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Painless bumps on vagina during pregnancy

Ok, so I'm about 33 weeks pregnant and have noticed a few bumps around the opening to my vagina, some inside. I did have some itching/burning to go along with it and told my doctor. She sent me to the hospital to give a urine specimen as to find out if i had some infection. Nothing came up. Could it be something that wouldn't show up in a urine test? The bumps are painless. They're flesh-colored but I think some have swollen. No more itching and burning has happened lately. It could be cysts, but aren't those white-colored?
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Are you sure they aren't warts or skin tags?  Even the smallest tag gets filled w/blood at 33 weeks pregnant because of all the blood circulating the body. I went in and thought I had something terrible and she said, girl that's just a skin tag. You never notice them not pregnant until all the extra blood starts to flow through you body. Yours sound almost like warts. Painless flesh colored bumps around the vagina. They also are prominent and appear more likely in pregnant women.
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I had the same problem when I was pregnant due to stress. However my doctor took a culture test and told me it was herpes. Those can only be detected by culture tests. 3 out of 5 people contact herpes and don't realize it. It can lie dormant for many mths EVEN years. Stress lowers the immune system which can activate it. I haven't had a breakout since my pregnancy so I think u need to get a culture test.
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But warts are hard, i've heard. I've done research and it said that vaginal warts look and feel just like a wart on your hand or anywhere else on the body. Skin tags make since though. I'll ask my doctor. I'm getting tested for Group B Strep in two weeks anyway, so if it's anything worth worrying about she should tell me while she's.. down there. Thank you!
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I don't think it's herpes... those are blister-like and they hurt. The bumps also get worse and eventually peel and stuff, right?
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i have the same thing but mine are really tiny and they are only around the entry to my vagina idk im freaking out and my boyfriend has this tiny purple spot on the head of his penis now but i think its a bruise or a hicky to be honest because i did give him head like four days ago he is freaking out and asking me if i have anything but i dont think i do i think these are from being pregnant and if i pick them off they bleed but they dont hurt at all idk ???? can anyone help me tell me what mine is and what his is ???
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i am 29 weeks pregnant and i also have bumps around the entry of my vagina. i asked my doctor and he said it wasnt warts but it was some virus i got from there being alot of moisture (the vaginal discharge leukorrhea) down there. he told me it should go away but i am still worried he could be wrong. they kinda look like taste buds and they are in a line......if anyone has any ideas i would appreciate them!
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I saw someone posted about bumps at 18 weeks, and found this..

Hope this helps??
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I noticed the same thing! I attempted to shave last week... big mistake because i cut myself, but now today i realized i have a few little bumps, not hard like warts, they are soft and look like extra skin, so i think i actually cut one of these when i thought i cut myself shaving. Obviously I cannot see down there... I am 9 months pregnant. I go in to be induced in a few days, so i guess i will mention it then. It has been a little soar down there but i think that is just due to my body getting ready, pressure and circulation issues from being so pregnant
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I'm 13 weeks preg and I've noticed a few flesh coloured bumps around the sides of my vagina too.. Also the first one I found was in the crease of my leg closest to my vagina.. I'm freaking out because I have no idea what they are.. I also can't really ask my Dr about them as my boyfriend always comes wih me to pregnancy appointments.. I've had no thrush, no itching or burning..  I'm kinda noticing more growing.. Does any one know what they might be?
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I'm 34 weeks and i noticed 2 near the opening of my vagina and they're hard and they dont hurt. I researced and researced and it is flipping me out cause all you see is herpes in most of the links. They dont hurt their not full of puss and they dont burst and theres only 2. During my first trimester i did have a yeast infection not only that though i have been checked for dialation and the doctors said nothing about them. ( they may not have seen them but you think they would have or maybe even felt them ) I even had a full papsmear done not to long ago and they said if there was anything wrong they would call me and they never have. its very worrysome so glad i seem to not be alone with this.....
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im 31 weeks pregnant and have gone through the same thing, at first i searched and searched and all i saw were herpes links. my doctor also had nothing to say about them, i developed a yeast infection at 23 weeks and that was all that was found in my culture so its not herpes. i was afraid to let my bf come to but after i found out they werent herpes i was reliefed. i also am starting to get hemroids and the doctor thinks i may have gotten the hemroids first and they caused the skin tags around the entry of my vagina
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I am 8 weeks pregnant with bumps also. Mine don't hurt or have the white head that herpes do. But they itch. I also am afraid cause I keep seeing herpes links. But I do also work in a sweaty factory so idk that's what is causing them.
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I am 37 weeks pregnant. I have been to an STD clinic previously and have been faithful to my relationship with my fiancé to make sure I did not have things like herpes. For the last few weeks I have had some hard, bead like bumps on the skin between the opening of my vagina and the anus. They don't seem to be cysts because they are no larger than a pen point. The don't seem to be skin tags because they feel like rocks. My daughter had warts all over her body until she was almost two. She was not born with these warts. They appeared at six months. She seen at least four doctors who all said this happens with a weak immune system and goes away in time. They were right. She is now three and you cannot tell she ever had them. My best guess                                          
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I'm 31 weeks pregnant and have a wart like bump that just appeared, I did some research and HPV and gential warts kept coming up. But, if I where to have HPV then it would have shown up in my first pap at the beginning of my pregnancy. So idk, i'm consulting my doctor tomorrow.
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Thank god I'm not the only one. I have the same problem and am 30 weeks. They are not always there I told my doctor and she Lookes at me like I was nuts and I said I would have to come in next time they appeared.. I'm still freaked out. They are very embarrassing and uncomfortable
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I got them with my first pregnancy. And have another this time around. Your vagina is so moist from all the hormones that little bumps form. Its nothing harmful and they tend to go away on their own.
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I'm so happy I'm not the only one. I just have hard, painless, non itchy, skin colored bumps and whenever I tried looking into it links for herpes came up, but not of them started as scabs, aren't itchy or painful and there's only a couple. Finally found something that's helpful since I figured out how to word it. Whew
Yes, that definitely does not sound like herpes.  :)))
by the way, welcome.  How far along are you?
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