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OT~ Toddler Vocabulary

How many words does your toddler say? DH and I wrote all DS's words down and he says 17 at 15 months. I looked it up online and the average is 3-6. No one believes me until they hear it but he's putting sentences together too. He says "who is that" and "what is that".
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I don't count anymore. My daughter is 2 1/2. So long as she can follow simple two-part commands and can speak in sentences she's fine.

My girls always had a vocab that was 10 times what the recommendation was for their age. Some babies just like to talk and others like to be quiet.
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Brayden will be 15 months on the 20th and only says mama. I was a little bit worried but his doc said its normal at this age to not say anything and then one day they will start talking like crazy...
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my daughter is 17 mths and she can say about 20 including sentences...  she can say see ya and then she waves.. she can say shut up.. get.. get it... stop it... mommy not mama and daddy  she says up and down pee pee, sit..  i think its pretty normal for kids her age to have a wide vocab.. my friends daughter is the same age and she says alot as well
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My oldest was talking short 2-3 word sentences right around a year old.  My middle two didn't say much of anything apart from MAMA, DADA, AX (for alex) and hi and bye until they were about 2 1/2.  I was concerned becuase neither of them talked for the longest time...we even went through early intervention, a battery of tests etc and nothing came back abnormal.  By about 2 1/2 they both (they are 14 mos apart) started talking and haven't stopped since.  They do both have a few sounds they can't make very well.  Like Zach instead of making the "TH" he does an "ST" sound ...so like THING comes out S-STING  

GAbe is now 14 months and doesn't really say anything other than mama and daddy, once in a blue moon he says BYE and he says "SSSS" for sissy" or "SSS - SSSSAA"
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My little guy is 13 months old and he only says a few words. Mama, dada, kity cat and my favorite is taytay:-) He calles his baby sister taytay (Taylor)!  All my other boys have been a little behind on speech in the begining but I think for my DS age this is ok. Im sure he says a little more I just cant think right now, lol. Now he may be able to say all those things but he wont if you ask, I dont get it, he only talks when he feels like it, very stuborn:-(
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i stopped counting at 17 months when she hit over 200 words. too many to keep up with. but i have a little girl, and many girls develop language faster. by 2 years old she was constructing original sentences 5 words long. at 26 months she uses correct pronouns and complex sentences. she's getting the hang of different verb tenses too. i am still shocked to hear her correctly use words like "though" and "first." i suspect language is one of her strengths though- she's picked up quite a bit of spanish from dora that she uses correctly as well.  
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my son is 22 months and has developed really fast motor skills he can play the harmonica, jump, skateboard, do forward rolls etc. is almost completely potty trained, but his word development has been slower. He understands everything and has said "can I have some goldfish?" one time but no sentences since (at least that I've understood!) his other phrases are "hi daddy, bye daddy" and my juice,
his words are (goldfish, juice, bye, hi, doggy, cat, up, pee, bath, mommy, daddy, go, car,) but thats about it. I'm not worried because he understands everything and he is making progress.
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my guys are 14 months and they can say:
what? (sounds like wa and they do the shoulder shrug)
kitty cat (sounds like ki ca)
where kitty cat (where ki ca)
juice (sounds like ju)
blankey (sounds like bank)
no no (pronounce na na)
and they shake their heads no.
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