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Alright ladies.... This may be a stupid question, but I dont know where else to look..

First off my last AF ended aprox 2 weeks ago.... Has anyone had a horriblestreching pain in the right ovary as well as very prominant breast tenderness while ovulating? Its onlyin the one side and hurts pretty bad... I am also having a little clear sticky discharge.. Does itsound like I am O'ing?

I have never had pain like this before andwant to make sure it is prolly related to Oing.... DH and I use the Pull out method thats why I am alittle concerned.. If I oed earlier than expected I amafraid of a tubal pregnancy! HELP
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When I ovulate, I usually get the pain you are describing, but have never noticed breast tenderness. And I always have so much thin, egg white mucus. You could be O'ing now. I always knew from the pain, that was my sign. Sometimes it was crippling. I couldn't move for hours because of it!
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I get the pain you are talking about and the breast tenderness... now that i am pregnant the breast tenderness never goes away.
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Sounds like Oing to me.  I don't get the breast tenderness when Oing, but many women do.  It's very common so I'd say you are Oing.
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That's how I know I'm o'ing.  The pain switches sides every month too.  Sometimes its awful pain other times its not so bad.  When I feel that my ovary gets inflamed and it husrts a lot, I take a baby aspirin (if I'm ttc) and it helps the pain go away and it doesn't interfere with implantation.  just kinda helps release the egg.
The thing is that every month your ovary produces a cyst that forms 4 eggs, out of those 4 eggs 1 gets matured enough and ithen it bursts through the cyst into your tube.  The pain usually is from the bulging cyst before it releases the egg.  Not everyone feels it but I do.  Some months I don't feel it on either side and I know that it was an anovulatory month (I didn't O).  Its a good predictor, that's how I got pregnant.

Anyway, your chances of getting a tubal pregnancy are very very slim if you are not using birth control.  Usually women get tubal pregnancies when they are using hormonal birth control because it thickens the uterine lining and it makes it very difficult for the fertilized egg to implant in the uterus, so if you happened to ovulate on BC and an egg gets fertilized, it would most likely happen outside of the uterus.
It is very unlikely for you to have a tubal pregnancy from having sex without any kind of BC or protection on days that you are ovulating or early ovulation because 95% of the time the egg gets fetilized in the tube and then it must travel to the uterus to implant.  Usually Sperm is there already waiting for the egg to come out in the tube.

I hope that I didn't confuse you more. :)
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OT- ok this is not a response to the post. & may be a stupid questions but I am just sooo curiouse about what BUMP means.  I see it once in awhile & I have looked at the abbreviations page and couldn't find it.  Thanks in advance
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I actually took my daughter to the hospital a few months ago, because the pain she was experiencing was so bad, we thought she had appendicitis.  The ultrasound just showed a cyst that got bigger than normal, before it burst.  This occurs during ovulation anyway, but if it gets big, it can cause more pain.  Once it burst, she felt relief.  Just one more think our bodies have to do, to remind us we are female....ugh.  We get all the breaks, don't we?
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"BUMP" is just to get your post back at the top of the page if you didn't get a reply in a long time. If you have your setting at "Last Post" if someone "bumps" or puts a response in your post, it will be near the top so others can access it easier and be able to answer.
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Ohhhh.  Ok, cool thanks!
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no problem!
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Have you ever felt a stabbing pain on your breast that last like 2 seconds but it actually feels like someone is stabbing you on the side under your breast????? I had experienced that and my 14 year old have felt it as well.  I heard that it happens because one of your cyst is exploding!!!!OMG!!! Am I going crazy?
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