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Overstepping boundaries?

I posted earlier about how my boyfriend refuses to tell his parents about our daughter. Im halfway through the pregnancy and I told him that Im not putting a strict deadline on him but he needs to tell his parents before i give birth if  he wants to be a dad. I would never keep my child away from her father, but I think that it is highly unfair that my daughter and her grandparents never meet. I dealt with my families yelling and being upset. They got over it and are supportive now. I think he should too. Am I really over stepping my boundaries like he says I am.
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No. Even if you didn't want him in your life, you child should still know her grandparents. I don't think it's right when parents keep their children away from their grandparents for stupid reasons (like your boyfriend just not wanting to tell his parents).
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No u are not oversteppin ur boundaries!!! I'm sorry but he just sounds like an a**! Its a baby ur talkin about, a human life!! Sounds to me like he just thinks its all gonna go away..but its not!!  Tell him to b a man and do what he needs to do and take care of his respnsibilities. I'm so sorry u are havin to go through this..and best of luck:)
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It says you are 20? You aren't a little kid anymore. You need to let him know that this needs to be taken care of now!  If they are mad, they will get over it sooner than if you guys waited.  If he doesn't tell here shortly, tell them yourself.  They deserve to know, will get over it, and adore their granddaughter!
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Sounds to me like he doesn't want to be responsible.  I would tell his parents immediately whether he likes it or not.  They have a right to know their grandchild.  Who knows they may force him to man up, maybe that's why he doesn't want to tell them.  If he doesn't want to grow up oh well but you have to now because you are someones mommy now. :)  good luck in this situation.
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Im trying to let him do it himself . I dont know how I would deal with telling his mom. I predict alot of screaming and maybe hanging up. she isnt the most rational of women. then there is of course the whole my son said he hasnt seen you , you're carrying someone else's child type thing..
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So wht is she screams and hangs up..hey at least if she hangs up u won't have to hear her scream..lol jk..but seriously they have to know at some point whether it b from u or him. And if they want to accuse u of the baby not bein his then show them paternity test after baby born. but they gonna find out sooner or later right..its not like u can keep the baby from them. Better sooner rather then later. U both are adults and have a really big responsibility.
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Thanks you guys :) I have been thinking that I am crazy for wanting to do this.. Im glad to see that I am not.
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My bd hasn't told his mom but that's because they don't really have a relationship. I've told him to tell her and what she dies after that is up to her but I would never go behind his back and tell her myself.
I think you need to sit down and ask him why he hasn't told his parents and make him understand that if they find out when he's away then its bit fair to put you in that situation.
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