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Opinion/Experience Question -

Alright ladies, I need your feedback. I read on a medical site that a way to help conceive is to lay flat after sex, with your bottom propped up on a pillow in order to let gravity help the sperm get to the cervix. One couple was trying to conceive, and her OB gave her that tip, and she said she found out she was pregnant about a week later. I know it all depends on where you are in your cycle, but for the last two nights I've made sure to lay flat for 20 minutes instead of getting up quickly. I'm supposed to be ovulating on the 22nd of this month, but I've also heard that you should try a day or two BEFORE you ovulate, because sperm can live up to two days in the vagina.

ANY helpful tips would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for reading. :)
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Yes, I would have sex a day or two before, On Oing day and a day or two after Oing. Keeping your feet/legs in the air for 15-20 min. well help! Good Luck
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I don't think that laying flat helps you conceive but I don't think it would hurt either.
The world is overpopulated and its NOT because all women lay flat after sex.
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Uhm, thanks?
I didn't mean just laying flat. But being still instead of showering or running to the bathroom to 'clean up'.
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To what i have readed online, they say to lay on your back with your feet/legs in the air. And it may help. Good Luck
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Thank you so much. :)
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When I was trying with my son, I layed on my back with a pillow propped under me. I guess it can just help things get in there faster. lol. But this time around, hubby and I weren't even trying and thought for sure we avoided that time of the month, and now I am just about 11 weeks! I always remember it only takes 1 sperm. But it can't hurt to try that at all. I've heard that sperm can live up to 3-4 days in you and I would always start a week before ovulation, and a couple of days after just to be sure we didn't miss the window! Good luck!!
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My husband and I tried that for 7 months and then on the 7th month, we kind of gave up and got frisky while standing up and I had to run somewhere afterwards, and that was the time that did it =)
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I got pregnant in two months and I did lay flat every time for at least 20 minutes with the propping.  I also did not clean up at all until the next day as it is a 10-hour journey for the little guys.  I have read sperm can live up to five days.  We were also trying for a girl, so we did the BD only on the few days BEFORE ovulation and not during ovulation or after, we would start on cycle day 10 and go through day 12.

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With my first, it took us 17 months to conceive.  Laying there month after month propped up got a little irritating.  The only month we didn't care about trying and I didn't lay with my legs up, I got pregnant.  I didn't prop my leg with this babe and we conceived in the first month.   My belief is that the sperm will get there..it only takes one.
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It can't hurt, but it's highly unlikely (scientifically) for your friend to have tested positive just one week later.  your body doesn't produce any hcg until implantation takes place (which usually takes 6 - 9 days after the egg is released), then there's another few days until it's in your urine, then another couple to be strong enough in urine to pick up on a test.  While it's possible, it's not likely.  So i would not put my hope it that particular example of trying it (not that it can't or won't help!!).  She probably just conceived a few days before she tried that method.  I don't know though.

Just wanted to put that out there so you have a good idea of what to expect, don't want you getting your hopes dashed if you don't test positive for two weeks or more (a much more typical time frame).

One thing I have heard of that many women have had great success with is a product called Preseed.  If you have an egg and some sperm, then they are going to try to get together.  Gravity is not something that will stop a sperm from reaching an egg if it's capable of getting there.  Staying propped up could help if your partner perhaps has less than optimally motile sperm...  

The Preseed product is, i believe, a lubricant type product that acts as a super-slide and a super-food for sperm, making the female anatomy like the garden of eden for sperm.  That is from what I've heard.  You will find women all OVER the TTC forums on every TTC website swearing by the stuff.  Personally, though, I've never used it.  

Just bear in mind, even if you hang upside down by your ankles, sperm are going to just go go go as much as they are able.  Up, down, sideways, in circles, and even up the wrong tube.  ;-)  And they have to make it inside your cervix--which isn't a biological apex at the end of your vaginal canal.  For example, mine is generally tipped backwards slightly and over to my right side.    Think of your vaginal canal like a tube, and a cervix is a cone tip inserted into the end of the tube.  That means sperm can go right past it.  That's why I say changing your center of gravity may or may not help.  

Personally, i'd never knock anyone who tried it, but i'd put more hope in something like Preseed than in gravity, just because of what I know to be true about fertility and conception, and what would seem more logical, and what has been shown to work, etc.

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Thank you so much, I've never even heard of that product, but I'll definitely check into it. We've been trying since around November, and it's getting kind of hard to be patient still. I still am giving it my best effort though. :)
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You're welcome, hun---don't give up!  Just have fun doing lots of baby-dancing!  and the more you know, the better your chances :-)

Good luck, and lots of sticky baby dust!
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It actually doesn't matter if you get up or lay still with your butt propped up. What comes out after sex is semen which is mainly mucous with only a tiny bit of sperm. The majority of sperm was deposited right at the cervix and you can't flush them out or pee them out or anything like that.

I'd be more concerned with timing than with laying still after sex. I am currently in my fifth pregnancy (I have two daughters and two miscarriages) and I got pregnant the last 4 times from observing cervical discharge (otherwise known as EWCM- egg white cervical mucous).

When you are not fertile the cervix is closed tight. When your body begins the process of ovulating, the cervix will soften and open, thus you have a discharge. You'll notice it when you use the restroom because when you wipe it will be slick and there will be a discharge that resembles egg whites.

Gross, I know. Not the most appetizing thing to think about. But it does help you understand that your body is ovulating. Anytime I have EWCM and have had sex we have gotten pregnant.
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Preseed, as another commenter mentioned, is a good product especially for women who are "dry" or don't produce any or a lot of noticeable EWCM on their own. KY and other lubricants can kill sperm. Preseed is the only sperm-friendly lubricant. You can only buy it online.

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I had no idea that the discharge meant I was fertile at that time. That's fantastic to know 'cause now I can monitor it. :D Thank you so much. :)
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No problemo! I just wrote myself notes on my calendar. You ovulate about 2 weeks before your next period so if you're regular that should also help you find that "fertile window".

Good luck! Hoping this time around you get a BFP right away!
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Really you shouldn't use any type of lubricant at all when ttc. or saliva for that matter.  It can be detrimental to the sperm.  As for propping up, it's true that it can't hurt, but the thing is that your uterus slopes downward anyway- it was made that way for a reason!  I did try to make a habit of staying on my back afterward, just for good measure, and we tried to have sex mostly at night so I could have the luxury of just going to sleep like my husband when we were done!  And as far as "cleaning up" goes, I too would not until the next morning- kind of gross if you think about it, but whatever.
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kba---that's what makes preseed different.  it's developed with the exact same pH as perfect cervical mucus, and facilitates the movement of sperm to the cervix.  haven't tried it myself, but apparently it's made natural fertility a lot more attainable for a whole lot of couples out there (and it's made it a lot cheaper than first line fertility treatments! lol)
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I don't care what people say about it matters or it doesn't matter when you lay flat. When I wanted to get pregnant I tried all tricks. I don't think there is any harm in proping up your butt with a pillow for 15 minutes after sex. I did that and we started trying 4 days before ovulation and 1 day after for a total of 5 days. I also took prenatals, cut coffee and soda, stopped smoking, stopped drinking, ate lots of veggies, and started working out.

The first month we tried we got pregnant, sadly it didn't work out. When we started trying again I got pregnant the 3rd month (the first actual month we were able to bd on all the right days). It might have been all the tricks we tried or just that I'm a fertile person. Either way if you think it helps your odds then go for it!
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