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OT: Sort of...Average waiting period for Medicaid Approval?

I'm hoping at least one you you ladies know what is the Average waiting period For Medicaid Approval here in north Carolina... I signed up for My self and my Daughter the 13th of January and we still haven't heard anything from them...I have just started my Prenatal care just last month at 20 weeks and my Doc is really want to get a U/S done ASAP but cant until my medicaid gets approved...Does anyone know how long it usually takes for approval of Medicaid?

And Ladies Please no bashing on this subject. I hardly ever post anything realated to this because of the bashing.
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It really depends on your state.  Here in Georgia they have a maximum of 30 days for certain types of medicaid.  You could check the website for north carolina medicaid and it should tell you.  You can ALWAYS call and check on the status of your application as well.
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Yea im in colorado and 30 days is the max they can take and its the same in texas....good luck hope u get it soon :)
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I am not sure, but I know most counties have an advocate for state health care. I would call your local town building and ask them where you should go in your area. I am pretty sure if you are pregnant, you cannot be denied. Another idea is to call your local hospital and ask if they have a health care advocate that could assist you. Good luck
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I have looked on the website and it says nothing just who is eligiable and how much you are allowed to make to qulifiy for it. My Doc called on the 16th and it was still pending then. I wouldnt normally be worried if it was just about me but now i have my lil bit to worry about and DD is due for shots too. I doubt there isnt much of a defference between GA and NC's waiting period...Thanks for your input, I think I may just go out to the office tomorrow (no phone here)... Oh and we are doing the Family Medicaid, not the one for just pregnancy related.

Thanks again. :)
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It was 30 days for me and my daughter to get on it.
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Thanks for all of the replies, it just seems to be taking forever to get that approval letter in the mail lol. I just hope I will get it soon because I really want to see my lil bit and to know everything is alright.
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In Georgia they can take up to 45 days...
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i live in nj and my daughter was born in oct. and she didnt get approve until Feb. I was so pissed and i hope this isn't the case for you.
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30 days! I had everything I needed when I went to apply in office so was qualified immeditally!
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No bashing here! It is NOT allowed whatsoever. All of us ladies with purple flowers by our names make sure of that. Besides being on Medicaid doesn't mean you're a lowlife or irresponsible. Sometimes people just need help. Medical expenses are EXPENSIVE, even if you have a good income.

Anyway all that to say I hope you get your approval and soon. I know I got mine pretty fast my last pregnancy (within 2 weeks I think; they sent me a DCN number and then I got the card a week or two after that). Your DCN number is the same as your MC+ number.

Have you validated your information went through? Did you physically go down there to apply or did you do it online or mail something in? I'd call just to make sure (they can check on the status with your SSN).
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Agreed with JoyRenee...bashing is NOT allowed :-).

I had to be on medicaid when I was pregnant with my daughter because my husband was laid off....luckily for us, they gave us a "temporary number" when we walked out the door. It took about 25 days to get the complete approval, though. They should cover any expenses incurred up to 60 days (or 6 months in FL) prior to being approved if you  need to go for an emergency though.

Good luck, and tell them YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE PLACED ON AN HMO!!!!!!!!!!!!! assuming your state doesn't require it. I was still on medicaid after my daughter was born, and because I was on an HMO I had to suffer through a completely blocked kidney (kidney stones) waiting 3 days for some stupid referral approval....so, yeah, if you have a choice, just choose regular medicaid. I'll say that I was eternally grateful for medicaid because kidney problems and complications with my delivery wracked up some serious bills and we had NO way of knowing that my husband was going to be laid off....but I was glad to be off of medicaid. So many doctors don't take it, and I understand why, but it's very frustrating!

Good luck to you :-)
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Mine took a month or so to get approved, but the job center here is stupid and it was a nightmare trying to get it all done. I'm so glad to be off it and done with them.
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I didnt know medicaid had an hmo... You learn something new everyday! I am currently awaiting my food stamp application and it was suppose to go through next day and now it has been 3 weeks... At our offices here in MO the case workers have 1000 familys each it is really hard to get ahold of anyone via phone and very irratating... I have to go up there to get answers so I hope you will get one soon.

You said your daughter needs shots? In my area they have a immunization department that will do immunizations for no charge or a very small amount which depends on income, if for some reason you dont get your card before then maybe that would be a good option. I hope you get an answer once you go up there... Its just so sad to know all our case workers are so busy that they cant even get to our paperwork. Espically for the families that truley need it like all of us pregnant women and ones with young children.

I hope this helps! God Bless
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I agree with Joy. Bashing is not cool, and I think a lot of us have/have had pregnancy medicaid. I know I did, and it's nothing to be ashamed about. We qualified bc at the time DH didn't have insurance as he was just starting his new job. Then once I got on it (took about a month), we qualified bc I wasn't working. I went through the health dept and they gave me a temporary card and then I went down to DHS that next week. It really didn't take long to get approved, but it took a little bit to get my permanent cards.

My Sil has been waiting a month to get their cards, they've been approved but haven't sent anything but the letter. Good luck, I hope that you get your letter soon!
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Thank you all for your responses, Yes I went down to the office to apply on Jan 13th and on the 16th my Doctor called to check on the status and it was still pending, some of the workers there at the medicaid office are total _____, any way from what i got told today it will probably take up to 45 days to approve because I'm doing to Family Medicaid not just the pregnancy medicaid, because I need glasses and work done on my teeth and pregnancy medicaid doesnt cover that.

I really dont trust my local health department so my DD goes to the Medical Center (mini hosp) for her care and she HAS to have medicaid before her Doc will even see her.
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Just an update, I recieved mine and my daughters approval letters today as well as the cards, it just took a total of 21 days!!!! :)
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Yay! Glad it's started! I got mine sooner than expected. I went through the health department on the 2nd to get confirmed and signed up for Medicaid. As I was leaving they gave me a piece of paper saying I have pregnancy Medicaid and the baby has Full Medicaid. It will kick in on the 11th and I got my medicaid card yesterday. So a week is not bad!! Thank goodness.
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I know this is an old post, but I decided I would post anyway. I live in NJ and I'm pregnant with #3. It's been exactly 30 days today and my application is still pending. I have called my caseworker 4 times and left a voicemail each time and she has never returned my calls. Everything I have read (and I think even my docs have said it) says they have 30 days to approve or deny the application. I finally got a hold of the front desk today and the lady says it takes 45 days even for pregnancy.  

My next OB appt is October 8th, so I hope I hear something by then. Does anyone know what to do if you don't hear anything after the 30 or 45 days? I really need this because the docs need to do an ultrasound to determine the age of the baby and they won't do it unless I have medicaid. They pretty much won't do anything for me (we skipped blood tests, and pap last visit because of this).
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Sometimes it does take longer than normal, depending on the case load of the worker and depending on how overloaded the capital is in your state, everything has to go through the State Capital. Also, they usually go back 2-3 months from the time of applying/approved, so you really shouldnt worry too much, most if not all of your appointments you've already had, medicaid should pay for. My maternity care coridinator, called my case worker and confirmed everything i just told you. BUT it could be different where you live.
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it depends on the county you reside in....if you live in a larger county it could take longer

i deal with DSS here in NC and i have found that you need to keep calling them to get things done....that is my best advice....KEEP calling
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Here in Texas they have 14 days from the day you turn in your application for the case worker to finish and approve your medicaid. And most of the time they finish it faster than that.
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