops when I say it's #4 or #5 (sometimes, depending on the person, I include my stillborn in the number) Others just think they know everything and make off the wall comments, like telling me what all i need to do and avoid and whatnot..to which I reply "oh yeah, i did that with #'s 1, and 2 but it didn't work for 3 or 4"  I actually ahd a doctor make that assumption one time.  She told me "well many first time moms are paranoid..blah blah" to which i snapped back "this is my THIRD, thank you"
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I COMPLETELY agree with you on the assumptions!! SOOO annoying. I am single and my ex has been a pain in the A S S so far about this pregnancy and kindof just an A-Hole thus far.. BUT he does come to every appointment.. We were at the doctor the other day and he (Dr.) is filling out some of the paperwork, and sortof talking aloud at the same time, and he says... Yes, married.. I have to pipe in.. WE ARE NOT MARRIED!!

GEEZ.. you would think he would just ASK.. We were BOTH sitting right there..

And about people touching the belly. I am only 11 weeks, but just had a conversation with my sister about this very thing a couple days ago.. I will seriously LOSE IT! I never think it's ok to touch a stranger and invade personal space.. WHY do people this it is acceptable to do this to pregnant woman?? OM!! =)
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lol! i know what you're talking about when you get all sorts of looks when your kids are tagging behind you. im not prego now but when i fly with my little girls, upon laying eyes on me a lot of people are instantly aggravated. they assume that we will be loud and unruly. i once had a guy stare my daughter down that was sitting in the seat in front of us because she accidentally kicked his seat twice not even hard. i said SIR, CAN I HELP YOU??? and he just turned around. it took EVERYTHING in me not to say more. you dont look at my kid like that. they normally sing on the airplane and thats when i get smiles. my daughter once asked me if we could open the window. everyone in the entire back half of the plane was cracking up.

as for the touching the belly thing, i guess ill have to watch myself from now on! lol i LOVE bellies and im just really touchy feely- to everyone. i seriously never knew that it was creepy to anyone!  but i can understand where you are coming from, it must be part of that motherly instinct and the need to protect.
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My daughter found (and bought) a shirt that said "Touch the Belly, Lose a Hand".

That said it all.......
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I have had people constantly ask me "Have you been sick".  I know they are just concerned and mean well - but the same people ask me over and over.  I get tired of answering that one after a while.
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I did have a coworker basically tell me that I was pretty big.  She said "And you're only carrying one right"?  And I was, but I just thought that was sooo rude!!!  If looks could kill.....she'd have been a goner that day!!  Luckily she doesn't work here anymore!!  LOL!
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I had a Male co worker say..."You must be having a girl.  You have gain weight in your face and they say when you have a girl, it takes away the beauty from mom so baby can get beautiful!"
What an A&%#$%! lol
some people just blow me away!
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LosingMyMind - I literally LMAO when I read your sarcastic comment ideas. I'm sitting at my desk at work... "working"... and couldn't help but laugh out loud. Thanks a lot!! lol j/k, that was hilarious - test tube baby! hahahaha
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LOL Unfortunatley most times I don't think of the sarcastic comments until AFTER the fact :)  
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BTS~ I started out at a D.. so I'm gonna be crushed if they COMPLETELY deflate and end at a C cause that'll mean I'll be super saggy... ewww.

Losingmymind~~  Your DH comments are HILARIOUS. I may use them (with FRIENDS lol not strangers)

When I go to the store, I get usually curious looks to smiles from ppl. Thankfully I don't look like a teenager (unless I wear pigtails!)
With ppl touching my belly, when I was newly pregnant up til about 16weeks, It really P*ssed me off when ppl would rub my belly. My mom had this thing of doing it EVERYTIME I saw her. And the reason it ticked me off is she used to pat my belly and try to rub it BEFORE I got pregnant and joke about a "baby" in there. It really messed with my self esteem because I'd always had issues with my body and stomach esp.

my big thing was ppl not touching my belly until I had started feeling him move, because before that they obviously wouldn't feel it!
I have a pooh bear shirt that says "hands off the belly" and a happy bunny shirt that says "do you really want to mess with the pregnant lady?"

Oh, and my husband on a couple occasions has made the comment about A) Fat floats better (in the pool) and B) Squishy belly....(at the bottom)  He got smacked for that!

on the flip side I was trying to carry a BUNCH of groceries to my door and couldn't, so asked 2 guys who live here to help carry them up the stairs to my apartment (and explained it was too heavy as I was pregnant since I didn't show yet)

and on another occasion after that they've told me if I ever need help with anything like that just ask them and they'll do whatever I need. What sweeties hu?!

Even tho there are TONS of rude ppl on RARE occasions I'll have someone say something or do something so nice that it suprises me. (like the guy I work with randomly bringing in a bunch of baby stuff from his daughters older babies for me)
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