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OT: but curious... Sister Wives?

Ok I know this show is all bout their faith and religion so I don't want this becoming an overly heated discussion but I'm genuinely curious.

I don't know how many of you ladies get time to watch TV or even have cable or etc. But those that do. On TLC there is a new show called Sister Wives. Its bout a man who has 3 wives (just saw a news thing saying that after 16yrs of 3 he just married his 4th) and 16 children I think.

I'm curious on ur guys thoughts on this? Would you watch? I am just bc I'm curious how the women do it! I'm such a jealous woman sometimes I could never stand knowing my man was with another woman 3 doors down. Lol. I get mad thinking of his exs. Anyway ya just wanted some thoughts!
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No I would not watch it. I do not agree with that lifestyle and wouldn't have any desire to watch them living it out.
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I've not seen the show (I have cable I just dislike what is shown on TV nowadays) but I've heard of practices similar to this. I believe in areas where it's done, it doesn't bother women because it's just how they do things. I would probably watch it just to learn more about it. I don't see anything wrong with it though. I know marriage is supposed to be defined as between one man and one women (or something like that) but if that works for them, then who am I to judge.
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Yea. Lol that's me too. I'm curious how that can handle it. All for ya if that's what u wnat but I couldn't but its intresting to see.
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Clysta- in many communities, though, young girls are forced into marriages with older men and it isn't necessarily something those women desire at all. I don't have cable and don't know anything about the people in the show so perhaps these women ARE fine with being married to one man together. But I still wouldn't watch. It is so demoralizing to women to be an "object" to a man or for a man to think he is king of the roost with all these ladies fawning over him and reproducing for him (religiously speaking they will not use birth control and will have as many babies as possible). I just don't get it.
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I disagree with it and personally would never try it as i too am extremely jelous especially of DF X's, I would watch it tho just to see how they live like that! from a religious point we are not to Judge only God can judge!

JoyRenee- It is sad that young women are forced into it!  but they would no know any better as they were raised to accept it! i guess its like a arranged marriage some cultures are born to marry a certain someone and  they just accept it cause thats all they know. but i do agree with you i would not be able to watch it if i see women being treatd like slaves! i get so angry watching things like that!
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In the show all the woman were raised that way as well. Lol sorry first episode is on. And they do have a zillion kids. Apparently on is not very fertile. She wife one and has only one daughter.

Joy he also doesn't have a king attiude. But its tv so... Lol
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I agree. Even in my small town I have seen young girls forced into marriage but we can't judge bc they find what we have as bad as well.
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I've seen things like that as well Joy, where they're forced to marry others. It always reminded me of ancient traditions that used to be practiced.  I as well have no idea if these women want this or not. The other things I've seen was where it was fine. I'm not sure where it was, it was just a standard practice in their culture. Its sad, but even in just a standard couple some men expect the women to wait on them hand and foot. Sometimes I wonder if that will ever really go away no matter what happens.
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I want to watch it, but i didnt know when it started, darn it.  I missed it. I watch TLC every morning from 8 till 11.  

But anyway, i could never do that either.  im too a very jealous girlfriend.  
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Lol. Its on now where I am. Its not bad. No we have sex blah blah it more explaining the lifestyle to ppl.

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i would like to watch because anthropology is my hobby. im only twenty, but learning about other people and their beliefs is interesting to me. im pretty much unbiased when it comes to things like this.
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A bit off topic but same conslusion!

that reminds me i was watchin  a documentary a few months ago and it was culture when a girl turns 16 she becomes a women she stands in the middles of the crowd and they all rip her hair out! and then her new hair make her sorta born into womanhood if that makes sense! its soo sad but again she knows no other way she did not complain once!
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Yea, it really does depend on how they were brought up. A woman brought up jn the western world would see it as abhorring! But in Africa, some communities see it as some sort of tradition, and no matter how peaceful and accepting these women may seem, there is always trouble!! There will be someone amongst the women, who wouldnt like the idea, but dont have a chioce because its the way they see other people do it. It reminds me of slavery, and no matter how mildly it is put, that's what it is (to me anyway)..
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Oh my that show is on now...its funny I had never heard of it before, but once I saw this, I had to look for it...I could not imagine, I too am a jealous person. But, that aside, I would never do it..I have to agree with Joy on this one...Sorry I am not trying to offend anyone...I believe everyone has the own views and opinions, and I do not judge anyone..But, I am a woman of God, so that being said it is against my morals...

But, these women are brave, I could not, could not do it lol...I think I would go mad knowing I have to share my husband, and be friends, and co-parent with these other women lol
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Okay so I was finishing typing that last post, one of the wives said that if you are married to 2 wives and having problems, marry a 3rd...WHOA thats just insane...if ya cant handle the 2 ya got why add another to the problem? hehe
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I dont watch it, but I am a very Jealous girlfriend...
John's ex;s NEVER have normal names! Never will do!
Because I just dont like them, every single GF he has had except me has cheated on him... Hmmm.
LOL and ttreated him like crap. And I am just like gr,
So I duno how they could do it, It would kill me!

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Lol 5n1 ik when she said that I'm like WHAT! But it does make sense kinda bc the 1st will feel like the 2nd is intruding on her marriage etc. But a 3rd well maybe that's his getaway from all the first 2s drama? Idk. They all seem like friends but I'm sorry I am not friends with ppl who have slept with my man!

What's crazy is the older kids like it! plus they go to a pologomist school. But they said they can be whatever they want! Ur not giving them a choice! HELLO! Sorry my rant there.....

Anyway I liked it. Very informative.... And I agree with DarkRaven I'm a totally anthropology nut! :)
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Brainwashed I tell you, that's what they are! Lol Cassandra, Ik about them not having normal names.. I personally rename them!!
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To each their own, but frankly I think it's disgusting.  Can you imagine how those poor kids will feel once everyone starts ridiculing them?  I would NEVER be ok with "sharing" my husband with anyone.  That completely goes against the sanctity of marriage.  Just gross!  Those poor kids...I mean their siblings are also their cousins....their aunts are their "step" moms....ewww.
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I watched it and it was very interesting to me. I've watched documentaries about polygamist's and a lot of them are nothing like this family. This one seems more "modern" to me. Polygamist's are very known for being forced to marry young women...even ones that are underage which is very sad.
The first wife definitely seems like almost an outcast because she does only have 1 kid and she flat out said that she deals with jealously issues. That must just kill a woman inside. What's funny was that the man didn't turn into that religion or those beliefs until later on in his early twenties and the women all grew up with that lifestyle.
People around the world have their own beliefs I guess...it doesn't make them bad people. Many people do crazy things or odd things in the name of religion and God. I just live my life the way I do and accept that people in this world are just plain different.
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Yea they are. They all chose to marry him. And theirs now aunts as cousins or whatever. They were all unrelated woman. The newst one actually live 4 hrs away. but I agree itss weid but instersting to see how stereo typed they are. :)

Good to hear u girls thoughts too! :)
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I wonder what people would say about a woman who did the same thing...married multiple men...the way I see it, men probably think this guy is so awesome because he's got more than one wife, but if it was a woman I wonder if they'd think the same, or if they'd think she was trashy...

Either way I disagree with it 100%!!! To me it's just wrong on so many levels...
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I wactched it too and I thought it was interesting.  I have watched that HBO show "Big Love" for years so I thought it was neat to see real people that really live that way talking about it.  The thing that I wanna know is - even though in some areas it is more generally "accepted" than others, I thought it was still illegal, even in Utah.  These people are parading their faces around on TV and just telling everyone what they do and what they're about.  Which is fine if they want to live that way, it's not my business, but I wonder if there are going to be any legal repruccsions by these people announcing to the world that they practice plural marriage?

On another note, I thought it was interesting that the first wife seemed to be the one that wanted that lifestyle the most.  She kept talking about how she grew up in it, they mentioned that she and her dad were key in getting the man to "convert", and she talked about how her and her husband had always talked about the idea of getting more wives, even before they were married.  The husband even called her the "bait" more than once.  You would think it would be a man that would want that (although I don't know why- it seems there are enough problems with one man and one woman) but these women seemed to enjoy the lifestyle just as much if not more than the man.  Hmmm.
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I think they live in a town or something where its not. Or just flat out aren't legally married. You know do the whole shabang but never signed the papers? I'm not sure I bet they'll talk more bout it.

And its true his newst wife was in a sign marriage before and she didn't like it! And he said that the first wife me others first and it took him a while to decided hed marry them. That may also be why she is not as ok with this fourth wife..... I agree hmm..
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