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Overheating in sun

Hi, when I was 8 weeks pregnant I went for a 2 week long tropical beach holiday when I sunbathed daily. I did cool off on the sea or in the shower very now and then but the temperatures where we'll above 30 degrees. Since coming back I heard and read a lot of conflicting info about sunbathing in pregnancy and am worried I overheated and caused harm to my baby, particularly brain damage as someone told me that a baby's brain overheats very quickly at this stage.
I am particularly worried about a time when my urine felt boiling hot!  My concern is that if urine is always of core body temperature then that would mean mine was way too high, it felt very hot even though my skin was warm. Is there any other reason why it would have felt warm? After I realised that I drank more water and it improved. Does this mean I definitely overheated or are there any other reasons for my urine to feel hot?

On a couple of other occasions upon coming back to my room, the skin all over my body felt very hot, I measured my temperature and it's was around the 37 mark, would that mean that I overheated as was cooling down? Or maybe all in the attempt of cooling down the blood was taken away from the baby? Could this be harmful?

Does the body overheat much from sunbathing? I want lying out flat for much, but I did walk along the beach in the hottest parts of the day and even with some sea breeze it felt quite hot. Do you reckon I harmed my baby through overheating this way? How unsafe is sunbathing at the 8-10 week mark?
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If you were my patient, I would advise you that you and your baby are probably fine. I would not recommend sunbathing, of course, for many reasons--skin cancer, etc.  However, if you drank fluids and cooled off when you felt hot, you probably kept your core temperature within a safe range. Normally your body will prompt you to cool off when your core temperature is climbing too high, and it is pretty difficult to ignore the body's signals.
During pregnancy most women are less tolerant of heat.
As far as UV rays, they cannot penetrate through to the baby, so there is no worry about that.
Be certain to discuss the vacation and the sun with your own care provider, but I doubt that you have done any harm.
Good luck!
Dr B
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Thank you for your answer. I'm particularly worried about the time when my urine felt so hot. Do you think it was a sign of my core temperature rising too high, or just a bit of dehydration?
Or when my skin was  feeling so very hot in the evening?

Other than those couple of occasions I do think I had pretty much under control. But I'm really worried that if my urine was so hot, the baby was overheating in there and could be damaged.
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I just wanted to add as well, that I did discuss going on vacation with both my midwife and my GP and they didn't have any advice to give. Neither of them mentioned anything about the sun or overheating, or even hot tubs. When I came back and realised I might have caused harm I asked my midwife and she never heard about overheating trough sunbathing so it's quote confusing. I also feel let down by my care providers unfortunately.
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