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Over Weight and pregnancy

I was wondering whether being over weight, Hight 162 and weight 97kg would be very high risk if I try for a baby? 2 years ago i did for the first time and had a miscarriage! Could it be any how related to being over weight? Please tell me what you know...
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Any Input plssssss
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I was overweight with both my children and they are healthy and not overweight. Now that I am not overweight, I miscarried, so I know this doesn't help to much, I guess every body is different
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A miscarriage is not based on your weight. A miscarriage happens because of a uterine abnormality or a genetic abnormality with the embryo.

It might be harder for you to conceive and you're at higher risk of developing gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy), high blood pressure, etc. But skinny women get those things too. You're just in a higher risk category.

I live in the US so we don't use the same weight system so I have no clue what 97kg is. If you're concerned, try losing some weight before trying. Adjust what you eat, how much, drop the caffeine, sodas, candy, etc. if you eat those things. Start drinking lots of water and fresh fruits and vegetables (as they are known to help with your fertility), and you can start taking a prenatal vitamin, too.

Get your body ready to carry a baby. Your baby will be just fine!
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Thanks honey, very helpful...i tired lood=sing wight is just very difficult, before my miscarried pregnancy I weighed 95k ( 209 lbs) and when I was 12 weeks and already miscarried became 105 kg (231 lbs), since then I have been trying to at least loose the weight gained in pregnancy and managed to come down to 97 kg ( 213 lbs). I am still exercising and cut down on fatty food etc but would take me for ever to loose another 5-10 kg. My hubby is desperate to try for another but Im so not ready for another miscarriage.... age is running and I don't even have a child. Health wise I was also told I suffer from higher than normal blood platelets and they haven't been able to figure out the cause etc.. Don't know whehter this is related to the miscarriage. Just don't have any answers and DRs don't say much.....

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Nadia, so sorry for your loss.....Way to go on the exercising and losing weight....I know it's hard....I waiver around 155-165 pounds (70-75kg) and am constantly trying to lose weight......I doubt the miscarriage had anything to do with weight though......I know alot of heavier people who have had NO problems throughout their pregnancies.....If your not ready to conceive quite yet......your husband should understand...you never know....you may change your mind next week!  Best of luck with everything...SOunds like your on the right track!
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thanks kelly :) nice to hear this.... I am also desperate to have a baby but still fear miscarriage...... want to have answeres to why was the miscarriage caused to try and avoid same situation from happening again...emotionally is very difficult to deal with..... after the miscarriage I was depressed for months... i guess i still am but much better.... its over 18  months now and im still fearing experiencing the loss  again.....
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hi im from australia and my dh and I are (finally) pregnant with our first. I am about 162cm and I weigh about 109kgs so I am quite over weight. I have since feb 2005 reduced from 136kgs though :)
feb of this year I was 102kg and I have since slid back up too 109kg. I am on the straight and narrow though now I have this little angel in me! apparently my ideal weight is 52kg's but I dont want to be that thin id look like a wafer biscuit!
i have pcos and i am insulin resistance. i am a relatively strong and fit person though and I eat well. I have had laprascopic gastric banding and I have had some success. I havent been as succesful as some people whove had it but it at least it keeps me in check.
my weight and being a plus size pregnant lady doesnt concern me as so far I feel fabulous. My weight has never ever held me back though and I think Im actually starting to embrace it! i am lucky though in that I have an incredibly supportive husband who loves my curves and loves me the way i am. In a perfect world I would be thinner if it were that simple to loose the weight but if I am never thin I am happy with that too. Healthy comes in different forms!
i think if you are happy, healthy and ready without a shadow of a doubt then  you should try again!
I am also very sorry for your loss it must take an immense ammount of inner strength to pull through from something like that.
all the best to you and please keep mne posted!

merry christmas ladies!
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Thanks honey Diva, great newsssss, wish you all the best with with your pregnancy and have the healthiest angel ;-) how long did it take you to conceive and how many weeks are you now? since when have you been on insuline? both my patents are diabetic and when my mum used too get pregnant she was diabetic during her pregnancies because of her weight,  she was closely monitored by her DR but all went fine.... Great stuff.... When is your angel due? Merry Xmas to you.......
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hi - i actually have my first scan in about 55 mins! (not that im counting... lol) we cant wait to see our angel. ive spent many times dreaming about this!
i think im about 9/10 weeks  though which should make me due on my 26th birthday next year july 28th! my husband and i have been ttc unofficially 4/5 years and officially since our wedding 2/10/06. I had only been on metformin (For insulin resistance and to help with my pcos) for 2/3 months before conceiving. We have both been seeing a chiropracter weekly for 6 months and we have also been taking natural supplements to help ttc. Im not diabetic although I am at a high risk, i have cysts on one of my ovaries, mostly annovulatory periods and irregular periods also. it made it very hard to chart for fertile days and ttc. the weight loss did make them come back semi regular, i was getting them at least every calander month and for 4/6 days not for a month at a time!!!! yuk!
keep me posted on your successes and i will you on mine... ill let u know how big my angel is
xx merry christmas!
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Ohhhh diva thats greatttttttt...... angel also du on your birthda.....how great is this....... best of luck with your scan and wish you all the health for you and your angel........ Merry xmas xxxxxxxx
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