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OT...baby gym/play mat

Just looking for some input on baby gyms or play mats...those things for tummy time etc.  There are soooo many and they are all kind of pricey...just looking for recommendations or honest opinions of yours...what you/baby likes does not like...

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I can't remember what mine is, I think fisher price.  It's the baby gym, but I use it and a tiny boppy pillow with toys for tummy time.  It was $30 at toys r us I think.  Could be wrong on the place.  But it's nice, plays a few cool songs, and my kids love it.  

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My son loved the Infantino Surf tummy time mat, we got it at target for 20 bucks, they have it on their website.
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My son LOVES his playmat... it's the Fisher Price Rainforest one. I got it at a consignment store, never used, for $30... I highly recommend it!

He's also totally in love with his Fisher Price Rainforest bouncer seat thing... they make a swing to match as well but I don't have it (but wish we did!).
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Walmart has a ton that are really inexpensive. Walmart has one online that I put on my wishlist and it is red, black, and white and it is about $30-40 I think. The reasons for the ugly colors? Newborns LOVE them. They can't see very well so those colors really pop out at them. They can't see pastels or primary colors. So that's my vote!
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We just bought one at Toys R Us. It is the "ultimate" or "deluxe" something.. It was quite pricey ($65), BUT instead of buying the boppy tummy time mat ($35) and the  standard "floor" gym ($50), I figured I can place my Boppy nursing pillow ON the gym and save some money? That is what I opted to do anyway, but since I am still pregnant (another 6-7 weeks..ugh) I can't say for sure if A.) My "plan" will work, and B.) If Jaxson will like it.. I think I saw a good selection at Walmart for a bit less $$, but we had already bought the one at Toys/Babies R Us... All these products are overwhelming and so expensive. I alomst puked when they rang us up at Toys R us and it was $547. and change... And then we spent $450. at Walmart.. Ugh.

Good thing we did ALL of our shopipng for Jaxson in ONE day b.c we live on an island.. Until then, we had *maybe* spent a TOTAL of $125 on miscellaneous stuff... We are all set now.. At least until Jax gets here and we fifure out what diapers/bottles he prefers.. Other than that, pending major allergies or something.. We should be good to go.
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It is overwhelming...it is like everything costs $100...give or take...Not to sound greedy but I sure hope people come through for my shower lol  I saw the boppy mat and liked it but didn't know if it was enough activity...I like the other floor gyms too and I am trying to avoid buying/registering for two...
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My son has the Fisher Price Rainforest Mat and absolutely loves it! It has a cute tiger thing that hangs down and plays music as well as a toucan that has a rattler in it! Its super cute and he loves it! It also has a tummy time activity center attached! I would reccomend!!!! Good Luck. Mine was only 38.00
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Jadyn has the kick and crawl aquarium playmat. its super cute and can be converted from just a plain "lay on your back and play with toys" to "tummy time" to an actual little crawl through toy.  so far jadyn has fun staring at the toys lol
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