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Paternity in Question

On August 20th I had sex with my best friend.  I got my period on the day it was due, August 23rd.  It was normal.  On August 29th I was with  my on/off again boyfriend.  Sept. 23rd, no period.  Took test October 6th, pregnant.  Ultrasound October 9th says 6 weeks 3 days.  Ultrasound Nov. 18 says 12 weeks 3 days, both dating back to first day of last period.  Did I ovulate late and get pregnant by best friend or ovulate early and get pregnat by boyfriend?

Due date is May 29th - June 1st.
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You don't have a period while pregnant. This would make it more likely to be your boyfriends.
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I had my period when i was pregnant the first 2 months then it quilt. but by the sounds of it it would be your best friend, because it equals out to be 9 months. but the best way to tell is wait and take a test when the baby is born. best of luck and congrads.
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your ultrasound that says 12 weeks 3 days puts you back to Aug 23rd.  your ultrasound that say 6 weeks 3 days put you back to Aug 25th.  You had sex with your friend on the 20th and sperm can live inside you for up to 7 days!   You had sex with your on/off boyfriend the 29th. According to your ultrasounds your conception date is before you had sex with your Boyfriend.  I would say that this baby is your friends!

Below is some information I found online about periods and pregnancy!

Good luck and I hope some of this helps you.

You cannot have a period while you are pregnant because both of these functions cannot happen at the same time. If you were pregnant and began menstruating, inevitably you would lose the pregnancy or have a miscarriage. Although you can't be pregnant and have a period at the same time, you can, in fact, experience vaginal bleeding and continue to be pregnant. These are two very different terms: vaginal bleeding and your period, but it is usually vaginal bleeding that women confuse as their periods.

1. Normal implantation of the pregnancy into the uterine wall. This bleeding, which sometimes also occurs when a fertilized egg (embryo) attaches itself to the wall of the uterus (generally two to five days after conception), is brief and light and only lasting a couple of days. Implantation normally occurs around five to ten days after conception.

2. Hormonal changes when the period would have otherwise occurred. This type of bleeding is also usually very light, but it can sometimes seem like an actual period. Many women report that they do actually bleed regularly during the early portion of their pregnancy, none of which is a true menstrual period, and this is usually the culprit for that. It is often referred as early pregnancy bleeding and is caused by hormonal changes in the body due to the pregnancy. This is also rather common among women and, again, can appear to be a menstrual period. It's not though.

3. It could be a subchorionic bleed. This is when a small blood clot forms at the edge of the placenta. It usually stops on its own and isn't normally an emergency. But your doctor will want to monitor this with ultrasound to be sure that the clot has resolved itself.

4. Decidual bleeding. This is period-like bleeding (but not your period) when your hormones may get out of whack. It will cause you to loose parts of the lining along the uterine wall. This is especially common in the very early stages of pregnancy because the lining hasn't had a chance to completely attach to the placenta. Although a scary thought, it is not generally considered to be a health risk to neither mother or baby.

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it looks like its your friends tell all this to you dr see what he comes up with
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The dates are too close together.  It could be either mans and there is no definitive way to telling who is the father without a paternity test.
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Ugh this is what I was afraid of.  According to the doctor I wouldnt have ovulated til the first week of September.  If it was the friends that means I conceived while I was having my period which to me seems impossible seeing as there was no egg to fertilize, hence the period.

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