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hello ladies
this is Jen vikkis sister thank you all soo much for your wonderful thoughts and prayers her brain waves have gotten slower since yesterday and they are trying to stimualte them with sound in her ears and light in her eyes and ice in her mouth and watch how her brain respons. her reflexs rstill working if you tap her foot it moves and squeeze her hand she lightly squeezes back; if she comes out of this she will have no memory or very little adn she culd be partially deaf and or blind...and most likely will be paralized. my sister is trying her hardest to fight. she signed a DNR before surgery bec she said if something goes wrong she does not want to be brought back it was the most painful thing to watch her sign it but it was her wishes but the only way we got to keep her on the machine for a few more days is bec we kno the doctor personally and we begged and pleaded with him and he said just 72hrs its hospital rules. her husband my brother in law hasnt left her side since he hasnt eat slept or talked to anyone he sits right next to her bed all day/night long holding her hand and talking just talking to her about their trips together about their children about their wedding and honeymoon and when Brooke comes in the room she stays quite walks over to daddy sits on his lap and she talks to vikki too. when i go in i talk and i kiss her and me and Brooke painted her toes this morning and gave her a makeover and god damn she looks drop dead sexi! haha we have called our mother many many times and she is not answering and wants nothing to do with this. her body hasnt rejected the kidney that is working fine :) but her brain is not...tomorrow night they will do a test to see if she is breathing on her own and to see if shes brain dead and if she is we are taking her off the machines saturday morning. if she isnt we have until sunday night to make a choice on what to do...right now she is not brain dead she is classed as lessresponsive and come state. Baby Venus is now messuring 2lbs even! shes such a fighter! my father,brother,and nephew (vikkis son) do not want her yet! she has not lived her life...i myslef have a 5 month old baby girl named Cheyenne and she is the light of my life she sits on vikkis bed when shes in there and plays with her toes but she knows her aunt isnt there...we have been living in the hospital ICCU waiting room for 2 days and before it was in vikkis general care suite then L&D suite the nurses are doing everything they can to make us more comfortable but we just want our beloved sister to wake up oh and ICCU stands for intensive critical care unit and baby Venus is still in the NICU 2 floors down...Taylor wont even leave his wife to go see her he says it just to hard...me and Brooke and some other family go and visit her all the time and Taylor has had alot of alone time with vikki! Taylor did tell me that if something happens to his wife he will never remarry and never leave his children he will withdraw himself from the army and stahome with the kids but he doesnt want to lose his wife i am greatly very thankful to all you who are praying and starting a prayer chain vikki is so blessed to have such amazing friends in her life! i do tell her everything when im in the room with her and they say hearing is the last to go so i know she can hear me! but i will try and keep you all posted as much as i can sorry for the run on comment! but if you could post this in all your friendsnetworks so everyone can see it! thanks! and if anyone would like to contact me for any information i have vikkis cell which i have been using a great deal so just text --------- i know maybe some of you would like to call and thats fine just please call after 3pm eastern time and just let me know who you are and ill update you...i can only accept calls between 3pm eatsern time and 6pm eastern time bec of hospital rules for the ICCU but everyone is aloud to text! but again thank you all soo much! vikki apperciates it girls!
The Johnson Family & The DiAngelo Family!
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Oh I'm so very sorry.  I don't know what exactly happened I might have missed the origal post, but I'm truely sorry and for everyones sake I hope she pulls through this.  It's expecially hard on the kids because they still are so confused.  You and your family are strong and God does achieve mericals.  Hopefully she makes it through this and keep us posted.
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I am so very sorry.  I don't know exactly what happened, but I will be praying for a miracle for your friend.....I wish I knew what to say but I just don't.  I am just so very sorry.  

May God give her, her baby Venus, her husband, her other kids, and all of the rest of her family, the strength to pull through this.

God Bless.
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Just to warn you all the story about the The Johnson Family & The DiAngelo Family! is totally fake .The ladies on the I am pregnant site all got conned by this story .
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Why would someone post something so terrible and so heart wrenching?
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Not only that, why would somebody take the time to write such a long and coordinated story just to ask for prayers at the end and nothing else?
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