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OT-cold in infant

Kay. It seems Kylie does have some form of cold. She is coughing frequently, sneezing, congested, and fussy. Her temperature is 99 so she doesn't have a fever yet. I've got Tylenol and a vaporizer, but nothing seems to be helping much. Would it warrant taking her to the ped or should we let it just run it's course.
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Thank you. We have a humdifier as well. (our house is really dry) She's had it for about 2 days now and the coughing is slowly getting more frequent. My husband had it for about 5 days, so we expect around that time frame for her or less. It's a really basic common sense question, but this is the first time she's been actually sick and I just want to make her as comfortable as possible. (not to mention I've never taken care of a sick child and it makes me nervous)
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let it run it's course, most colds take about 4-6 days to be bad then die down with some lingering stuff. I am sure you ahve it but plain saline nasal spray is great, not a baby fan but works great. Now if she waks in the middle of the night after going to bed good, and runs a fever over 100.3 for more then a day ir caould be an ear infection, but they do not treat those with antibiotics usually anymroe and if she ever got one I suggest getting the antibiotic ear drops. They go to the area and work faster, less time on them and no threat of a yeast infection like from an oral antibiotic.

Also there is a GOOD stuff you can get her on precious arrows midwifery web site, cold ease, look under natural products/ either baby or children. I have a wellness pack with differentn things in it, It says children on it but is for babies also and the dosage for infants is on the bottle. Herny got a runny nose not sure if it was teeth or cold starting but it was gone in two days and never got worse. I love Wish Garden stuff! All natural and ot works fast without taking them around other sick kids at the dr.

OH and you need a humidifier mroe then a vaporisor. They are cool mist and do not casue mold as easy. Cool mist keeps the air more humid as the vap and the vap humidity goes to the floor more. But steany showers sititng in the bathroom does help bring it all out!

OH and you can also look up Wish garden natural remedies online they have a bigger selection of things but the PAM place tells mroe about the products!

Hope she feels better soon! Poor baby girl! OH yeah and vicks baby rub on her feet with socks on is better then on the chest! FOr you too, it is awsome how much better it works! Also the Johnsons vapo bath is good. If she can stand it I would not give her tylenol until night or at all for 99, only unless you think it might go up when she is sleeping. THe fever will hep her body fight it off and taking away the fever keep sthe germ in the body. Also the web site has Elderflower that is great for fevers! Oh and the none dye tylenol is best as the color especially red can make some babies irritable, mad or give them a rash on the face or checks. OH dr sears  web site has the tylenol and motrin dosage chart! also talks about cold meds and youngins and has a list of OTC meds
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